I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 929

The group of people who came to the forefront were all Peak Divine Kings, and on the Nine Heavens God World side, how many Peak Divine Kings?

Looking at it this way, the strength gap between the two sides is too big!

Many people have no confidence anymore. If the South Wall collapses, how will this battle be fought? ?

“You don’t have to worry too much, as long as we can survive the return of the ancestors, or wait until the prosperity comes, then… I will not be afraid of them.” said the gray-haired old man.

How strong are the ancestors of the Six Realms who went to war, naturally needless to say, if otherwise, how can they go and fight?

Just, can you really wait until they return?

If you can’t wait, then you have to wait for the prosperity of Nine Heavens God World!

Under the flourishing age, cultivation becomes extremely simple. Many creatures have hope, and they can become Divine King in a short time!

And those ancient Divine Kings may also be transformed and advanced, and even become Divine Emperor!

However, no one knows how long the South Wall can last!

Even, few people present know where the south wall is!

The gray-haired old man said it very lightly, but in fact everyone understands that Tianya is also scared!

If Nine Heavens God World is destroyed, the entire six realms will be over!

There is only one Nine Heavens God World left in the Six Realms. If you fail here, everything will end!

“So…According to the current behavior, Nine Heavens God World is not suitable for launching a civil war.” An ancient Divine King said: “Truce?”

“Personal grudges, Let’s put aside the grievances between sects for the time being.” The gray-haired old man sighed: “If the civil war is to be started at this moment, then… it is really bringing about one’s own destruction.”

As soon as these words came out, the main god of light and the others were also nodded.

Although they have great ambitions, they know one thing more clearly, they are the people of Nine Heavens God World!

If Nine Heavens God World were all destroyed, they would cease to exist!

When the time comes, all efforts and all things will turn into clouds of smoke!

“I don’t need to say more about the older generations, but for the younger generations, now is when they grow up.” Gray-haired old man said: “So I decided to establish a college , Give advice to the younger generation in the world!”

“How to establish? Tianya is willing to take out all of its own heritage?” Someone asked, his eyes full of passion!

On the end of the world, a force with an indestructible inheritance, you can imagine how profound its background is!

The most interesting thing is the cultivation technique on the end of the world, the heavenly machine works freely!

According to legend, this cultivation technique originated from the beginning of Heaven and Earth, and is an ancient scripture condensed by the big runes!

Once this cultivation technique is completed, it will become Heavenly Dao self-defeating, surpassing everything in the world!

“Everyone, until now, I have to work with a common purpose, and no more selfishness.” The gray-haired old man expression condensed and said: “I will not only take out Tianji works freely, and will take out the rare treasure accumulated in several times, and even spirit pill and marvelous medicine, for the establishment of academies!”

“The end of the world is righteous.” Some people admire, but they are in their hearts. Thinking about how to get the power of heaven’s secret freedom!

However, the next sentence of the gray-haired old man silenced everyone, and even his face was a little ugly.

“I have come up with the free power of heaven on the horizon, so should all of you be able to express yourself?” The gray-haired old man said: “The light temple of Radiant Palace Hall, Heavenspan Church The Heavenspan scripture of the Heavenspan, the dark ancient scripture of the Dark Temple, etc., these can all be taken out.”

“Senior, you know that these cultivation techniques are the foundation of our forces and they are never spread! “Li Zong Sect Master said solemnly: “Doing this will expose all of my own details!”

“Yes, other cultivation techniques can be used, but the foundation of oneself is really It can’t be taken out.” Guangming Lord God said solemnly.

Many people have nodded, Song Tingtao and red-clothed this time are also on the side of the main god of Guangming.

Are you kidding me? !

Take out your trump card? How can there be such a thing! ?

However, the meaning of a gray-haired old man is very obvious. He smiled and looked towards everyone, and asked: “It is up to you to decide whether you live or die.”

“Of course, you can rest assured that if someone cultivation your cultivation technique, then that person will naturally come into your door.” The gray-haired old man said: “And, engrave the brand so that it cannot be spread out.” /p>

“But… after all, it is too risky.” Song Tingtao said solemnly: “Heavenspan Scripture is left by Old Ancestor, so it must not be passed on!”

“On the end of my world Heavenspan Freedom Kungfu has also been taken out, why do you care so much?” The gray-haired old man squinted, staring at Song Tingtao, and asked: “is it possible that, do you think the Heavenspan sacred code is better than Heavenspan Freedom Kungfu? “

When these words came out, Song Tingtao’s face was a little weird and angrily.

If it were not for this gray-haired old man, he would really want to say it out loud: “Heavenspan Scripture is more powerful than your heavenly secrets!”

“Senior, although I am a ruler of a force, but at this time the relationship is very big, and I have to go back and ask my seniors.” Someone said: “At this time, Tianya should be able to understand?”

“Naturally understand.” gray-haired old man nodded and said: “Three days, let you think about it.”

“Senior … there is a sentence I don’t know when to ask or not.” Lingfeng Lord God frowns saying.


“Where is this academy established? How should dísciple be recruited? When the time comes, who should be in charge of this academy?” Lingfeng Lord God asked .

“Of course everyone is in charge.” gray-haired old man said with a smile: “I, as a senior, should give advice to younger generations.”

“After the establishment of the college, I They are all tutors of the academy, and dísciple is naturally recruited from the entire world.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Lord Ling Feng’s face became more ugly.

Because the gray-haired old man did not say where this college was built!

Many people have also discovered this point, their eyes burning looking towards gray-haired old man, but no one dared to ask.

Until a few breaths later, the main god of light, brace oneself, asked: “Senior, you haven’t said where the academy is built.”

“Oh…” gray- haired old man patted his own head, said with a smile: “Look at my memory.”

After all, he pointed to his feet and said: “Of course it was built in Cangzhou!”

“Then I wait…I will stay in Cangzhou and teach the younger generation!?” The flame master said solemnly.

“This is nature.” gray-haired old man nodded, said: “I am understaffed on the horizon. I am a college tutor. I naturally need everyone to fill it.”

For a moment, the expressions of the people present condensed, and even the faces of the ancient Divine King turned black!

The academy was established in Cangzhou, and they have to preach and receive professions in the academy!

So, doesn’t it mean that they are going to be “trapped” in the academy, trapped in Cangzhou! ?

This is imprisoning them in disguise!

“On the End of the World…Is it really okay to do this?” Lizong Sect Master said coldly: “It is clear that the establishment of a college, in fact…Is you want to wait under house arrest, right?”


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