I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 940

Jiang Chen knows that this is the case. If he were not weak, how could this woman chase him!

He felt bitter and helpless, and his emotions were complicated. Jiang Chen wanted to cry without tears.

However, he also accepted this fact.

Because I am weak, I will be bullied and even sacrificed. This is the law of this world!

weak are prey to the strong!

It’s just that Jiang Chen couldn’t understand why they had to beheaded for three days.

“If, as you said, after these three days, to find a way out for sentient beings, isn’t it good? Is it wrong?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes.” Bai Yi woman lightly said: “It’s just a pity that the Six Realms are like this. Without three days of shelter, the Six Realms will be destroyed.”

“It is ourselves It’s not strong enough, so it takes three days of shelter! But with a three-day shelter, the life of the six worlds will be cut off!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “If you are strong enough, why count on three days?”

“What you said is correct.” The woman Bai Yi did not refute, saying: “It’s just a pity that the Six Realms are incomplete and Paragon cannot be born. Therefore, without shelter for three days, the Six Realms will perish.”

While speaking, rune rises on the altar, and the chain is like a black sharp claw to lock Jiang Chen into lock.

There are more wisps of blood flowing from the altar, slowly eroding Jiang Chen’s fleshy body and soul.

“Oh…I can’t escape after all.” Jiang Chen sighed, closed his eyes, and felt despair for the first time!

In the beginning, even in the face of the siege of 36 main gods, Jiang Chen never gave up and fought to the last one.

But now, the next True God, how to fight this terrifying woman!

There is no room for resistance!

And when Jiang Chen gave up, the altar suddenly shook a few times.

After that, rune disappeared, the blood-colored rays of light dissipated, and the altar was even more cracked!

Jiang Chen is dumbfounded, this Bai Yi woman is also dumbfounded.

Both of them saw a vacant place under the rift in the altar, which should be the formation eye of the altar!

“Where is the formation eye!?” The Bai Yi woman was dumbfounded. This altar is unbreakable, but the formation eye is gone! ?

“This…” Jiang Chen blinked his eyes and asked: “Are you going to kill me? Or do you want to sacrifice me?”

“Now the altar is not working, You…It shouldn’t be killing me, right?”

As soon as these words came out, the Bai Yi woman’s face suddenly turned ugly.

As Jiang Chen said, she didn’t want to kill Jiang Chen, but to sacrifice!

If you want to kill Jiang Chen, why bother!

“The formation eye was stolen!” The Bai Yi woman stared at the cracks in the altar, her eyes rose and fell, and a picture appeared before her!

She is looking back!

After a few breaths, the picture becomes clearer!

In the picture, a Taoist priest with a wretched look quietly entered this place. After taking a look at all around, he stole the formation eye of the altar with a very skilled technique!

“It’s him!” Bai Yi’s eyes were filled with surprises.

And Jiang Chen is even more dumbfounded.

The Taoist priest in that picture is not Mu Youde!

This guy, long time no see, now he comes to Nine Heavens God World, and he is still doing this kind of “imitate the dog and steal chicken” thing!

At the last moment when the screen disappeared, Jiang Chen saw an Azure Dragon leaving with Mu Youde on his back, followed by Phoenix and Vermilion Bird!

“I rubbed it!? These four scams met together!?” Jiang Chen expressed a strange expression.

These four guys, one is better than the other, don’t do good things, and never do bad things!

In the past, Jiang Chen was on guard. He seldom kept these four guys together. He was afraid of being damaged.

I didn’t expect, but I still couldn’t stop it.

At this moment, Jiang Chen…I am very pleased!

“The Lord of the Four Underworlds! Don’t stay in your tattered underworld, what are you doing in Nine Heavens God World!?” Bai Yi woman said solemnly, her peerless face is full of frost !



Suddenly, a shock rang on the altar, and then the light and rune joined together, and a Transmission Array suddenly appeared!

Can’t tolerate Bai Yi’s reaction, Jiang Chen was directly transmitted by Transmission Array, and there was no silhouette in the blink of an eye!

“Damn it!” The woman Bai Yi roared, her face fierce, and she had lost her ethereal temperament.

She went back to the past again, and heard Mu Youde’s thief in the screen saying: “This kind of altar is here to harm people. Arrange a Transmission Array to save the sacrificed. People!”

Later, Long Dade also had a voice, and said angrily: “Heaven knows who the Transmission Array will save you, even if someone really saves someone, he doesn’t know it. You saved it, thank you.”


Looking at the screen and listening to the voice, the woman Bai Yi was completely furious!

She roared and howled, and with a wave of her show hand, the void inch by inch broke apart around her, and even the rule of rune was annihilated!

She is really too strong, she seems to be able to suppress the avenue when she raises her hands!

However, she didn’t expect after all, and all her plans would be destroyed by Mu Youde!

Is this a coincidence? God willing?

“You can’t run away! Including you! The Lord of the Four Hades!” Bai Yi woman coldly said, and after calming down, she left with the ice coffin.

At the same time, it is in Cold State City…

Jiang Chen was teleported here. Without the woman, he quickly released the Sealing on his body. Stocks and Chains.

After that, he didn’t dare to stay a bit, and went straight into the void!

Jiang Chen is panicked. If he meets that woman again, I’m afraid he won’t be able to escape without such good luck!

And this time, thanks to Mu Youde, if this guy hadn’t done all the “bad things”, he was really going to fall this time!

After more than ten breaths, in the north of Liang Province, outside of Hutou Mountain.

Jiang Chen came here, looking at the ashes of Hutou Mountain ahead, a glimmer of expectation and fear flashed in his eyes!

On Hutou Mountain, the baleful qi is extremely rich, even if the main god is here, it is very likely to be evil under the influence of this baleful qi!

And Jiang Chen is also worried that if he touches these baleful qi, it is very likely that he will revive the baleful qi within the body!

When the time comes, once the evil comes, he will lose consciousness!

However, after experiencing these few things, Jiang Chen also understood one thing, that is, he needs to improve his strength!

If not, it’s like a weak chicken, let anyone kill!

“Heaven’s fleshy body, I hope there is no channeling.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

At the beginning, after he and the Fleshy body who chanted the long song were channeled, it really caused them a headache for a long time!

Especially the Fleshy body, who reads the long song, is still in the adjacent Academy now!

I don’t know when the long song will be integrated with his fleshy body.

“really strong baleful qi!”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen entered the range of Hutou Mountain and walked along the mountain road moved towards the top of Hutou Mountain.

The terrifying baleful qi is like a gray wind, whistling around it, very harsh, like a ghost crying.

At the same time, Jiang Chen within the body’s baleful qi has fluctuated, and it seems to be reviving!

“Can’t become evil!” Jiang Chen roared in his heart, and three strands of Primal Chaos Qi and Myriad Transformations were falling simultaneously, suppressing the baleful qi within the body again!

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