I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 931

Under the general oppression, no one can abide by their own heart.

Either privately or publicly, someone will betray after all.

However, Jiang Chen can believe that there will be no betrayal on the horizon!

Because, when Jiang Chen entered Cangzhou, he saw the depths of Cangzhou, and he had an aura of righteousness!

That is the true Heaven and Earth righteousness!

With such imposing manner blessings, where does the end of the world come to betray?

Be aware that Tianya is the power of Nine Heavens God World, and the creatures in the power are also local creatures of Nine Heavens God World.

If you want to rebel, the awe-inspiring spirit of Between Heaven and Earth will not fall on the horizon of Cangzhou!

However, not everyone can see that awe-inspiring righteousness.

If Jiang Chen hadn’t been with Jiang Haoran before, he didn’t know that the wisps of clouds and mist in the depths of Cangzhou were awe-inspiring.

However, what makes Jiang Chen puzzled is that since there is no possibility of rebellion on the horizon, why not explain clearly to the Great Influence?

Wearing Heaven and Earth Haoran, as long as it is clear, these Peak forces of Nine Heavens God World will support those on the End of the World, right?

Think about it carefully, since Tianya does not want to explain, there is only one reason!

They want to muddy the water of Nine Heavens, and find out in the muddy water which fishes betrayed Nine Heavens!

“Heaven is heavy, if one day, Nine Heavens will be destroyed, will the Nine Heavens dynasty take refuge in Great Thousand Worlds, or… to the end?” Jiang Chen asked.

“What do you mean by this? Suspect my Nine Heavens God World?” Jiutian Zhong said solemnly: “My Nine Heavens God World was unified by Nine Heavens God World!”

“Now Although it cannot be ascended to peak, although it cannot unify Nine Heavens, it will not do anything to apologize to Nine Heavens!”

“I hope so.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Afterwards, Jiang Chen took out a silk book with many names written on it.

He handed the silk book to Jiutianzhong and said, “I will go to Tianya in Cangzhou in three days. In your eyes, I will be under house arrest.”

“I’m not in Jiutian In these days of the dynasty, you will be in charge of the Jiutian Dynasty.”

“Then…what is this?” Jiutian pointed at the silk book in his hand.

“These people, help me take care of them.” Jiang Chen said: “They are very important people! If they have any mistakes…”

“You are now The emperor, you have to take care of them, Jiu Tian Dynasty will naturally.” Jiutian Zhong said.

After that, he opened the silk book, and his face turned black when he saw the names.

“Jiang Liu, Ruoxiao, Hua Lianyi, Bai Fengyu…” Jiutian Zhong lightly said, several people have never heard of it at all, and they don’t even know what the other party looks like!

This Nine Heavens is so big and crowded, where can he go to find these people, and how can he take care of them!

“If you can find it, take them back to the Nine Heavens Dynasty.” Jiang Chen sighed: “If you can’t find it… then pray that they can live well.”

At first, the entire group under Jiang Chen’s seat soared to Nine Heavens God World first.

Nowadays, there are only a few people meeting Jiang Chen.

Bai Fengyu, Hua Lianyi and the others, there is no news now, and there is no trace.

Jiang Chen is a little worried. If there is any accident to these people, he really cannot accept it!

The relatives, friends and dísciple of the previous life are almost dead, Jiang Chen is unable to recover.

But this life, Jiang Chen doesn’t want to lose the people around him anymore!

“I will try my best.” Jiutianzhong said seriously.

“By the way, to find someone, you can go to the farewell valley, their intelligence network is the best.” Jiang Chen said: “It’s time to let Jue Ming do something.”

“Will Farewell Valley help?” Jiutianzhong frowns saying: “At the beginning, we almost killed Cassia and the others.”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “Definitely.”

After that, Jiang Chen sighed and looked up towards the sky again, throbbing in his heart.

He doesn’t know how long he can hold on, maybe it’s the next second, or he can keep going.

Now, what he has to do is to “follow the flow” in the eyes of others.

When Jiang Chen made this decision, Song Tingtao and red-clothed were obviously disappointed in him.

But, so what?

At least, Jiang Chen understands that he has never changed!

It may be confusing, but Jiang Chen doesn’t want to explain.

When the clouds clear, oneself will be clear.

“By the way, when you went to Cangzhou, someone sent this box and asked me to hand it over to you.” Jiutian Zhong suddenly remembered something and put a simple wooden box with carved patterns. Give it to Jiang Chen.

“This is?” Jiang Chen was puzzled, and slowly opened the wooden box. When he saw the seemingly ordinary stone in the wooden box, his face changed drastically!

This is… Fragments of the South Wall!

Jiang Chen can’t read it wrong, because he has two pieces!

One piece was obtained in the Immortal City, and one piece was obtained at the Haotian Conference!

“The south wall will be broken.”

Under the stone, there is a note with these four words written on it.

At this moment, Jiang Chen suddenly felt an inexplicable throbbing in his heart.

It’s like… the sky is falling!

“Who sent it?” Jiang Chen asked hurriedly.

“The man had a very high cultivation base, and he left after he sent the wooden box.” Jiu Tianzhong said solemnly: “I entered the Jiu Tian Dynasty quietly, and even the Religion Protecting Great Array could not stop him. !”

“Send the South Wall Fragments…what do you mean…” Jiang Chen was puzzled.

“One more thing…Old Ancestor’s seal…How long will it take to unlock?” Jiutian asked again.

Jiang Chen hearing this, didn’t say much, and directly entered Small World behind the bronze gate with Jiutian.

When leaving here before, Jiang Chen arranged a lot of decomposition Formation, slowly dissolving the seal secret technique of the blood demons.

Now, looking at the blood moon in the sky, it is obviously dimmed a lot!

“Look at this rate… from ten days to one month,” Jiang Chen said.

“It’s good to be able to come out!” Jiu Tian sighed in relief.

No one knows how much pressure he is now, and no one knows how “weak” the Jiu Tian Dynasty is without Jiu Shen!

It’s all right now, as long as this Old Ancestor is born, then… Maybe the Nine Heavens Dynasty will have the strength to challenge the horizon!

“Right, there is one more thing.” Jiutianzhong said: “When Imperial Father leaves, let me take you to Hutou Mountain.”

“Hutou Mountain? Isn’t there… the burial place?” Jiang Chen was stunned.

Hutou Mountain Jiang Chen naturally knows that he is in the Extreme-Cold Land north of Nine Heavens.

There was a dead silence, there was no life, only a bare Snow Mountain stood there.

The top of Snow Mountain is like a tiger’s head, and blood is often turned into a stream flowing down from the top of the mountain, dyeing the entire mountain red.

Some people say that there is an evil demon buried on Hutou Mountain, and that blood is transformed by the evil spirit after the death of the evil demon. It is inaccessible!

Some people also say that not only a demon is buried on Hutou Mountain, but a group!

In the previous life, Jiang Chen also visited Hutou Mountain, but because the baleful qi on Hutou Mountain was too heavy, he did not go deep.

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