I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 936

This youngster is very ordinary, dressed up as a book boy, and has a simple appearance, which seems to be very honest.

He came here according to the old man’s consciousness, then took out the fishing rod, threw away the fishing line, and the hook fell into the black liquid river.

ding dong ……

When the fish hook fell into the black liquid river, there seemed to be a crisp bell sounded.

The surface of the water is sparkling, ripples spread out in circles, and a green and black divine light evaporates from the depth of the river.

The strong wind suddenly rolled up, and with a hint of cold air, the lake water suddenly boiled.

Immediately afterwards, a Bai Yi silhouette emerged from under the lake, Yin Qi suddenly skyrocketed, and the a side world was enveloped by Yin Qi. Even the day was dark, just like a black sky!

This youngster expression is calm, looked towards the silhouette, lightly said: “By the order of the master, come here to fish for people.”

“Fishing for people?” This silhouette frowned, Slowly came to the youngster’s body, and asked: “There are no people here, only ghosts.”

“My master asked me to come, and I will come. My master also said that today must catch people. “There is no trace of fear in the youngster’s eyes. In his simple and honest manner, it gives people a sense of calmness and immutability.

If there are other people here, you will be horrified to find that this youngster seems to be talking to himself.

Because there is no one in front of him!

If Jiang Chen were here, he would be shocked, because the person standing in front of this youngster is the woman in the ice coffin!

However, at this moment, this woman, without a trace of blood, is very clean, her face is peerless, just like Fairy in the Dark World, without staining the world.

However, the darkness between her eyebrows and Yin Qi seem to make her somewhat incompatible with this World.

“A stick, a thin line, and a fish hook, I thought it could catch the eternal pattern?” The woman raised her eyebrows, coldly said: “Go back and tell you Master, there is no one here!”


“The Master said yes, then there is.” Youngster said.

“Oh, are the disciplines he taught are all of this virtue?!” The woman raised her eyebrows, her pretty face was frosty, and she hit out with a palm, as if she was about to crush the fishing rod.



However, when her slender jade hand touched the fishing rod, a shock suddenly sounded, followed by the fish Amazing rays of light flashed on the pole!

The golden brilliance, like a divine light, more like a blaze, a breath of most Firm most Yang emerges!

The fishing line turned into a chain, like a golden dragon, in a flash wrapped around the palm of this woman!


The woman seemed to suffer from pain, held breath cold air, and with a wave of her hand, she shook away the golden light and chains.

After that, she retreated not far away, with cold glow in her eyes, staring at the fishing rod in the youngster’s hand, and went silent.

After more than ten breaths, she spoke slowly, with an angry look in her eyes, coldly said: “Angler, you fished forever futile!”

” Yes, my Master has been fishing for a long time and I haven’t caught the fish.” youngster nodded and said: “But…today is here to catch people.”

“Go back and tell you Master, people caught them, I I will deliver it myself!” The woman said solemnly: “Don’t come here again! Otherwise, even if you are the angler’s discipline, it will be difficult to leave this place alive!”

“Master said, today must catch people. “The youngster shook his head and said: “I haven’t seen anyone, nor have they taken the bait. How can I leave?”

“Master’s words are heavenly orders.”

The woman’s face is getting ugly.

The imposing manner on her body is skyrocketing, she presses her hand in the air, the ripples spread, and one after another splitting the air sound!

At this moment, in Cold State City, everyone saw the ice coffin standing above the square, which had not been moved for countless years, unexpectedly broke through the void, sank into it, and disappeared!

“Where did it go!?”

“Did it be taken away? Or with spirituality, I escaped!?”


In Cold State City, everyone exclaimed, and some even chased them down the road the ice coffin crossed!

Title gods, the lower main gods, and even the Peak Master gods have several, chasing them all the way until they reach the black liquid river.

When they came here, they saw a youngster holding a fishing rod, standing quietly by the black liquid river.

The body is covered with frost, and there is more black matter floating around it, like the dark side, suppressing the light.

“That’s Domain!”

“So cold! Unusual Yin Qi!”


Someone was shocked, Staring at the youngster, I want to go over and ask!

But at this moment, a dull golden light burst out of the youngster, and even Supreme Yang Strength burst out.

As if several days of blessings were on him, the rays of light were dazzling, and even rushed into the sky, shaking off the black clouds in the sky!

After that, in the midst of everyone’s surprise, the youngster loudly shouted: “Today is here to catch someone! Don’t force me to do it!”

“Do it!? Who is he talking to? Speak!?”

“Here…no one! Is it talking to us?”

When everyone was puzzled, one The host Divine Eyes condensed his eyes, he was in a trance, as if he saw a woman dressed as Bai Yi on the black liquid river!

However, he was not sure, just like an illusion, it disappeared in an instant!

“You… just saw a woman, she…like the person in the ice coffin!” the upper master god asked.

“Are you dazzled?”

“Apart from us and the boy, what creatures are there here?”

Everyone said irritably.

“It is indeed…There is a woman!”

At this moment, a Peak Master god expression grave, he pointed to the black liquid river and said: “Evil door! It’s really that ice The woman in the coffin!”

“Can you see!?” Someone cry out in surprise.

This person tone barely fell, and suddenly everyone’s expression condenses, because the silhouette of the woman is completely manifested under the golden rays of light!

At this moment, everyone can see this woman, and even more so, she can see her peerless appearance and the terrifying Yin Qi entwined with her!

“Her face is covered with blood!”

“It’s horrible! What is going on!?”


Everyone was shocked, but saw the young man standing there calmly.

His eyes were fixed on the woman, and lightly said: “I am not your opponent, but… you know, Master asked me to come here to fish people, even if I die today, I still have to fish. Go back alone.”

“Go back and tell you Master, I will borrow this person for a few days, and I will send it back when the time is up. It will definitely not hurt him!” The woman said solemnly and did not continue. Shot.

Because she knows better than anyone, how terrifying the youngster’s Master, that is, the identity and strength of the angler!

A wooden stick, a thin line, and a fish hook have been caught from prehistoric times to the present day, fishing for a long time, fishing for a long sky!

Even in the world where she lives, there are legends about anglers. Some people have even seen it with their own eyes. The angler’s hook tore through the boundary wall, crossing the Yin-Yang two sectors, and submerged. To the world she is in!

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