I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 928

This remark of the gray-haired old man moved Jiang Chen quite a bit, but for others, it was somewhat unacceptable.

Especially the entire group of the main god of Guangming, their faces are darkened!

If Jiang Chen is small and weak, it means that they can’t do anything to Jiang Chen!

Here, how to kill Jiang Chen! ?

“Senior, I don’t think this is right.” The Lord Guangming has suffered a lot before, but now he has paid a lot of attention.

He saluted the gray-haired old man and slowly said: “After all, he is still Tianchen. His foundation is there, and his roots are deep, so he cannot be regarded as weak.”

“Oh? What do you mean?” The gray-haired old man faint smiled and looked at the Lord Guangming, but there was a cold glow flashing deep in his eyes.

The Lord of Light, Divine Heart, chuckled, opened his mouth, but still did not dare to continue.

Because he already understands that the rules set on Tianya cannot be changed!

And what the gray-haired old man said is like that imperial decree, it cannot be changed!

“Senior, can you be more specific?” someone asked.

“More than two realm, no hands, no one!” The gray-haired old man said in a condensed voice: “This is the rule!”

“Two realm? This is acceptable. .”



Many people have nodded, after all, they also have their own dísciple, and they are afraid that others are bully the weak and kill. Their dísciple.

With this rule, your own dísciple will be much safer.

However, as far as the entire group of the main god of Guangming is concerned, it is impossible to surpass the two realm. This… isn’t it? !

They are all Peak Master gods, surpassing Jiang Chen and more than two realm!

“Heaven’s End is going to shelter Jiang Chen?” Someone asked directly.

After all, there is only Jiang Chen, a lower-level True God, and only his cultivation base is the lowest!

Therefore, many people will wonder, what exactly does this mean on Tianya? Is it clear to protect Jiang Chen?

“The creatures in the world are all equal in my eyes on the end of the world.” gray-haired old man lightly said: “I make this decision on the end of the world, not just for personal reasons.”


“But how do I feel that I am sheltering Jiang Chen?” The Dark Lord was suppressed, but his mouth was still active.

He was full of anger and anger. The dignified Lord God was suppressed by others, and he was still in front of so many people!

“hmph! You have no younger generations in the Dark Temple?! Believing or not old man, take the knife and kill all the younger generations of your Dark Temple!” Song Tingtao coldly said: “What’s wrong with this decision on the end of the world? Okay!?”

“I also think it’s good, at least I can leave a little bit of space for the younger generation, let them go on their own.” Lizong Sect Master nodded and said.

In addition, several other Ancient God Kings are also nodded. This is a good thing for any faction.

Especially for Peak Tianjiao of their respective forces, with this rule, they don’t have to worry about being persecuted by the powerhouse!

“Actually…this rule is indeed not bad.”

“But…I can’t do anything to Tianchen anymore! Keep him, sooner or later it will be a scourge!”


Among the 36 Peak Master gods, a few people are also shaken, thinking that this rule is indeed possible.

However, they can’t kill Jiang Chen personally, they are still upset.

“That’s it.” The gray-haired old man said: “If someone violates, don’t blame me the killer on the horizon!”


“Zun Tianya.”


Everyone is nodded, and even with 36 Peak Master Gods, they dare not say anything.

They don’t know how strong Tianya is, they only know that their Old Ancestor is very afraid of Tianya.

“There’s one more thing next.” The gray-haired old man pointed to the sky and said, “You all see it? The Great Thousand Worlds outside the south wall has already been visited, just waiting for the south The wall broke.”

“What are they…what are they going to do?” someone asked.

“Maybe it is to find something, or it may be to find someone, but one thing is certain, once the south wall collapses, there will be war.” The gray-haired old man sighed: ” Calling everyone over today is to discuss how to deal with the people of Great Thousand Worlds.”

“What is there to discuss? I heard Old Ancestor said that the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds are extremely powerful. , I can’t wait to deal with them.” Lingfeng Lord said solemnly: “Can you deal with it on the End of the World?” This is undoubtedly destroying one’s prestige and increasing the ambition of others.

However, everyone did not say anything, knowing that the Lord Lingfeng was right!

There have been rumors that the powerhouse as clouds in the Great Thousand Worlds outside the south wall, the powerhouse of Divine King and even the powerhouse beyond Divine King are as many as stars!

Even, there are a lot of Imperial Capital, the god of Peak!

And what about Nine Heavens God World! ?

Several Divine Emperors lie dormant, become forbidden zone by themselves, ignore the world, think about living for too long, the blood is exhausted, and can’t move.

And how many cultivators on Divine King?

Thinking about it this way, if the south wall is broken, Nine Heavens God World should also be destroyed.

“I can naturally cope with one or two on the horizon, but I can’t protect Nine Heavens God World.” The gray-haired old man sighed: “Is there anyone in the field who knows some Xin Mi? Ever went to war. The ancestors are on their way back.”

“All I have to do is to drag them back.”

Everyone is hearing this, many people secretly nodded, this This kind of secret is not a secret to people of these levels.

But Jiang Chen was very curious and asked: “The ancestors? Where did they go to fight? With whom?”

“With unknown creatures.” gray-haired The old man frowned and shook his head and said: “I don’t know the details.”

“I heard that I was fighting against the sky!” An ancient Divine King said solemnly: “My clan has an ancient book, inheritance Since Great Desolate.”

“The reason why the ancestors went on an expedition was that there was a problem on this day and they had to go. If they don’t go, the sky will fall and the lives will die!”

“Heh, is there such an exaggeration?” Lizong Sect Master curled his lips, naturally not convinced.

You must know that this sky is nothing but nothing, so why is there a battle? ?

He is more willing to believe that the reason why the ancestors left is most likely to go to Great Thousand Worlds to fight!

As for the battle with the sky, it is completely nonsense.

But, the gray-haired old man shook the head, the expression is weird, and said: “Perhaps, it may be really fighting against the sky.”

“Senior… Do you know something?” Song Tingtao asked hurriedly.

“I don’t know much or everything, and it’s meaningless to say it.” The gray-haired old man lightly said, and immediately condensed his expression, saying: “Now, you only need to know one thing, if The south wall is broken, and I will let go of all grievances and fend off the enemy together!”

“This is nature!”

“This…when the time comes, let me talk about it.”


Everyone has different attitudes, some are negative, others are firm!

And Jiang Chen pointed to the sky and asked: “For those creatures outside the sky, how high is the highest cultivation base?”

“These people should be here to take the lead , The exploration is detailed, the cultivation base is not very high, it should all be at Peak God King Level. Don’t do it.” gray-haired old man expression grave, said with a bitter smile: “Great Thousand Worlds are all Peak Divine people who come first. King…and we…”

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