I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 949

The invisible coercion shook away the rays of light in Zixiao’s palm. The slightly frivolous voice was even more magical and fascinating.

Everyone was shocked, and another supreme powerhouse appeared!

Moreover, this person seems to have no fear of Zixiao, and dare to openly make a move!

But everyone can see that the two sides don’t at all mean to fight. Otherwise, the invisible coercion just now is not as simple as the rays of light in the palm of Zixiao.

“My little child, you have to watch it carefully, it is not good to come out to make trouble.” Zi Xiao lightly said, threw the Peak Divine King out, as if throwing garbage.

This is really unimaginable. Other creatures at the dignified Peak God King Level, in front of Zixiao, look like a dog ant!

Everyone is speculating about how far Zixiao’s cultivation base has reached, and has it surpassed the Divine Emperor! ?

Even higher level! ?

“Everyone, Shengshi Academy does not want you, I welcome you from Linlang Academy.”

At this moment, the frivolous voice sounded again.

“Three days later, in Jizhou, Linlang Academy will open. If you are interested, you might as well come to my Linlang Academy.”

“My Linlang Academy, those who come are not afraid.”

After saying this, I saw that the Peak Divine King escaped into the void, and the person who was speaking in secret did not speak anymore.

Apparently, both of them are gone.

And Zixiao not at all shot, it seems to be jealous!

“Who is that person? Actually can make the master on the end of the world jealous!”

“Is there really something in this world that can compete with the end of the world!?”



Many people were shocked and speculated.

And the gray-haired old man was silent, his eyes kept falling on Zi Xiao.

He seems to be waiting for Zi Xiao to speak.

However, Zi Xiao disappeared in no time without saying a word.

This makes more people sure that the end of the world is not the strongest!

In this world, there are indeed forces that can compete with the horizon!

“hmph! Shengshi Academy does not accept me waiting, some places to go!”

“Yes! Go to Linlang Academy first! Maybe not worse than here!”

“What pretend to be high-profile, the huge academy only accepts forty people, is it insufficient strength and background?”


Those who have not entered the Shengshi Academy speak Now, the voice is very ugly, and even more ridiculous.

Obviously, they have grievances in their hearts!

In this regard, the gray-haired old man didn’t say much, treated it calmly, and then dismissed everyone.

For a time, the huge Shengshi Academy seemed a bit empty, and there was a ray of tension and depression permeating it.

“They are also born.” The descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God lightly said, looked towards gray-haired old man, said solemnly: “Their lineage is a deadly opponent to the end of the world, between you Things, don’t get me involved.”

“That force is aimed at you on the horizon and has nothing to do with me. I hope you can tell Master Zixiao and don’t want to involve others.” The Poison Temple Elder expression is also Quite dignified, seems to be very jealous of that force.

gray-haired old man hearing this, nodded with a smile, said: “Don’t worry, you guys, you are here to preach and receive karma and will not be involved in anything.”

After all, the gray-haired old man pointed to the central great hall and said: “The cultivation technique, magical technique, and Taoist technique are all there. If you are interested, you can go to comprehend cultivation.”

” Oh? Is the cultivation technique on the end of the world there too?” The bright light glittering in the eyes of Tianzi is obviously for the cultivation technique on the end of the world!

“As long as you can comprehend it.” gray-haired old man nodded and said.

After that, the gray-haired old man briefly introduced Shengshi Academy, and then disappeared.

“Headache, this life is really messy.” The descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God clutched their foreheads and sighed.

Elder of the Poison Temple also sighed, glanced at the descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God, and asked: “Does Emperor Hao Heavenly God know about this?”

“I guess not yet I know that that force has always been very mysterious, a hundred times more mysterious than on the horizon.” The descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God shook his head, frowns, thought for a while, and said: “I don’t know what Old Ancestor is thinking about. Born…”

“The same is true for my Old Ancestor. I haven’t been born yet. I really don’t know what I’m thinking about. In the prosperous age, if several Divine Emperors are born, they can also occupy one side and become the king.” Poison Temple Elder whispered.

At this moment, Jiang Chen expression is calm, but his eyes are somewhat absent-minded.

Just now, the Peak Divine King, Strands of Divine Sense, from the mysterious force fell on him.

In the divine sense, there is a ray of information mixed in, which is actually reminding him to leave here quickly!

Is this… out of good intentions? Still have no ulterior motives! ?

Jiang Chen can’t tell, nor understand, after all, he doesn’t know anything about that mysterious force!

“You all go to the Central Palace to see it. If you can comprehend some cultivation techniques, it is also excellent.” Jiang Chen came back to his senses, his heart was quite messy, after saying this They each minding their own business returned to the West Hall.

Bai Fengyu and the others knew Jiang Chen well. Seeing his appearance, they didn’t bother to bother them and entered the central palace one after another.

Only Lou Ying did not leave, he followed Jiang Chen into the West Hall.

“What are you thinking?” Lou Ying came to Jiang Chen and asked: “Thinking about that mysterious power?”

“Do you know anything about that power? ?” Jiang Chen asked.

Louying hearing this, shook the head, said with a bitter smile: “You heard it just now. That power is a hundred times more mysterious than the end of the world. There is no record in the ancient book, I Although Shadow Sect is well-informed, I don’t know the details of that force.”

“I feel that people from that force may come here because of me.” Jiang Chen whispered: “It feels very strange… …”

“Of course it’s for you.”

Suddenly, Hun Gang walked in, staggering, as if on the verge of collapse.

His blood energy is severely dry, and his soul is beating like a candle in the wind, extinguishing at any time!

Jiang Chen walked over, held him aside, and asked, “Senior, do you know that power?”

“The Pingtian clan.” Hun Gang said, “They The years of inheritance may be longer than the end of the world.”

“The Pingtian clan!?” At this moment, Lou Ying exclaimed, as if he had heard of the Pingtian clan.

“It’s that… the family that once swallowed the sky!?” Lou Ying asked.

“Yes.” Hun Gang nodded: “The era of Huang Mie, Qing Mie, Cang Mie, the death of three days, has a lot to do with this Pingtian clan.”

“It’s just that few people know the existence of this family, and this family has very few clansman. Counting from the ancestors, there may not be ten people in the whole family.” Hun Gang said.

“No way? A family, less than ten people?” Jiang Chen was stunned, and immediately realized the key point of this matter, and asked: “Senior, you said that the three days of death, the Hepingtian clan Related!?”

“I don’t know what’s going on. I just heard that if the Pingtian clan secretly made a move, it would be impossible to die in three days.” Hun Gang lightly said, muddy eyes. Mou couldn’t help looking towards Jiang Chen, saying: “I…I seem to have seen you somewhere…”

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