I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 927

On Tianya this time, only the rules of the Peak forces are invited, and irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter.

Lao Yi and Yue Xiangchen hearing this, frowned, glanced at Jiang Chen, as if worried about him.

“Don’t worry, you two, since they are here, they are all my guests on the horizon.” Elderly in the depths of the canyon said: “His life, I will be responsible for the horizon.”

“Thanks Senior, then.” Old Yi arched his hand and glanced at the Lord Guangming from the corner of his eye. Coldly said: “If the Master loses a hair, I will destroy your clan!”

“Oh, do you have this strength?” Guangming Lord God said contemptuously.

“Older one, just wait for me outside.” Jiang Chen lightly said, pointing to the main god of Guangming, jokingly: “When you have time!”

Finally, everyone stepped Entering the canyon, along the avenue of the canyon, into Cangzhou.

Cangzhou is very big, but life here is scarce and many places are deserted.

After everyone passed through the canyon, they came to a plain.

The plain looks barren, but World’s Essence Qi is very rich, and the power of Grand Dao here is very strong and pure, it is a holy land of cultivation!

“Is this Cangzhou? A trifling plain is the cultivation holy land!?”

“This is the first time I came to Cangzhou, it was really extraordinary.”

Many people were amazed, looking at the plains, where there are beautiful mountains and rivers.

They thought, perhaps this plain is the most “barren” place in Cangzhou.

“Everyone, we are here today for two things.”

At this moment, a gray-haired old man appeared in front of everyone.

His body is a little crippled, his hair is loose, his eyes are cloudy and hollow, dull and dull.

But no one dares to underestimate him!

Because there are several ancient Divine Kings present. When I saw this Elderly, I was so shocked that I could see through this Elderly’s cultivation base at a glance, surpassing the Divine King!

“Senior, which two things?” Lizong Sect Master bowed his hand and asked respectfully.

As for the other people, they are also respectful, and they dare not look “reverse” at all!

At least, before putting aside all considerations of face, everyone has the same attitude towards Tianya, awe!

“The prosperous age is coming, everything is awakened, the vitality is on top, and the cultivation environment is greatly changed. As long as the aptitude innate talent is not weak, you can cultivate into the Divine King fruit position.” Elderly’s eyes flashed with cold glow, and her eyes swept across Those 36 Peak Master Gods.

This makes the entire group heart startled of the main god of Guangming. How many of them are secretly thought today?

“Thousands of flowers will wither, and new grass will be born.” Elderly lightly said: “The prosperous age is not only the Grand Era of our older generation, but also the era of the new generation.”

“Senior, just talk about the key points.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “Since we are all here, then we are ready.”

“Little baby, it’s straightforward.” gray-haired old man said with a smile.

After that, the gray-haired old man coughed a few times, sorted his thoughts, and said slowly.

Tianya adheres to the principle of maintaining the balance between Heaven and Earth and the principle of the life of all things, so in this heyday, we must set the rules!

Powerhouse must not bully the weak, and high realm must not bully the realm.

“Just so?” someone asked.

“Only so.” Elderly nodded, took another look at the entire group of the main god of Guangming, and said: “You 36, as the Peak Master god, were outside the canyon before and joined forces to deal with a subordinate. True God, this is breaking my rules on the horizon.”

“That is the rules on your horizon, not the rules of my dark temple!”

“No Wrong! My Dark Temple didn’t agree!”

The Dark Lord and the Dark Lord spoke immediately, with a strong attitude.

Everyone was hearing this, and glanced at these two people with a slightly surprised look. The secretly thought is really courageous!

Even if you are dissatisfied with the rules laid down on the horizon, you can’t say it in front of others, right?

Don’t you know, now this is the site on the horizon! ?

Don’t you know that as long as the Elderly in front of you is willing, no one in the room can leave alive!

But, what is surprising is that this Elderly clicked nodded, and did not blame the two dark gods. Instead, he laughed and said: “The Dark Temple is also born? I haven’t heard of the Dark Temple for a long time. The news is coming.”

“The prosperous age is coming, and the heroes are fighting for hegemony, how can I be missing from the dark temple?” The dark master raised his eyebrows: “Perhaps, you are no longer the strongest in this era. !”




At this moment, many people wiped their cold sweat , Especially the 36 main gods, several of them stepped back a few steps, seeming to be separated from the dark main god.

After all, this is too provocative!

“You two, shut up first, wait until I finish talking, you guys.” Elderly lightly said, with a light wave of the thin palm, only darkness and the two main gods of darkness fell directly from the sky Come down!

After that, two clouds of clouds emerged, like giant swords, inserted into the bodies of these two people, and suppressed them!

“It’s really not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth…” Guangming Lord God’s belly slandered, really a pig-like teammate.

Didn’t you see him getting slapped in the face outside the canyon?

Didn’t you see Old Ancestor in the Temple of Light screaming at him?

When you get here, you should be obedient!

“The people present have lived a long time, right? In the eyes of ordinary people, even in the eyes of cultivator, they are regarded as Old Monsters.” After the gray-haired old man suppressed darkness and darkness, teased: ” This kind of me should be regarded as old fart in your eyes.”

“Uh…Senior laughed, the cultivator has a long life essence, and it is normal to live for several times.” Said the ancient Divine King.

“But, I wait for the older generation of people to leave, or turn into loess, or become a cloud of smoke, and behind us are a new generation of creatures.”

“When we are chasing the world, we have to leave a little room for future generations.”

“If a hundred flowers bloom, only for a moment and no flowers and plants can be seen, this world will also give up hope.”


Everyone is hearing this, all nodded in agreement.

No matter which force it is, no matter how powerful it is, it will receive dísciple and cultivate powerhouse.

Because the inheritance cannot be broken, the incense cannot be broken.

As creatures, there will be a moment of departure. When they are all gone, then this World will be handed over to the younger generation.

“Everyone, give the younger generations a hope, don’t bully it.” The gray-haired old man expression suddenly looked right, and the cold glow flashed in his eyes, saying: “If I knew it, someone would bully it. Weak, bullying the young with the old, bullying the low with the high, then…don’t blame me ruthless on the horizon!”

“Senior, what does it mean to bully the weak with the strong? There must be a division?” Someone frowns saying, even took a look at Jiang Chen.

At this moment, Jiang Chen also felt that many people’s eyes fell on him!

Some people even spoke directly, saying: “Tianchen Divine King’s reincarnation, is it strong or weak? Is it small or big?”

“Since it is a reincarnation, it must be counted again . Tianchen is his previous life, this life he is Jiang Chen. His cultivation is not a hundred, so it is naturally small. Its cultivation base is but the lower True God, which is naturally weak.” The gray-haired old man squinted and asked: ” Do you… have any comments?”

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