I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 950

Hun Gang suspected that he had met Jiang Chen, and Jiang Chen was not surprised at all.

He has been Samsara Reincarnation for several lives, and it is normal for some Old Monsters to have seen him.

And what he cares most now is not whether Hun Gang has ever seen him, but what the Pingtian clan comes from.

A family of less than ten people, but dare to contend with the world.

How strong is this family?

Recalling the words Zixiao said before, the Peak Divine King was called a child, a junior.

Now that I think about it carefully, I didn’t say this casually, nor did I despise the common people.

Perhaps, the Peak Divine King can only be regarded as a junior in the Pingtian clan!

So, how strong are their elders? !

Others don’t know, just say that the unknown creature that shakes the rays of light in the palm of Zixiao, its strength should be able to compete with Zixiao.

If not, everyone will come to his turf to be wild, can Zi Xiao not make a move?

“The Pingtian clan is very mysterious, and I know very little.” Hun Gang shook his head, and suddenly his pupils condensed, and said: “I remember…in the city of immortality, there is a person from the Pingtian clan. , His name is… the evil deity!”

“The evil deity!?”

Jiang Chen whispered, isn’t the evil deity the old monk? !

The old monk was amiable when he never “returned”, but since “returned”, it has changed!

The atmosphere of evil and righteousness, the mysterious and weird behavior, always gives people a feeling of untrustworthiness.

But one thing is certain, the evil Lord has the final say in today’s Immortal City!

“I remember! The evil deity is indeed from the Pingtian clan, but…it seems to have committed something and was expelled!”

“He was sent to be immortal Cheng, take the crime and do meritorious service!”

Hun Gang’s memory slowly recovered, and he remembered about the evil deity.

“Evil Venerable… That’s a fierce man!” Jiang Chen said.

“The Pingtian clan are all fierce people.” Hun Gang said, but also a little puzzled, whispered: “It’s just…I don’t know why the Pingtian clan and Tianya are rivals, but they never went to war. Over.”

“The enemy has never fought before? In the long history, they have never fought once?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes, there should be no war.” Hun Gang nodded and said.

Jiang Chen is stunned. Since he is a rival, how can he not go to war?

The general rivals have already beaten you to death. After a long time, one of them will inevitably be destroyed!

But the Hepingtian clan on the End of the World is indeed a bit different. As a rival, they never go to war.

Even, no one knows why these two forces have become rivals.

The world does not know where their grievances end.

“However, this life is a bit special.” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “There are powerful enemies outside the sky, the Yin Sector creatures are born, and the Hepingtian clan on the end of the world are shooting at the same time. This era… is too chaotic!”

“It’s more chaos!” Louying expression grave said: “According to the information of Shadow Sect, the Divine Emperor clan also has a big problem! Otherwise, the Divine Emperor clan will be threatened by the end of the world! “

“Do you think Tianya really dare to fight with the Divine Emperor? Do you really dare to threaten the Divine Emperor? If it wasn’t for the Divine Emperor’s own situation, Tianya would not dare to do so.”


Hearing this, Jiang Chen is really big head and his thoughts are in confusion.

He doesn’t know what’s wrong with this world, why is it suddenly messed up!

There are powerful enemies outside and wars inside. Everything comes with this flourishing age!

Could it be said that this time of prosperity will be different? !

Should a hundred flowers bloom in the prosperous age, ascended to peak, or under the radiance of the sky, sublimation to the extreme, but a flash in the pan, withering and withering?

All of this is too difficult to understand and difficult to guess!

“Slowly take a long road, and see.” Jiang Chen sighed.

Today’s Jiang Chen, although he cares about these things, he can’t do it.

What he can do is to cultivate well and return to Peak as soon as possible.

Perhaps, when he returns to Peak, he will have a place in this flourishing age.

“You all have your own cultivation method, right? I don’t need to teach you about cultivation, right?” Jiang Chen asked.

“I came here. On the one hand, the Shengshi Academy’s cultivation resources are indeed rich, and on the other hand… it is naturally for the cultivation technique on the horizon.” Lou Ying said bluntly, “As for you to teach My cultivation…isn’t that nonsense.”

“The old man only needs cultivation resources, and the others don’t need to be taken care of.” Hun Gang said, and ordered nodded to Jiang Chen, very sincere, saying:” Many thanks to you before.”

“What can I do to thank you.” Jiang Chen sighed softly: “You are fighting for the world, and the world has speculated about you, and it is extremely sad. What I have done is only within my power. That’s all for you.”

“When I return to Peak, if you have any difficulties, I will help you.” Hun Gang said, and after speaking, he left here and entered In the cultivation room.

Later, Lou Ying also left, heading to the Central Palace, trying to comprehend the cultivation technique on the horizon.

Jiang Chen did not neglect, stepped into the cultivation room and started cultivation.

At the same time, the one in the depths of Cangzhou is on a mountain peak.

Zi Xiao stood on the top of the mountain, facing the cliff, his eyes fell on the sky.

The purple light in his eyes is transpiring, and his back is upright and upright, his posture is upright, his hair is straight, and his aura will last forever!

Behind him, the gray-haired old man stood quietly, as if waiting for Zi Xiao to speak.

Until a long time in the past, Zi Xiao slowly raised his arm, then stretched out a finger, pointed towards the distant sky, and asked: “What do you see?”

gray-haired old man hearing this, froze for a moment, and humbly said: “Subordinates are dull.”

“You are more than dull, even I can’t see it.” Zi Xiao sighed: “The one in front of you The sky has already changed. The road ahead is full of mist. Everything becomes uncertain, and the fork of fate has arrived.”

“My lord…can this time Nine Heavens God World be safe? Ever?” the gray-haired old man asked.

“Spent safely?” Zi Xiao lightly said, then sneered, and said: “Which time can I live through? Which time is not a mountain of bones, blood flowing into a river?”

“Which time did the world’s creatures not suffer?”

“There is no such thing as a peaceful life, and some are just competing for that’s all.”

… …

Speaking of this, the light flashed in Zi Xiao’s eyes, and cold glow and Ling Ling’s killing intent appeared in his pupils!

He slowly turned around, looked towards the gray-haired old man, and asked in a solid voice: “How are those Old Monsters now? Can there be any movement?”

” There is no movement for the time being, but counting the time… it’s time to come out.” The gray-haired old man expression grave, he knew who the Old Monster was in Zi Xiao’s mouth!

Those creatures, once unrivaled beneath the heavens, what a horror, but they could not escape the brilliance of the years!

“This time, if they dare to make a move anymore, then… even if they die, they have to fight with them!” Zi Xiao said solemnly: “The former aloof and remote are sung by the world , Dressed in light, but now it is the darkest…”

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