I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 945

Using Fleshy body to shake the opponent’s magical skills, and then stun them with a normal punch. The movements are smooth and flowing, without fancy, but it gives people a feeling of irresistibility!

“What is this guy’s fleshy body made of!? It’s so fierce!”

“Really strong! The strength of this fleshy body is probably not weaker than the hegemony body!?”


Many people exclaimed, and some of them flickered rune in their eyes, staring at Jiang Liu, as if to clearly understand the essence of Jiang Liu.

At this moment, the middle-aged man fell to the ground, and after humming for a while, he fainted!

Someone went up to investigate his situation, and immediately the expression changed, said solemnly: “The dantian is broken, the Divine Spark is broken, and the cultivation base is destroyed!”

“What!? “

“The cultivation base has been abolished!? This stubborn man started so hard!?”


Someone yelled, the expression was angry, more He pointed to Jiang Liu, and asked: “What do you mean!? It’s just a discussion, you actually played a killer!?”

“I…” Jiang Liu is very innocent. He was already very innocent. Be careful!

If not, the punch just now was enough to kill the middle-aged man!

“Everyone, my brother didn’t make a shot, nor did it deliberately.” Jiang Chen explained: “even more how, the battle between cultivators, it’s better to say it is to learn from each other. Isn’t it just desperate.”

“Do you think that the battle between cultivators is really a bit of an end?”

Everyone was hearing this, and they were silent immediately. No one refuted it for a while.

After all, everyone knows that a cultivator is different from a mortal.

The power that the cultivator can master can be large or small, and it can hurt your life if you make a mistake.

Therefore, the so-called discussion between cultivators is just a joke that’s all.

If you really want to fight, who will compete with you, who will end up with you?

Isn’t that all nonsense!

“Jiang Liu, the next god, the one who overpowers the same realm, are you all right now?” Jiang Chen asked.

“The innate talent aptitude of that person is not good until he is old, and it is normal to lose!” Someone was dissatisfied and said: “Jiang Liu can dare to compete with Tianjiao among his peers. A battle!?”

“Yes! If he can beat the Tianjiao among his peers, then I’ll take it!”

Hearing these words, Jiang Chen sneered, secretly thought these people really look down on Jiang Liu.

This seemingly honest boy, his battle strength is a mess!

Furthermore, under Jiang Liu’s worship of Lizong before, the deep Lizong Sect Master’s value is also inherited from Lizong.

And Lizong, what he is best at is teaching the fleshy body Saint Physique sect!

They have a unique way of cultivation, which will make Saint Physique more powerful!

Think about it, Jiang Liu’s Primordial Saint Physique should also be advanced after entering Lizong.

Furthermore, what is Lizong? Its purpose is a strength breaking myriad laws!

A strength breaking myriad laws, coupled with Jiang Liu’s horrible fleshy body, Jiang Chen is sure that in the same realm, few can beat Jiang Liu!

“I’ll try it.”

At this moment, the emperor walked out, staring at Jiang Chen with cold eyes.

He really wants to fight Jiang Chen, but now Jiang Chen is the mentor of Shengshi Academy.

Then, he can only find Jiang Liu.

Furthermore, he is also very curious about how strong this honest boy is!

“Son of heaven, don’t make trouble, you really want to fight, if you lose, your identity as Kunlun Mountains Holy Son will be lost.” Jiang Chen joked.

“I will lose!?” The emperor raised his eyebrows, with arrogance in his eyes, very confident, and said: “Who is my emperor!? My name is emperor, and I am the first!”

“A arrogant person like you, there are not ten defeated by me, but five! Not more than you!” Ruo Xiao could not listen anymore, stepped out, staring at the emperor, and moved towards He hooked his finger and said: “Come!”

In the face of Ruo Xiao’s provocation and ridicule, it stands to reason that the emperor will definitely make a move!

Yes, what people didn’t expect was that after the emperor heard this, the expression grave got up, and after a moment of silence on the spot, he said: “I will fight Jiang Liu.”

When these words came out, many people were stunned. Isn’t the emperor avoiding war? !

Could it be that he is so afraid! ?

“I heard that Dongfang Imperial Clan was born some time ago. Dongfang Wushuang and Ruoxiao entered the ancestral land of Dongfang Imperial Clan, as if they got the inheritance of Imperial Clan!”

“It’s no wonder that if you get the inheritance of Oriental Imperial Clan, you should be afraid of Nanako.”


According to people familiar with the matter, it is also considered to be Saved some face of the emperor.

“Okay, today is for enrollment, not for you to mess around!” gray-haired old man said solemnly: “Choose dísciple for each, and value whoever is who.”

” Senior, he is abusing his private power!” Someone refused.

“Abuse of private power?” The gray-haired old man raised his eyebrows, his voice suddenly cold, and said: “He is the teacher of Shengshi Academy! What he did is what I want to do at Shengshi Academy!”


“This Senior is unreasonable!”

Many people slander, but they don’t Dare to say more.

And the emperor also retreated. Although he is the Holy Son of the Kunlun Mountains, he did not dare to confront this gray-haired old man!

After all, behind the gray-haired old man is the entire Cangzhou horizon!

“I said, are there three seats in the West Hall? Have you left it for me?”

At this moment, Lou Ying also walked out of the crowd, rushing Jiang Chen squeezed his brows and said, “Why? Don’t you want me to come in?”

“Yo! Shadow Sect Young Master! Welcome!” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “Lou Ying Young Master is willing to come to the West Hall, it is really an honor for me!”

“Uh…Can you stop being so ostentatious?” Lou Ying said irritably.

After that, he slowly walked to Jiang Chen’s side and lightly said in his ear: “You are so enthusiastic about me, do you want to win me over Shadow Sect?”

“If people don’t speak secretly, I need the support of Shadow Sect.” Jiang Chen said straightly.

“Kunlun Mountains, the forces of Aolai Tianmen are not weaker than our shadow Sect.” Lou Ying teased: “You can accept the emperor and Chen Zhulu.”

“Don’t It’s a trouble. Although there is no deep hatred between Kunlun Mountains and Aolai Tianmen, the relationship is not good.” Jiang Chen curled his lips: “Do you think I can take them?”

And among these people , The Emperor and Chen Zhulu are not necessarily the strongest, and I am afraid they are not even qualified to enter the Shengshi Academy!

“these two people, don’t underestimate them.” Lou Ying said: “Some people, the city is very deep, you can’t see clearly.”

“Oh? What do you mean? Is the emperor and Chen Zhulu hiding their strength?” Jiang Chen was stunned.

So, why did the emperor and Chen Zhulu hide their strength?

Be aware that if these two people were strong enough, they would have become the true Holy Son of Kunlun Mountains and Aolai Tianmen!

In the eyes of Jiang Chen, these two people should show strong battle strength and innate talent aptitude!

“Showing off one’s ability is destined to cause many accidents.” Lou Ying poked Jiang Chen on the shoulder, reminding: “Especially the way you are now, some forces are afraid that they have already targeted You are here.”

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