I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 939

Outside of Cold State City, the black liquid riverside…

Jiang Chen came back here after being teleported out. The angler seemed to be deliberate.

At this moment, Jiang Chen looked dazed, completely unable to understand what an angler meant.

He held the jade pendant, frowns in his hand, pondered for a long time, but didn’t think of a reason.

“Forget it, I don’t want to.” Jiang Chen lightly said, as he was about to put away the jade pendant, suddenly a gust of wind whizzed in and fell by his side in the blink of an eye!

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s expression changed drastically, and it kept moving back!

However, no matter how fast he is, the silhouette always stands in front of him, and the distance can’t be pulled away by the slightest!

“This elder sister! What the hell are you going to do!?” Jiang Chen’s face turned black, and he met the Bai Yi woman again!

“Since the angler doesn’t care about you, then you will go back with me.” Bai Yi woman lightly said, slender jade hand poked out, the wind blew, and the cold was biting!

Jiang Chen wanted to resist, but the power within the body was suppressed in an instant, and even the soul and Divine Soul almost died!

This is an extremely terrifying woman. The cultivation base is so high that Jiang Chen’s imagination is completely beyond!

In just a moment, Jiang Chen was suppressed, like a chicken, carried by the Bai Yi woman.

“What the hell are you going to do!?” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

“Sacrifice you.” Bai Yi woman lightly said: “Sacrifice you, and live on that day.”

“What!? Sacrifice me!?” Jiang Chen was horrified.

Sacrifice, don’t you just want to kill him! ?

However, Jiang Chen at this moment simply cannot resist!

In the face of creatures at this level, even if Jiang Chen uses the forbidden technique, it doesn’t necessarily hurt her!

“Assemble all cause and effect to yourself, it is a sin for you to live.” Said the Bai Yi woman, pulling Jiang Chen into the black liquid river!

Jiang Chen gave up his heart. Even the Ancient God King of the Nine Heavens Dynasty would not be able to save him at this time!

Even, United Song Tingtao, red-clothed and the others, may not be the opponent of this Bai Yi woman.

However, Jiang Chen is still not reconciled!

Finally became a god, walked to this step, seeing the prosperity come, how could he die willingly!

even more how, it’s still unclear!

“You have to tell me anyway, why am I!?” Jiang Chen asked: “That many living beings in the world, can’t you sacrifice other people?! What good do I have!? I am but It’s a lower-level True God!”

“Others can’t.” Said the Bai Yi woman, sinking into the depths of the black liquid river, and then taking Jiang Chen into a Cave Mansion at the bottom of the river.

There is no drinking water in Cave Mansion, it is clean and not humid.

There are blue lights flickering in the cave, ancient and obscure runes are carved on the walls, and there is a breath of vicissitudes of life.

Obviously, this Cave Mansion has been around for a long time!

After Jiang Chen was brought here, he was thrown directly onto an altar.

This altar is also the only thing in Cave Mansion.

Jiang Chen is weak, lying on the altar, and can clearly see the things around him from the corner of his eyes!

A broken skull, a black finger, and a few ribs full of big runes.

These are not the same creature!

It is obvious that more than one creature died on this altar!

Furthermore, these creatures are extremely powerful. The skulls, fingers and even ribs left behind after death contain palpitating power fluctuations!

“At least it is the Peak Divine King, right?” Jiang Chen’s heart is ashamed, and even the Peak Divine King will die here. Like his low-level True God, there is no way to survive!

“Hey! You make me understand!” Jiang Chen stared. At this step, there is nothing to ask for.

“This day is annihilated, dead, and if you sacrifice you, the sky can live.” Bai Yi woman said: “If the sky is alive, everything will be reborn, the great road will be restored, and everything will be sublimated. The Great Thousand Worlds outside the south wall, why should I wait to fear them again.”

“This…the sky is dead!?” Jiang Chen was frightened.

The so-called heaven does not exist in the hearts of all beings.

That is a kind of meaning, a kind of understanding of the world by beings.

Many people think that this world is not at all heaven, and some are just a ray of will of the great road that’s all.

But now hearing what Bai Yi said, Jiang Chen feels that everything he knows has been subverted!

“This World has gone through many eras, among which the three closest to the present are Huang Mie, Qing Mie and Cang Mie.” The woman Bai Yi explained her hands while making her hands. To give Jiang Chen a clear side of death.

“Major events have occurred in these three eras.” The woman Bai Yi explained: “In the era of Huang Annihilation, the yellow sky was killed. In the era of Qing Annihilation, the blue sky was beheaded and the blue sky was killed. The era is the fall of the sky.”

“The will of the three heavens is dead, the six worlds protect themselves, and the south wall emerges.”

“If the will of the three heavens can be restored Even if the South Wall is not there, the Six Realms don’t need to be afraid of Great Thousand Worlds.”


Jiang Chen was stunned for a while, secretly thought that there is not only sky in this world, There are three more “Heaven”?

So, how did you die in these three days! ?

Since it is the sky, it is immortal. Who can kill the sky! ?

“What does this have to do with me!?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Of course it does matter.” The woman Bai Yi said: “At first, when you killed the three-day will, you made a great contribution.”

“Your body, and even There are three days of cause and effect in the soul. Sacrifice you and the cause and effect will end, and the will will be revived in three days.”


Jiang Chen hearing this, his heart palpitated.

He couldn’t believe what he did in his previous lives! ?

Have you killed the sky? !

If it is to kill the sky, what level of cultivation base must be achieved! ?

Beyond the Divine Emperor! ?

Still, as the Supreme Paragon! ?

“In the final analysis, it was because the Six Realms couldn’t beat Great Thousand Worlds, so I sacrificed me? Right?” Jiang Chen asked.

“You can understand that.” Bai Yi woman nodded and said.

“Then…why did you want to kill for three days?” Jiang Chen asked again.

“Because the sky is like the lid, it not only shelters sentient beings, but also seals the way of sentient beings.” The woman Bai Yi explained: “The road was sealed, and someone came to the end of the road and wanted to Going up, you can only open this lid.”

“In the beginning, you guys were like this. In order to escape the shackles, you killed them for three days with the power of three lives.”


“How many of us?” Jiang Chen was stunned. It seems that he was beheaded three days ago, not by himself.

So, who are the others! ?

Furthermore, since other people are also participating, why have to sacrifice him! ?

Can’t sacrifice to other people? !

Suddenly, Jiang Chen woke up, full of bitterness, and said: “Are the others particularly strong? You don’t have the strength to sacrifice them, so you can only sacrifice me?”

“Yes.” The Bai Yi woman was very direct, with a hint of contempt and joking in her eyes, and said: “I never thought that the creature that was so strong that Great Thousand Worlds was jealous at the time would actually become weak. It looks like this.”

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