I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 943

Nine Heavens God World, anyone who knows what happened back then doesn’t know that Moon God died because of Jiang Chen.

The Moon God, at that time can be hailed as the most promising woman to become the Divine King!

But precisely because of Jiang Chen, the moon god fell!

As a result, the moon clan is full of resentment towards Jiang Chen, even hostile to Jiang Chen.

Just like the previous moon phase minister, when he saw Jiang Chen, he still had killing intent in his eyes!

Jiang Chen also feels owed to the Moon Clan, always thinking about when to go to the Moon Clan, apologize in person, and inform them that the Moon God is still alive and reincarnated to Atheus Continent.

Now, when meeting the Old Ancestor of the Moon Clan, Jiang Chen was thinking about how to explain it.

But before he thought about it, Jiang Liu, a naive man, actually said it in front of everyone.

Isn’t this poke the sore spot of the moon clan!

“There is still a face to say!? If it weren’t for the rules on the horizon, I would kill you now!” Yue Guangming’s face was dark.

“cough cough… the Moon God did not die, he was reincarnated in Atheus Continent. Counting time, it should be soaring soon.” Jiang Chen looked embarrassed and glared at Jiang Liu, secretly thought if this guy had a muted Youde’s wicked wit is not so.

“Nonsense!” Yue Guangming scolded: “Do you think anyone can be reincarnated? You know, not every soul can step into samsara after death! Not everyone who steps into samsara All creatures can be reincarnated successfully!”

“I don’t have to lie to you.” Jiang Chen said: “I do owe a lot to the Moon Clan about the Moon God, and I also owe the Moon God.”


“But in this situation, do I need to lie to you?”

Yue Guangming is hearing this, not being frowned, but still doesn’t seem to believe Jiang Chen’s words.

But he also understands that Jiang Chen doesn’t have to lie to him.

“If you can’t see her return, you should pick a good place early and choose your own cemetery!” Yue Guangming said coldly.

“cough cough…Don’t say so, I will be a family in the future.” Jiang Chen has lived a few lives, and the thickness of this skin is not comparable to ordinary people.

The corner of Yue Guangming’s mouth chuckles for a while, secretly thought, how did the Moon God like Jiang Chen in the first place?

Isn’t this just a scam! ?

“The two confidants should be put aside beforehand.” The gray-haired old man reminded: “Now I am recruiting dísciple.”

“I think that woman is pretty good, she looks pretty. Beautiful, innate talent aptitude is also very good. If you cultivate it well, you may be able to become the Saintess of my poison temple, and become the Dao Companion with the new Holy Son of my poison temple.”

At this moment, Elder looked towards A woman in the crowd.

Everyone hearing this, turned around and looked around.

I saw a veiled woman standing quietly among the crowd.

His appearance is not clear, but his figure is very hot!

Qianqian has a thin waist and a full grip. The two mountains on the chest are also very eye-catching!

Especially her eyes, like peach blossoms, are naturally charming and seductive!

“The Elder of the Poison Temple…a bit lustful!” I don’t know who muttered, the voice is not loud, but it can’t escape everyone’s ears.

At this moment, the old face of Elder of the Poison Temple blushed, said resolutely: “old man is love and eager! Don’t talk nonsense if you wait!”

After that, Elderly of Poison Temple looked Towards the woman, she asked: “Would you like to join my north hall? If you have success in the future, you can also enter my poison temple.”

“Thanks Senior, I’m here to find the Master.” The woman’s voice Very soft, very nice, and even more charming with endless charm.

After that, under the attention of everyone, the woman lifted her veil, blinked her charming eyes, and looked towards Jiang Chen in front of the palace with a smile, then with a hint of resentment, she said: ” Master, do you want me?”

“Nalan Meier…” Jiang Chen looked dumbfounded, he did not expect, his own discipline is here!

So, my own discipline is here, can Jiang Chen not accept it? !

“My good discipline, come on.” Jiang Chen waved to Nalan Meier, said with a smile: “From now on you will be the dísciple of the West Hall of Shengshi Academy.”

“Thank you Master.” Nalan Meier smiled charmingly, shaking her graceful figure, and moved towards Jiang Chen.

Along the way, a group of people stared at Nalan Meier intently, especially the men. They had no resistance to this kind of stunner!

“Boy! What do you mean!? Robber with my Poison Temple!?” Poison Temple Elder’s face collapsed, and the killing intent appeared in his eyes.

“What is robbing people? She is my dísciple.” Jiang Chen said angrily: “Besides, the reputation of Poison Temple is so bad, it is estimated that few people are willing to worship your door. “

“You! Fart!” Elder of the Poison Temple stared, and the killing intent broke out, but suddenly saw the gray-haired old man smiling at him.

For a while, the killing intent on Elder of the Poison Temple disappeared, his face was dead water, coldly said: “Boy! One day, you will die!”

“Look forward to it. “Jiang Chen lightly said.

“A few, tens of thousands of arrogances, you choose slowly, and some are suitable candidates.” gray-haired old man said with a smile: “Don’t worry.”

“Boy ! Look first, among these people, there are those who came for you! You pick one clean at once!” Yue Guangming said solemnly.

“With so many people, how can I see it?” Jiang Chen said angrily.

Just now, if Yue Guangming and Poison Temple Elder had valued Jiang Liu and Nalan Meier, Jiang Chen hadn’t seen these two people.

“Boss! I am here!”

“There is me!”

“I am too!”


At this moment, among 10,000 people, I saw Xiao Qingyi and Ruo Xiao two people came out one after another.

Jiang Chen didn’t say much when he saw it. He beckoned and said, “Come here.”

“Hey! You are abusing your private power!? All are recruited. Someone I know!?” Someone said angrily.

“What’s the matter? Are you dissatisfied?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, pointed to the ground under his feet, and said: “If you have the ability, you can also be the tutor.”

“I ……”


Everyone was speechless, and they couldn’t understand what Tianya thought, so Jiang Chen was asked to be a mentor.

Even if it was Divine King in the previous life, but the Shengshi Academy is so extraordinary, how can it be possible for Jiang Chen, who is now only the lower True God cultivation base, to be a mentor.

“Boss, take him away, too.” Ruo Xiaozhi pointed to Dongfang Wushuang beside him.

“Okay.” Jiang Chen has no problem, and he can see that Ruo Xiao and Dongfang Wushuang have a good relationship now.

Furthermore, the patriarch of the Dongfang Family family also helped Jiang Chen.

So, it’s no problem to accept Dongfang Wushuang.



Suddenly, two soft voices came from the crowd.

After that, I saw a woman wearing Bai Yi waved at Jiang Chen, her peerless face, with a trace of resentment, and her eyes were slightly red, as if she was about to cry!

“Bai Fengyu!?” Jiang Chen was moved, didn’t expect to meet his eldest apprentice here!

“Master…I have been looking for you for a long time…” Bai Fengyu seemed to be wronged, blinking beautiful eyes, the tears in his eyes rolled around…

This look, But many people feel distressed!

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