I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 944

Bai Fengyu’s eyes are full of resentment, and even more aggrieved.

Because, when a group of people soared up, they separated. She has drifted alone until now. It can be said that there is no one to rely on.

If it weren’t for her luck, she would have been well mixed up in Nine Heavens God World and encountered no danger, otherwise, she would have fallen!

After all, Nine Heavens God World is too big, the influence is tangled and complicated, there are all kinds of people.

It is not easy for a Loose Cultivator to live until now.

And this time, Bai Fengyu came here to try one’s luck and see if he can meet some acquaintances.

And what made her didn’t expect was that she was drifting outside, but her own Master lived very “chic” and became a tutor of Shengshi Academy.

With this comparison of living conditions, can Bai Fengyu not feel wronged?

“This kid…is he so romantic after reincarnation!?” Yue Guangming’s face was ugly, and he glanced at Jiang Chen, coughed a few times, and said: “If the Moon God is still alive…”

“Uh…this…these all are my discipline.” Jiang Chen expressed his expression and quickly explained.

However, this explanation seems pale and weak!

After all, none of the people present are blind or fools. How can I not see what Nalan Meier and Bai Fengyu mean to Jiang Chen.


At this moment, another woman’s voice sounded.

At this moment, a group of people were dumbfounded, only to see a woman who seemed very ethereal and surrounded by flowers and shadows walked out of the crowd.

She is wearing an ancient costume, as if from an ancient Major Sect.

His appearance is still very good, and his figure is flawless, but at this moment, it also means resentment.

“Boy! How many female disciples did you collect!?” Yue Guangming’s face turned completely dark and said: “You must know how good my Moon God was to you back then! You kid! “

“This…is really my discipline.” Jiang Chen was quite embarrassed, looked towards the woman, lightly said, “Ripple, come here.”

Yes, This woman is also Jiang Chen’s discipline, Hua Lianyi!

And Hua Lianyi is also the only one of Jiang Chen’s female disciple who has had a relationship with him!

For Hua Lianyi, Jiang Chen at first did not dare to face it, even more guilty.

Slowly, Jiang Chen also let go.

Jiang Chen knows very well that since it happened, he is responsible.

Even more how, get along with these dísciples, Jiang Chen also has feelings for them.

As for what feelings are, Jiang Chen is not sure.

But Jiang Chen is sure of one thing, that is, several of his disciplines, just like his life, cannot be lost!

“It’s really lustful! Take a look at the dísciples he has collected. You must look good and you must have a figure!”

“It’s really a lust!”



Many people speak directly, not leaving Jiang Chen a trace of face.

In this regard, Jiang Chen blushed and was quite embarrassed.

Jiang Chen is slanderous and accepts these female disciples. Can you blame him? !

Bai Fengyu is Greater Yin Saint Physique, Hua Lianyi is Saint Physique, and Nalan Meier is a war dancer.

Is it too much to accept these talented Saint Physique? !

Who made them female…

“Jiang Liu, Ruo Xiao, Xiao Qingyi, Dongfang Wushuang, Bai Fengyu, Nalan Meier, Hua Ripple… Seven…” Someone whispered.

Moreover, the seven dísciples that Jiang Chen received are all his people!

“You are your home when the Shengshi Academy is yours!? The dísciple you receive is all your people!? What’s the matter, you want to establish your own power in the Shengshi Academy!?” Divine Emperor Elder complexion is gloomy , Said: “This is the academy!”

“What you said is boring.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “These people, although they are all my people, but I have not abused my private rights. , And I didn’t even think about establishing my own power in the Shengshi Academy.”

“The dísciples I recruited are all extraordinary natural talents, and they are all qualified to enter the Shengshi Academy!”

As soon as this remark came out, it naturally caused a lot of dissatisfaction!

Especially those who have not yet entered the Shengshi Academy, each of them exudes fighting intents, and more people speak directly, provocatively: “Jiang Chen! How strong is this dísciple you received!? Dare you Come out and give a gesture!?”

“Yes! Give a gesture, if it is not strong enough, then you can’t join the Shengshi Academy! This is the Academy, not your home!”


For a time, many people agreed.

Jiang Chen hearing this, the expression was indifferent, and even chuckled a few times, and said: “It seems that you are not convinced, right? Then… just follow your intentions and sign.”

After all, Jiang Chen glanced at Jiang Liu and said: “Go.”

“Good boss.” Jiang Liu was very obedient, and walked out from Jiang Chen, facing A group of people not far away cupped the hands and said: “Under Jiang Liu, I just broke through to the next god, who would like to discuss with me?”

“I’m coming!”

When the voice fell, I saw a middle-aged man come out.

Its cultivation base is also the lower god, but at this age… at least it has lived for tens of thousands of years.

Many people slander, at this age, still come to school?

This is the Shengshi Academy. It is only at your age that you have cultivation to the next god. This is obviously not good for aptitude and innate talent.

Even if you can beat Jiang Liu, the academy will not want you.

However, no one cares so much at the moment. Many people just want to watch Jiang Chen take action. It’s more like seeing Jiang Liu after the war, what would the gray-haired old man representing Shengshi Academy of reaction.

“Jiang Liu, tap it, don’t break people.” Jiang Chen reminded.

Jiang Chen knows the power of Jiang Liu well, and now his eternal Saint Physique is even more advanced, and the battle strength is a mess!

Even, Jiang Liu probably doesn’t need to use any magical skills nowadays. Fleshy body alone can crush most people in the same realm!

“My boss said, let me act lightly, I am afraid that you will be broken.” Jiang Liu was still so honest and honest, and relayed Jiang Chen’s words to the middle-aged man.

And this is undoubtedly a mockery for the middle-aged man!

At this moment, this middle-aged man can’t stand it anymore, he stepped out, his body was steaming up in an imposing manner, and his fists danced, and the grandeur appeared!




Immediately afterwards, two punches came out like strikes, and the void is Cracks under the fist, and more thunderbolt and flame erupt on top of the two fists!

“Although this middle-aged man is not good at innate talent aptitude, his cultivation years are long, his foundation is solid, and his strength should not be underestimated.” Someone said.



However, at this moment, I saw Jiang Liu rushing over, without even hitting a single move. One Taikoo Barbaric Ox is average, running across!

After those two fists fell on him, they were like a cloud of smoke, and they were directly shaken apart!

After a few breaths, Jiang Liu rushed to the middle-aged man’s body. Under the horror on the other’s face, Jiang Liu fisted and then hit him on the chest!

A simple and unpretentious punch, but it seemed to contain the power to destroy the world, and it directly smashed the opponent’s body guard divine force, and then blasted the opponent away for thousands of meters!

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