I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 948

On the end of the world, the Peak power that has never declined since ancient times.

For this force, everyone is in awe of him.

Now, since this gray-haired old man on Tianya has spoken, there is no objection.

However, many people still feel a little uncomfortable in their hearts, somewhat dreaded.

After all, everything about a foreign land is no small matter!

At the beginning, it was because the Six Realms looked down on the foreign land that the Five Realms were destroyed, leaving only one God World!

Now a person returning from a foreign battlefield, if he can’t prove his identity, no one can rest assured!

“The end of the world is so majestic that a person of unknown origin would dare to take in. Could you think that the end of the world is really yours, right?”

Suddenly, An extremely hostile voice sounded.

Everyone looked all around, but they couldn’t find the source of the sound!

“Fellow Daoist, can you show up?” A Peak Master asked, his expression quite nervous.

Just because, as the Peak Master God, he can’t find the master of this voice!

Moreover, this person is hostile, I don’t know if it is aimed at Tianya or everyone present!

“Oh, the young man.” The gray-haired old man looked contemptuously, staring at a certain part of the void, already aware of the creature.

However, the gray-haired old man did not make a move, which is very confusing.

The strength of the gray-haired old man is obviously the strongest on the scene, and this place is Cangzhou, the land on the horizon.

He has the strength and confidence to shoot!

Yes, he didn’t do it!

This made everyone wonder, and even more frightened, could it be that this gray-haired old man fears the person who speaks in secret! ?

Is this gray-haired old man inferior to the opponent, or is the strength on the horizon inferior to the opponent’s power?

If it is the former, everyone can understand if the gray-haired old man does not shoot.

What if the latter?

In this world, is there really a force that can contend with the end of the world? !

“This person is not simple. If you don’t find out his origin on the horizon, I am afraid it will be difficult to convince the public.”

In the void, the creature spoke again, and the voice fell. , Even came out of the void.

He was shrouded in a gray haze, with big runes floating above him, and he couldn’t see his appearance!

But one thing is certain, he is not afraid of gray-haired old man, and even more so!

If not, how dare he come out!

“Peak Divine King!”

“This imposing manner…I’m afraid it is not weaker than this gray-haired old man on the horizon, right?”


Everyone was shocked, even Jiang Chen’s eyelids twitched!

It’s just because he noticed at a certain moment just now that the divine sense of the man in the gray mist has passed from him!

This is…for him! ?

“You were born in Tianya ahead of schedule, but you have seized the opportunity, but in the future, the layout of Nine Heavens God World is not your final say.” The creature said, and then pointed it more directly. Jiang Chen said: “Keep this person, what does it mean on the End of the World?”

As soon as these words came out, a group of people were confused.

What’s the situation?

Can’t Jiang Chen stay?

Jiang Chen himself is confused, what does this creature mean by secretly thought? The words mean more than they say Ah!

“I don’t have my turn to do anything on the horizon.” gray-haired old man coldly said, a killing intent appeared on his face!

But, after all, he didn’t do anything!

I saw him pointing to the distance, his eyes drooping slightly, seemingly very calm, and said: “Where to come, where to go back.”

“Hey, the end of the world… “The creatures shrouded in the gray mist snorted lightly, with contempt, and said: “It is stupid for you to place your hopes on the younger generation.”

“The grass will turn yellow, and the flowers will die. The younger generation. Like young grass and new flowers, if they bloom, they can cover the frost.” said the gray-haired old man.



The voice fell, and a tremor suddenly came from the depths of Cangzhou!

After that, everyone saw a stalwart man appear in the sky!

He did not come, but a pair of purple eyes looked like a big day.

At the same time, everyone can clearly feel that the gray mist vibrates, as if the man is very jealous!

The gray-haired old man looked respectful at this moment, saluting the man from the air, and said lightly: “My lord.”

“My lord!?”


“That man…wouldn’t he be the master of the end of the world!?”

“His…it’s so scary! Standing there alone, it seemed to hold up the whole film God!”



“He…still like that…”


At this moment, when the descendants of the Poison Temple Elder, Hao Heavenly God saw the man, the jealousy in their eyes did not conceal it!

Others may not know the identity of the man, but the two of them know very well!

This man is the master of the horizon-Zixiao!

And this time, the two Divine Emperors will help set up the Academy on Tianya. The most important reason is this Zixiao!

Even the descendants of the two Divine Emperors understand that the reason they came to help Shengshi Academy is because of the two Divine Emperor don’t dare provoke Zixiao!

It is not only fear, but also fear!

“One person, propped up a force!”

“Forever! What is his cultivation base!?”

… …

The descendants of the Poison Temple Elder and Hao Heavenly God were frightened, and they kept looking at Zi Xiao, wanting to see clearly and understand.

However, people like Zixiao are surrounded by avenues, and even avenues can’t get close to him!

How can ordinary people see through such a person!

“The visitor is a guest.”

At this moment, Zi Xiao’s voice came, not a trace of mood swings, but ethereal.

However, when the creature in the gray mist heard these four words, his body trembled slightly, and immediately escaped into the void!

“Since I’m here, why don’t you sit for a while?” Zi Xiao asked, and under the wave of his hand, a purple talisman seal rushed into the void!

In an instant, the void collapsed, and the purple talisman seal turned into a palm, detaining the man in the gray mist!

“Zixiao! Don’t mess around!” The man in the gray mist was frightened, unable to calm down, even his tone of voice changed!

He knows the horror of Zixiao well, so he dare not struggle at this moment!

“From ancient times to the present, I have always used morality to convince people on the horizon.” Zixiao lightly said, purple eyes staring at the creature in the gray mist, and said: “It’s just that sometimes, with Virtue can’t convince people, so…you can see blood.”

“Zixiao! You are not the strongest in this world!” The creatures in the gray mist panicked!

He can feel that Zi Xiao has a killing intent in his heart!

“I’m not the strongest, so what? How many are stronger than me?” Zi Xiao lightly said: “Dare they do it?”

After that, Zixiao slowly raised his palm, and a piece of purple rays of light emerged like the sea, moving towards the creatures in the gray mist slowly falling!

“Zi Xiao, you are also the master of the end of the world anyway, is it necessary to do something with a nobody?”

Suddenly, an invisible coercion appeared, and it shattered. He lost the rays of light in Zixiao’s hand, and at the same time a slightly frivolous voice sounded in this place.

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