I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 935

The prosperous age is about to come, and the end of the world is showing up. At this time, the three peak forces of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, the Trudi Sect, and Heavenspan Church suddenly closed the mountain and isolated from the world. Confusing.

However, only half a day later, there was news that the Temple of Light was also closed!

After another 2.5 minutes of time, the Dark Temple also announced the closure of the mountain!

At this moment, the talents of the world have reacted, Nine Heavens God World is about to have a major event!

These Peak forces closed the mountain, not wanting to compete for the supremacy of Nine Heavens God World, but seeking self-protection!

Many people are heartbroken. What major event is going to happen in Nine Heavens God World? Even these Top Sects have to protect themselves and dare not attack? !

“A group of cowards!”

Cangzhou, on the horizon, above a cloud-shrouded mountain peak.

A middle-aged man dressed in purple clothed standing on the top of the mountain, with his hands on his stomach and back, his body is full of righteousness!

There is a trace of disdain and anger in his eyes, more helpless.

“My lord, the news is true, Yin Sector is indeed about to be born.”

Behind him, the Elderly with a cane bowed her head and said respectfully.

There is a sense of fear in his eyes, and there is endless confusion.

“Are you wondering why Yin Sector was born.” The man wearing purple clothed lightly said.

“Yin Sector…should not come to Yang Sector.” Crutch Elderly frowned: “This is an ancient covenant, and it is also the rule of the conservation of Yin and Yang!”

“The spirit of Yin Sector comes Yang Sector, there is no need for me to wait for it, it will be eroded by Yang Sector’s Yang Qi, burned until death!”

purple clothed man hearing this, nodded, said: “It used to be true, the creatures of Yin Sector You cannot enter the Yang Sector, and the creatures of the Yang Sector cannot enter the Yin Sector.”

“But…now everything has changed.” The purple clothed man sighed.

He is standing on the top of the mountain, looking into the distance, there seems to be a piece of universe in his pupils!

After more than ten breaths of silence, he stretched out a finger, pointed at the sky, and said: “What is the prosperous age? Do you know?”

“The revival of the road, Heaven and Earth recovers and everything returns to its peak period.” Crutch Elderly said: “Everything has reached its peak, and it is a flourishing age.”

“Then you know, why everything will reach its peak?” purple clothed man Asked again.

As soon as these words came out, it was this crutch that was Elderly cultivation base profound, almost breaking the avenue, and couldn’t tell why.

Perhaps, it was due to Heavenly Dao Samsara.

“Yin-Yang Two Qi, like the law of balance in this world, if Yin-Yang Two Qi loses balance, then all forces will be unable to restrain and suppress.”

“When After all the power has erupted, it is the so-called flourishing age.”

The purple clothed man explained: “The flourishing age thought that Yin-Yang Two Qi had lost balance, so… Yin Sector and Yang Sector between Heaven And Earth is flooded with Yin-Yang Energy, so it has changed.”

“When the prosperous age truly arrives, Yin Sector will grow Spirit General without fear of Yang Sector Yang Qi, the same…… Yang Sector creatures, There is no fear of Yin Sector Yin Qi.”

Speaking of this, the purple clothed man sighed again, seeming to have endless helplessness.

He stood there, and after a long time there was another sigh, and said: “Yin and Yang are like fire and water, and they are not at the same time. This is the principle.”

“It’s just a pity…now Yang Sector has to face not only Yin Sector, but also the great powers of Great Thousand Worlds.”

“This catastrophe…Nine Heavens Yang World, I wonder if it can survive.”


“My lord, is Tianya really going to make a move? Isn’t there a miracle this time?” Elderly asked Crutch.

As soon as these words came out, the purple clothed man smiled bitterly.

He stretched out a finger and said: “There used to be Tianyuan, Tianxuan, Tiancang, and Tianqing. Every era will have a supreme powerhouse born.”

“Therefore, there will be miracles.”

“And this time…Look at the world, what creatures can be called powerhouse?”

“Are these Divine Emperors who are themselves restricted areas?”

“Or the Old Monsters who have been sleeping and sleeping for endless years?”


Speaking, The purple clothed man paused, then sighed again: “Neither.”

“Since no one in the world can stand up, then this life, only I am on the horizon.”

After that, the purple clothed man waved his hand and said: “The academy must be established, and the rules must also be set. First settle in, and in peace.”

“But many forces are closed. I’m afraid that the things needed to build the academy are not complete.” Elderly said with a bitter smile on the crutch: “Is the cultivation technique, magical skill, and Taoist skill, do I have to bear it alone on the horizon? This…I’m afraid it’s hard.” /p>

“Take it, visit the restricted area, and ask those who are willing to help.” The purple clothed man took out a white jade token with the words “Heavenly Monarch” engraved on it.

Elderly expression of the crutches moved, his hands tremblingly took the token, and he said in a condensed voice: “My lord…do you really want to use this token?”

“It should be used too The purple clothed man said: “If those restricted areas are unwilling to help, then…when this prosperous age is over, the restricted areas will no longer exist.”

“You tell them, Nine Heavens God World, no Raise useless people.”



Finally, Elderly on the walking stick left, and the purple clothed man still stood on the top of the mountain, looking out Into the distance.

Half a day later, he touched his sideburns, and then stroked his hair crown with both hands, lightly said: “The hair will be messy, the crown should not be messy. The crown is right, the heart is right. Or death, Do not complain.”

At the same time, in a certain Small World of Nine Heavens God World.

One old and one young are standing next to a small stream, the old one is fishing, and the small one is holding a basket, waiting for Elderly to catch the bait.

“Master, you have been fishing this fish for tens of thousands of years. When will you catch it?” asked the little one, also very puzzled.

He knew that there were no fish in this stream!

And he, accompanied by his Master, has been fishing on this stream for tens of thousands of years without ever moving!

He didn’t understand what his Master was doing and what he was thinking.

“Do you think there are no fish in this stream?” Elderly asked.

“Master, the stream is shallow and clear, where the fish are, there are no shrimps.” The little whispered: “What are you fishing for?”

“Hooking for people. “Elderly lightly said, suddenly light flashed in his eyes, suddenly lifted the fishing rod in his hand, said with a smile: “Look, isn’t it caught?”

“Is there?” A small blink He stared at the empty hook, thinking he was dazzled.

But without waiting for him to ask further, Elderly gave the fishing rod in his hand to the youngster and said: “Take the fishing rod and go fishing in a black liquid Hanoi on the border of Liang Province.”

“If someone asks, you say you are here to fish for someone.”

“And, you have to tell that person that if you are fishing for someone today, you must fish away.”

youngster hearing this, with a dazed expression, but still took the fishing rod and left after saluting.

About half a day later, the youngster came to a black liquid river on the border of Cold State City…

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