I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 941

The baleful qi on Hutou Mountain is very violent, like a hungry beast, and seems to devour Jiang Chen!

Fortunately, three strands of Primal Chaos Qi and Myriad Transformations were suppressed by Tianzhan, and Jiang Chen within the body’s baleful qi finally calmed down.

But, after all, this place cannot stay long!

After traveling all the way, Jiang Chen was a little at a loss after reaching the top of Hutou Mountain.

On Hutou Mountain, barren is empty, there is simply no “corpse”.

Jiang Chen used the secret technique, and even covered the entire hill with divine sense, and never found the heavenly fleshy body.

This makes him very puzzled, is Jiutianzhong lying to him?

However, Jiutianzhong has no reason to lie to him!

“Is the fleshy body psychic?” Jiang Chen expression changed, that is definitely the worst thing!

The corpse is psychic, and the fleshy body is sanctified. If it is a period of cultivation, it is definitely a giant!

With Jiang Chen’s current cultivation base, if the fleshy body of the sky is psychic, he is afraid it will be difficult to surrender it!

In this way, it is equivalent to temporarily losing a fleshy body!


After looking at the top of the mountain, Jiang Chen’s expression condensed slightly, and he saw a…theft hole!

Yes, a thief that was covered by prohibition and Formation!

The Pirate Cave leads directly to the Hutou Mountain within the body. Jiang Chen walked down the Pirate Cave, and it didn’t take long before he saw a green gold coffin!

It’s just that the green coffin was opened, and there was nothing inside, except for a note.

“My brother’s fleshy body, I will take it away first.”

Jiang Chen looked at the words on the note, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he instantly understood what it was. What happened!

“Mu Youde! Are you trying to steal all the ancient tombs in the world?!” Jiang Chen roared in his heart, didn’t expect, the sky’s fleshy body had no psychic, but it was Mu Youde was stolen!

Furthermore, Mu Youde seems to know that Heaven’s fleshy body is his previous life, so he left this note specially.

This is… what I want to do! ?

“You’re quite something!”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen couldn’t stop the baleful qi here, and rushed out of Hutou Mountain.

He stood outside Hutou Mountain, and after staring at this place for a while, with helplessness and resentment, he escaped into the void.

Three days later, Cangzhou…

Jiang Chen came to the plain of Cangzhou through the gorge.

When I first visited here, the plain was empty without any buildings.

But at this moment, almost half of the plain is occupied by palaces.

Looking at it, there are clusters of palaces. Some are like vigorous old trees rooted on the ground, and some are standing in the sky like clouds.

Several Spirit Gathering Arrays cover the entire plain, and the divine light is like ten thousand auspicious, like falling from nine days away, like the Immortal Realm waterfall.

Before the middle palace, there is a huge plaque with four large characters carved in gilt—Shengshi Academy.

“Academy built in the name of the prosperous age?” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Suddenly, a gray-haired old man appeared in front of Jiang Chen, said with a smile: “Let’s go.”

“How many people are there now?” Jiang Chen Asked.

“Shengshi Academy has just been established and has not yet begun to recruit people.” said the gray-haired old man, leading Jiang Chen to a palace near the central palace.

“This will be your dojo in the future. You can cultivation here, and you can also receive disciples and preach here.” said the gray-haired old man.

Jiang Chen hearing this, blinked his eyes, pointed at himself, said with a bitter smile: “I still want to accept the preaching? My lower True God, what discipline?”

“You are humble.” gray-haired old man lightly said: “Dignified several generations of Divine King, everyone knows your identity, if you are a disciple, someone will come over.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, he knew that the matter of accepting disciples could not escape.

However, Jiang Chen is very puzzled, even if this academy is established on Tianya, what is the use?

is it possible that, is there a way on the horizon to cultivate Divine King in a short time?

Even to cultivate a powerhouse beyond Divine King?

Is this… possible?

If it is impossible, then why build a college?

Furthermore, now the Nine Heavens Dynasty, Heavenspan Church, Chedi Zong, and even the Temple of Light and Temple of Darkness are closed.

There are also several Peak forces who also closed the mountain, not at all to join the Shengshi Academy.

In this way, this Shengshi Academy has only virtual tables, no actual things.

It’s like an empty shell that’s all.

“In a few days, I will declare the world on the horizon and recruit students. When the time comes, you can choose the dísciple yourself.” said the gray-haired old man.

“Is it useful?” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, glanced all around the empty palace, and said: “I am the only mentor?”

“A few more , They should all be on the way.” said the gray-haired old man.




tone barely fell down, I heard one after another splitting in the distance the air sound.

I saw a black clothed man, driving a black cloud, exuding a gloomy breath, and his hair was jade green, as if he had been poisoned.

“He is an Elder of the Poison Temple, Peak Divine King cultivation base.” Elderly introduced will be issued, and the man fell here as soon as he finished speaking.

“Are you the one who killed my Holy Son in Poison Temple?” When the black clothed man saw Jiang Chen, his killing intent skyrocketed, but he didn’t make a move.

Obviously, he was afraid of this gray-haired old man, or perhaps he was afraid of the horizon.

“Would you not want to avenge him?” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “You should know the rules laid down on the end of the world.”

“It is precisely because of these rules. , That’s why I forgive you.” black clothed man coldly said, then snorted lightly, and said: “You can’t push the Holy Son of the same generation horizontally. If you die, you will die. Some of my Poison Temple are people of extraordinary natural talent.” /p>

“Heh.” Jiang Chen chuckled lightly, too lazy to talk to him.

At the same time, two other people also broke through the air and came here.

One of them, exuding white radiance, seems to be shrouded in light, and there is a ray of grand dao’s aura flowing all over.

“This is the descendant of Emperor Hao Heavenly God, and now he is here as a mentor.” gray-haired old man introduced.

“You are the reincarnation of Tianchen, right? I have heard of the name for a long time, and I saw it today…” The expression of the descendant of Emperor Hao Heavenly God is weird. Looking at Jiang Chen, who has only the lower True God cultivation base, it is true for a while No words of praise can be found.

Jiang Chen is also the old face blushing slightly, embarrassed: “Long Wenhao the name of Emperor Heavenly God…”

“Xu Lao, wouldn’t it be our three mentors? “

Another man asked, pointing to the people of the Poison Temple and Hao Heavenly God.

“Four.” The gray-haired old man pointed to Jiang Chen and said, “He is also a mentor.”

As soon as these words came out, the other three were taken aback.

A lower-level True God, even if it was Divine King at the beginning, but now this cultivation base…is it really suitable to be a mentor?

When the time comes, in case someone comes in, the cultivation base is higher than Jiang Chen, how can Jiang Chen convince him?

“There will be a few special people coming here in a few days.” The gray-haired old man mysterious said, “For the time being, only the four of you.”

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