I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 934

That is not Yin Qi in Yin and Yang, but… another special Yin Qi!

Jiang Chen has never felt such Yin Qi, cold to the bone, Yin to the soul!

Jiang Chen fleshy body is extremely strong, blood energy is strong, and Yang Qi is sufficient, but under this Yin Qi, he feels that his whole person is going to be frozen!

“You…can’t you see her?” Jiang Chen was heart palpitated, looking all around, from the eyes of these people, they knew that they couldn’t see this woman at all!

So… can only he see it? !

“he he he……”

Suddenly, a bell-like laughter came into Jiang Chen’s mind.

The soul shook suddenly and was almost wiped out by the laughter!


a mouthful of blood sprayed out from Jiang Chen’s mouth, not only entraining divine light, but also a terrifying Yin Qi!

“This is eroded by Yin Qi!?” Jiang Chen hurriedly backed away and said to the Bai Yi man: “Go back!”

“en?” This Bai Yi man looked puzzled. He was standing next to the ice coffin and nothing happened, and he didn’t even feel a hint of chill!

Jiang Chen is also puzzled. Is this Yin Qi targeting him? !

“Are you…really can’t see her?” Jiang Chen expression grave is very incomparable, and feels like he has a major event today!

“What are you talking about?”

“Jiang Chen, you are dressing up as God, playing the devil!? I’m all gods! This little trick waits for me Useless!”

Many people sarcastically, even someone came to the ice coffin and touched it with their hands, nothing happened!

“I’m in big trouble!” Jiang Chen was shocked, and even more puzzled, why these people can’t see the beautiful woman! ?

But, at this moment Jiang Chen didn’t dare to think about it, turned around and moved towards Cold State City and ran outside!

He is really scared!

The Yin Qi on that woman’s body is too special, Yang Sector simply can’t see this kind of Yin Qi!

Even the Yin Qi from Wanyin Saint Physique and Greater Yin Saint Physique is not as good as the Yin Qi from that woman!

“It’s too evil!” Jiang Chen rampaged all the way and came three ten thousand li away from Cold State City!

His heart palpitations are undecided, and he is even guessing whether someone has secretly arranged some secret technique Formation to kill him with this ice coffin in Cold State City?

Yes, Jiang Chen and vigilant just now, simply didn’t find Formation near the ice coffin!

“What’s the matter with you!?”

At this moment, Mu Xingyun chased him and appeared. He was about to get close to Jiang Chen, and suddenly shivered all over his body, cry out in surprise: “This is…cold in you!?”

“No! It’s Yin Qi!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “This Yin Qi…what do you think?”


“This… is not ordinary Yin Qi!” Mu Xingyun said solemnly, frowns, and after a few breaths, said: “Your discipline Bai Fengyu is Greater Yin Saint Physique, but the Yin Qi that she exudes is also It’s not as scary as the Yin Qi on you!”

“Does…Yin Sector really exists?” Jiang Chen whispered.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen felt cold on his back, and when he turned back suddenly, he almost fainted!

I saw, the woman did not know when, actually came behind him!

At this moment, this woman is smiling, but her face is stained with black blood, she is smiling at Jiang Chen!

That smile is beautiful, but also very evil monster!

“What did you see!?” Mu Xingyun was also feeling numb. He knew that Jiang Chen was not pretending, but actually saw something invisible to them!

“It’s the woman in the ice coffin!” Jiang Chen kept backing up, and even grabbed Mu Xingyun, saying: “Go! It’s a major event!”

“Don’t hold me! I can’t see her! Maybe she is just aiming at you!” Mu Xingyun pulled away Jiang Chen’s hand and stood in place, sighed in relief after a few breaths, facing the distant person Jiang Chen said: “You see that I have nothing to do.”

“What’s so special!? Evil door!” Jiang Chen cried out strangely and escaped directly into the void.

Jiang Chen has never seen anything in the market, but just today, he really panicked!

A woman who has been dead for an unknown number of times should have been lying quietly in that ice coffin.

But now, this woman seems to be alive. Not only is she not seen by others, she is still running after him!

“Nine days of weight!”

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, Jiang Chen escaped a thousand ten thousand li in one breath, but the woman behind him at a moderate Pace followed him and couldn’t get rid of it!

At this moment, Jiang Chen crushed a talisman and gave a long scream!

In the nine days of the Jiu Tian Dynasty, Jiang Chen’s voice was heard instantly!

“Old Ancestor! He is in trouble!” Jiutian exclaimed. In an instant, in the mountainside of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, within the Cave Mansion, a thin silhouette Tearing the Void left!

Between three breaths, the void beside Jiang Chen shattered, and the thin silhouette suddenly appeared, protecting Jiang Chen behind him.

But then, the skinny Elderly was dumbfounded.

He glanced at all around, divine sense was densely covered every inch of the place, but he didn’t find the enemy!

Even, this place is extremely remote, and there has never been a single ant!

“What’s wrong with you…?” the skinny Elderly asked.

“Are you… the old Divine King of the Nine Heavens Dynasty?” Jiang Chen asked, then pointed to his body, with a cold sweat on his face, and said: “Can’t you see her either “?!”

“What is it?” The skinny Elderly was puzzled, not at all feeling a little abnormal.

However, he can feel a special chill on Jiang Chen’s body!

“Have you caught cold?” Skinny Elderly asked.

“My Saint Physique, with strong yang energy, how can I get cold poison!” Jiang Chen said solemnly, the next moment suddenly shut up!

Just because the woman came to him, the blood-stained slender jade hand actually blocked Jiang Chen’s mouth!

In the eyes of outsiders, Jiang Chen has been shaking his head, with a long mouth, but unable to speak!

“There is a big problem!” Skinny Elderly said solemnly, grabbing Jiang Chen’s shoulder, Bearing the Void, and planning to take Jiang Chen back first!

However, at the moment when the skinny Elderly grabbed Jiang Chen’s shoulder, a burst of Extreme-Cold Qi broke out from the invisibility, and it shocked the skinny Elderly back!

Immediately, the frost around Jiang Chen suddenly rose, and after a white mist, Jiang Chen disappeared in place!

“Where are people!?” The skinny Elderly is also an expression grave, and his heart is tense.

He suspects that there are extremely powerful creatures nearby, so he will do it in secret!

However, after observing the place for a long time, he still didn’t find a trace of the “enemy”!

“Is it…they?”

Suddenly, this skinny Elderly remembered the special chill of Jiang Chen, and two big words popped up in his mind. ——Yin Sector!

“The powerful enemy from the outside world is still there, and Yang Sector will be chaotic at any time. Now…this Yin Sector is also going to be born!?” Skinny Elderly felt that the matter was serious, so she didn’t even chase Jiang Chen. Go straight back to the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

On this day, the Nine Heavens Dynasty directly declared the world and closed the mountain!

At the same time, Chedi Zong and Heavenspan Church have also closed the mountains!

This makes the world wonder, how come these three Peak forces suddenly closed the mountain when the prosperous age is coming! ?

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