I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 952

In fact, every Great Influence from the very beginning thought of this when they let their dísciple into the Shengshi Academy.

However, no one has thought about what would happen if one’s own dísciple really comprehend the culture technique of other forces.

As it is now, Aolai Tianmen also didn’t expect!

“Senior, he cultivated the cultivation technique of my proud Tianmen!” Someone said solemnly: “You can let him go, but abolish the cultivation technique of the proud Tianmen and cut off the memory!”

As soon as these words came out, Chen Zhulu’s expression became a little ugly.

Be aware that now his cultivation base comes from the cultivation technique of Aolai Tianmen.

If this cultivation technique is abolished, his cultivation base will also be abolished!

As for cutting off the memory, it is not cutting off part, but all the memory!

After cutting the memory, his memory is like a piece of white paper, even he will forget it!

“A few of you, don’t you understand what I’m saying?” gray-haired old man lightly said: “Why do you have to do such a great job?”

“If he will come to heaven The cultivation technique leaked out and handed over to the Poison Temple. That’s not a good thing for me proudly to Tianmen!”

“That’s right, the cultivation technique of each force can’t be spread, this Everyone knows everything!”


“Will my Poison Temple see your cultivation technique of Proud to Heaven?” Poison Temple Elder coldly said: “Since he is comprehend The cultivation technique of the Poison Temple, that is the descendant of my Poison Temple! Today, what do you say will not let you take him away!”

“As far as you want to hurt him, you are even dreaming! The sect master of Aolai Tianmen is here, and I can’t do it today!”

It is obvious that Elder of the Poison Temple is angry and has a tough attitude!

The entire group hearing this of Aolai Tianmen, the expression is also quite ugly.

They remained silent, considering the pros and cons!

“Everyone, why should this be?” The gray-haired old man sighed: “The prosperous age has come, everything has become blurred, and the road ahead is misty. Who can reach the end, who will bend in the middle, this It’s all unknown.”

“Now, don’t ruin the last peace of Nine Heavens God World for this kind of trivial matter.”

However, the people who come to Tianmen proudly are not. agree.

Since the establishment of Aolai Tianmen, this has never happened!

Furthermore, if it hadn’t been born on Tianya, Aolai Tianmen would not be afraid of Divine Emperor lineage!

After all, the balance of everything is ultimately on the horizon.

“You must give an explanation!” Among the entire group of Aolai Tianmen, the headed person said.

His cultivation base is not very high, but his seniority is huge, he is an Old Ancestor who came to Tianmen proudly.

He didn’t speak from the beginning, until now.

And his words also represent the ultimate attitude of Aolai Tianmen.

“Go away then.”

At this moment, the cold glow flashes in the eyes of the gray-haired old man, and a cloud of mist emerges with a wave of his big hand!

The clouds and mist rolled, like waves, under the beating, the entire group of Proudly Tianmen was involved, and then out of Cangzhou!

“Since it doesn’t make sense, then do it.” gray-haired old man lightly said: “Sometimes, doing it is much easier than being reasonable.”

“Thanks Senior “Chen Zhulu said.

“Thank you? You are the dísciple of Shengshi Academy.” The gray-haired old man said with a smile, waving his hand to show that he didn’t care.

However, the gray-haired old man also realized the seriousness of the matter.

Forty dísciples, in the end, it is certainly not only Chen Zhulu who can comprehend the cultivation technique of the Great Influence.

When the time comes, if this kind of thing happens again, will it be solved like today?

It doesn’t hurt to solve one or two times, after all, the horizon can be suppressed.

But how many times?

“Talk to those dísciples. When thinking about the cultivation technique in the Comprehend Shengshi Academy, first think about whether you can bear the consequences.” said the gray-haired old man.

“I really should talk to them about this matter.” Elder nodded and said of the Poison Temple.





At this moment, one after another The roar came from a distance!

Looking around, there is a dark cloud in the sky!

Above the dark cloud, rays of light ten thousand zhang, under the dark cloud, it’s pitch black!

And that dark cloud, as if dividing light and dark!

“Very far away!” Elder said solemnly of the Poison Temple: “At least across several states, but the sound…but it can be clearly transmitted here…”

“It’s aimed at me on the horizon.” gray-haired old man said solemnly.

At the same time, several instructors and dísciple from Shengshi Academy came out one after another.

Because the sound is getting louder and louder, and there is still a cold breath hiding the sky and covering the earth falling, it flooded the entire horizon in a few breaths!

“This breath…”

Jiang Chen expression condensed and walked out of the cultivation room.

When you see the black and white blending in the sky, the expression changes drastically!


“Yin and Yang junction!”

“Yin Sector creatures are coming!”


At this moment, not only the Shengshi Academy, but all the Great Prefectures of Nine Heavens God World have seen this scene!

Black and white are distinct, there seems to be a gap between Heaven and Earth, Yin Qi gushes out like a wave!

The yin and yang are divided, and a bridge seems to stretch out from endless void, between the two worlds!

“Yin Sector!”

“The rumors are true! There is really a Yin Sector!”

“There is more than just a Yin Sector, Yin Sector all lives Here comes!”

The heart palpitations of sentient beings, and some even wailed, thinking that Yang Sector will be invaded by Yin Sector!

“A light!”

“Black panic!”


After half a day, many people saw it A black light burst from the junction of Yin and Yang, like a black meteor, coming straight to Cangzhou!

After a few breaths, several black lights rushed out from the junction of yin and yang and rushed to the Great Prefectures of Nine Heavens God World respectively!

“The creatures of Yin Sector are here, and the turbulent times have not yet begun.” The gray-haired old man sighed, his pupils condensed, and walked in front of everyone.

After that, with a big wave of his hand, a barrier rose to protect the group of people behind him.



next moment, I saw a black light falling, Yin Qi violent, like a piece of Yin Sector soil fell on Shengshi Academy Among them!

A young boy, his appearance is no different from that of Yang Sector, flesh and blood, but the breath that exudes from his body is extremely cold!

After he came here, he grinned at the gray-haired old man, and after a wave of his hand, a gilt decree appeared in front of everyone.

“By the order of the master, come and visit the end of the world.” The young man lightly said, bowing his hands to the gray-haired old man.

“Why be so polite.” The gray-haired old man frowned, and said: “Yin and yang are opposite, even if lacking hatred and enmity, it is difficult to balance.”

“Senior said Reason.” The young man nodded, with bright light glittering in his eyes, glanced across the entire group behind the gray-haired old man, and said: “My teacher also said that after the Yin Sector creatures enter the Yang Sector, I will start this first battle.”


“Is here to go to war!? To war on Tianya!?”


This For a moment, the eyelids of the dísciple of Shengshi Academy were throbbing, secretly thought what Yin Sector wanted to do! ? It is about to start a war with Tianya! ?

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