I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 933

Yin Sector has always been a legend. There is no evidence to prove the existence of Yin Sector.

even more how, as a cultivator, who would believe in ghosts?

In the eyes of the cultivator, there are simply no ghosts in this world!

The so-called ghost is just another creature that’s all.

Then, since there are no ghosts, there is naturally no Yin Sector.

“Yin Sector may really exist.” Mu Xingyun said solemnly: “Have you heard that Nine Heavens God World is actually a burial ground!”

“This I heard the rumors.” Jiang Chen nodded and said: “What does this have to do with Yin Sector?”

“Perhaps Nine Heavens God World is really a burial site, but this so-called burial site Not here, but in the Yin Sector!” Mu Xingyun speculated: “Now there is a natural phenomenon in Cold State City, and a passage has appeared inside the ice coffin, which seems to be the entrance to the Yin Sector!”

“What? That ice coffin?” Jiang Chen stared in surprise.

Be aware that the ice coffin has existed for a long time, and its origin cannot even be traced back.

However, since ancient times, this ice coffin has never changed!

Even, when Divine King shot the ice coffin, he couldn’t break it. It was unbreakable, and it seemed to be locked by the highway!

Now, this immortal ice coffin has changed, which is indeed a bit abnormal.

“Go and see.” Jiang Chen lightly said, letting Mu Xingyun hide in the dark, and he walked over just and honorable.

After more than ten breaths, when Jiang Chen came to the plaza of Cold State City, the place was already full of people!

Look carefully, there are many Top Sect people here, and there are even Divine Grade others standing in the distance, watching the ice coffin.

“Jiang Chen?”



At this moment, several exclamations sounded, many When people turned their heads back, when they saw Jiang Chen, there was a trace of killing intent in their eyes!

“There are so many enemies.” Mu Xingyun whispered: “These people are all 36 Peak Master gods, right?”

“Well, almost.” Jiang Chen nodded and said, the expression is calm, without a trace of fear in his eyes.

Now that Tianya has established rules, Jiang Chen doesn’t believe it anymore. These people dare to act on him.

Furthermore, as long as it is not a person who respects the gods, Jiang Chen is fearless!

“Jiang Chen, you walk in the world so just and honorable, are you not afraid of death?” Someone said solemnly: “Could it be that you think you have a long life!?”

“Don’t Nonsense, just do it if you want to.” Jiang Chen squinted at the other person and said: “The premise is that you can withstand the anger on the horizon.”

When these words came out, many people felt killing in their eyes. The intent disappeared, but he looked angry!

The high-level forces they belong to have already told them the rules of the world.

So, most people really dare not move!

“hmph! The End of the World can protect you for a while, but not your whole life!” someone coldly said, his face looked like frost.

Jiang Chen hearing this, chuckled lightly and said: “Even if there is no shelter on the horizon, you can’t help me.”

Speaking, Jiang Chen pointed and pointed. One of the main gods here asked jokingly: “Do you dare to do something to me?”

“If the end of the world doesn’t interfere, I can kill you now!” The killing intent in Divine Eyes soars. , But forcibly resisted without doing anything.

“You seem to have forgotten one thing. I am now the emperor of the Nine Heavens Dynasty.” Jiang Chen eyebrows raised and said: “Do you think that I am the emperor and I am out of the house without any protection? “

As soon as these words came out, everyone present was moved.

Yes, as Jiang Chen said, the emperor of the dignified Nine Heavens Dynasty, is there no one secretly protected?

I want to kill Jiang Chen on the surface, easier said than done! ?

For a while, everyone was jealous, and those who had shown killing intent to Jiang Chen before also converged.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help sighed in relief when he saw it.

Only he knows that he came here alone this time, and there is no powerhouse protection of the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

Fortunately, these people were shocked by a few words. If they didn’t do anything, Jiang Chen could only run away, not even run away!

“Get out of the way.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen walked over step by step, with a calm expression and divine light around him.

Many people gave way, but some people stood in the middle and didn’t want to give way.

In this regard, Jiang Chen sneered, his eyes drooping slightly, his voice gradually became cold, and said: “I am the emperor of the Nine Heavens Dynasty.”

As soon as these words came out, those The face of the person standing in front of Jiang Chen suddenly collapsed!

Although Jiang Chen’s cultivation base is low, it’s scary with high status!

The emperor of the Nine Heavens Dynasty is enough to be on an equal footing with the ruler in their influence!

Now, if you insist on embarrassing Jiang Chen, I am afraid it will trigger a war between the two sides!

“What’s so great!? You are just an acting emperor!” Someone looked contemptuously, but he stepped aside.

“Why? The acting emperor is not the emperor anymore? If you have the ability, you should also become the acting emperor.” Jiang Chen joked.

“Sooner or later, you will die tragically!”

“Arrogant! Trifling the lower True God, relying on the Nine Heavens Dynasty can tyrannically abuse power!? Sooner or later, you will die!”



Many people are surging with killing intent, but they are still suppressed.

At this moment, Jiang Chen ignored these people and came to the center of the square.

As soon as I arrived here, I saw a man wearing a white robe walked over, bowed his hand to Jiang Chen, and said: “Under Cold State City City Lord, I have seen the Nine Heavenly Lords.”

“Don’t be so polite.” Jiang Chen lightly said, waved his hand, and said: “As they said, I am just a proxy emperor that’s all.”

“The Nine Emperors The lord laughed, acting as the emperor, that is also the emperor.” Bai Yi said the man.

After that, he pointed to the ice coffin in the air and asked: “The Nine Heavens Lord came here for this ice coffin?”

“Look here Pass by, come and have a look.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

“The emperor does not know that this ice coffin has not changed since ancient times, but just a few days ago…the woman in the ice coffin suddenly disappeared!” Bai Yi’s male expression is weird , The eyes are full of doubts.

After that, he took Jiang Chen up into the air, stood beside the ice coffin, pointed to the empty ice coffin, and said: “After the woman disappeared, the inside of the ice coffin appeared. A Dao Void empty crack, with bursts of Yin Qi inside!”


At this moment, Jiang Chen held breath cold air!

His pupils suddenly shrank, and even his body was constantly receding!

Because he saw that woman was there!

A peerless grace and elegance woman with a beautiful appearance, dressed in Bai Yi, sitting on the lid of the coffin, smiling at Jiang Chen!

However, if you look at it a few more times, you can find that there are black blood stains on the woman’s face, hair, and even clothes!

That’s dry blood!

Moreover, this woman exudes a strong cold air!

When I feel it carefully, it is not cold air, nor devil air and baleful qi, nor dead air, but…Yin Qi!

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