I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 942

The Shengshi Academy was established, with Jiang Chen, the emperor of Hao Heavenly God, the Elder of the Poison Temple, and a mysterious man as the instructor.

The four people lived in the four palaces next to the central square, named East, South, West, and North.

Jiang Chen is seated in the palace in the west, the emperor Hao Heavenly God is in the east, the Elder of the Poison Temple is being taken, and the mysterious man is in the south.

So far, the 1st Step established by the academy is considered complete.

Next, is to declare the world and recruit dísciple.

However, in the process, apart from the descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God, several others had great opinions on Jiang Chen.

First, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base is naturally too low. Even if he was Divine King in his previous life, he would not be able to get into their eyes.

As for the second one, Jiang Chen “comes empty-handed” naturally.

Poison Temple, Hao Heavenly God Emperor Lineage, and the mysterious man, when the three came to the Shengshi Academy, they all brought cultivation techniques, cultivation resources, and many magical skills.

And Jiang Chen came empty-handed and brought nothing.

In the eyes of everyone, since he is now the emperor of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, he should bring some other cultivation techniques even if he does not bring the Nine Heavens Profound Art.

However, Jiang Chen came in nothing.

“The face is so thick!”

“I don’t bring anything, but I have to come to the Shengshi Academy to be a tutor. I really have a face!”


The other two were extremely dissatisfied with Jiang Chen, but due to the majesty on the horizon, they did not dare to say much.

In the next few days, Tianya declared the world, and for a time, many arrogances of Nine Heavens God World came to save their lives.

Among them, there is no shortage of Top Sect dísciples, and even the Holy Son-level Tianjiao are here!

They came to Shengshi Academy not only for cultivation, but also for the cultivation technique on the horizon.

Of course, if you can get the Poison Temple, the inheritance of Hao Heavenly God emperor lineage is naturally excellent.

In this way, under the various harbor ulterior motives, the first enrollment ceremony of Shengshi Academy began.

As one of the four mentors, Jiang Chen naturally has to go to the battle himself and recruit dísciple.

Of course, this is the dísciple of Shengshi Academy, not his dísciple of Jiang Chen.

He just teaches these people to cultivation that’s all, not a dísciple under his name.

“A lot of people have come, and there are some Top Sect dísciples, and even some people’s cultivation base has reached the main god.”

“Hey, it’s okay for me to wait, my own cultivation The base is enough to deter these people, even if it is the main god, I can teach them one or two later.”


The Poison Temple Elder and the mysterious man are standing in the central palace Before, I looked at the tens of thousands of people in the square in front of me, my eyes shone brightly.

At the same time, when they looked towards Jiang Chen next to them, both of them were contemptuous.

The descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God did not speak, and stood quietly to the side, not knowing what they were thinking.

At this moment, Jiang Chen did not speak either, leaving the two to speak.

Even Jiang Chen thought, it’s better not to receive dísciple, so he will have a lot of leisure and have more time for his own cultivation.

“Everyone, the Shengshi Academy was established, and now there are only four tutors, and each tutor only accepts ten people at most, or not.” The gray-haired old man appeared with a calm expression and said:” Shengshi Academy only teaches peerless!”

“What!? There are only four teachers in the huge academy?”

“Even if all four instructors have all the dísciple, it is only 40 People! There are tens of thousands of people here!”


Many people are dissatisfied, and even worried that they will not be able to enter the Shengshi Academy.

After all, the people who came to sign up this time are not waiting, even some of the Holy Sons of Top Sect are here!

Want to stand out among this group of people, easier said than done!

“There are not many soldiers, but they are fine. The same is true for my Shengshi Academy of dísciple. Don’t ask for too much, only for refinement!” said the gray-haired old man.

“Senior is right. I can’t wait that many time to teach others and collect ten dísciples, which is considered to be a face on the end of the world.” Elder of the Poison Temple bluntly said, his eyes swept across the square. When living, there is a hint of contempt in his eyes.

The Poison Temple, the inheritance sect of the Poison Divine Emperor, their vision and arrogance are beyond imagination.

You know, in a certain era of Nine Heavens God World, the strongest is Divine Emperor!

Even now, Divine Emperor is also the strongest creature in Nine Heavens God World on the surface!

“Choose slowly, anyway, if you want to accept dísciple, then you must accept the strongest.” The mysterious man lightly said, “You can’t go away.”

After speaking, he saw his eyes shined, among tens of thousands of people, his eyes were fixed on a simple and honest fatty.

After that, he pointed to the fatty and asked with a smile: “You, would you like to enter the South Hall of my academy?”

As soon as this word came out, many people started Looking back, each of them had envy in their eyes.

Just because, as long as this simple and honest nodded, he can become the dísciple of Shengshi Academy!

However, what is surprising is that this simple and honest fatty shook his head directly, smiled slyly, and said: “I want to worship my boss.”

“Your boss? “



Everyone was puzzled, and even more shocked. The secretly thought this simple and fatty has a lot of background, these four Among the mentors, who is his boss? !

That generation… is really high enough!

You must know that among these four mentors, which one is not the Old Monster who has lived for tens of thousands of years, regardless of identity, can all be the Old Ancestor of the people present!

“cough cough…he belongs to me.” Jiang Chen coughed a few times, but also saw the honest fatty.

This person is Jiang Liu.

After that, Jiang Chen beckoned to Jiang Liu, and said: “Come on, enter the gate of my West Hall.”

“Good boss.” Jiang Liu has a face. With joy, eagerly ran to Jiang Chen’s side under the envious and jealous eyes of everyone.

But, at this moment, the mysterious man seemed to be robbed of dísciple by Jiang Chen, and he couldn’t help but coldly snorted, and said, “Do you know who I am!? I am the Old Ancestor of the Moon Clan Moon is bright!”


“The Old Ancestor of the Moon Clan!?”


This For a moment, everyone exclaimed that they knew something about the Old Ancestor of the Moon Clan.

It is said that the Moon Clan’s Old Ancestor died a long time ago, as if it failed to impact Divinity King Realm, body dies and Dao disappears!

But now, this legendary character actually appeared here.

So… Yue Guangming didn’t die back then! ?

Since he is not dead…that means…he had a successful breakthrough! ?

“Let me just say, why don’t you look good to me, it turned out to be the Old Ancestor of the Moon Clan…” Jiang Chen muttered.

From the time he saw this mysterious man, Jiang Chen wondered why he had some resentment and even hatred towards him.

Now hearing the identity of the other party, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but feel relieved.

“The Moon Clan? Isn’t that the Moon God’s family? Boss, I heard that your previous life and the Moon God…” Jiang Liu said straightforwardly and honestly.

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