I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 953

Obviously, Yin Sector knows the position of Tianya in Nine Heavens God World. When I first came to Yang Sector, I found Tianya.

What makes everyone puzzled is, is Yin Sector really that powerful?

“The teacher can’t enter the Yang Sector yet.” This boy is very handsome and has a fair complexion, but the Yin Qi on his body makes people very uncomfortable.

lacking hatred and enmity, but he gives everyone the feeling of disgust.

Perhaps, this is what the gray-haired old man said, yin and yang are originally opposites, and even lacking hatred and enmity will eventually conflict.

“The prosperous age has not really arrived, and the Power of Yin-Yang has not completely collapsed. It is normal that your Master cannot enter the Yang Sector for the time being.” gray-haired old man nodded and said.

“Trifling junior! Do you want to die?!”

At this moment, Elder of the Poison Temple burst out angrily, with poisonous mist enveloping his body, and more runes spilled!

Everyone can see that this young man from Yin Sector has a low cultivation base, so he respects the gods.

Moreover, everyone knew from his words that his Master did not come.

This means that this young man from Yin Sector has no backing!

Since this is the case, what is there to be afraid of? !

However, the gray-haired old man waved his hand and shook his head and said: “After all, there must be a rule, otherwise the world will be extinct.”

“Yin Sector The creatures of the gods are bullying their heads and don’t do it yet?” Elder of the Poison Temple looked ugly, and said: “I will kill his dísciple, how can I!?”

“bully the weak, this kind of thing Once done…the consequences are very serious.” The boy lightly said with a smile: “Since he can bully the weak, he can slaughter mortals with the power of a cultivator.”

“when the time Comes, the two sides go to war, but there are no that many rules.”

As soon as the boy’s words came out, the Elder expression of the Poison Temple condensed slightly, the poisonous mist on his body dissipated, and the rune disappeared.

Because, this boy is right!

Not all creatures in this world are cultivators, there are many mortals who have never been cultivation!

The number of mortals far exceeds that of cultivator!

Under normal circumstances, the battle between cultivators, even if it hits Heaven and Earth turning upside down, will not involve those mortals.

Just because mortals are the root!

Every cultivator, before cultivation, is a mortal!

If mortals are extinct, the foundation of the cultivator will be lost!

“Yin-Yang two sectors are going to war, it will happen sooner or later, but…should there be a rule?” The young man joked: “If you don’t follow the rules, then…the creatures of the two worlds , I will die out of ten.”

“Okay, tell me what you came for.” said the gray-haired old man.

“Senior, from the Yin Sector Da Liuyun, surnamed Fangtai, named Zhanyuan, the realm of the superior god.”

“Come here today, ordered by the master. , Come and start the first battle.”

Fang Tai Zhanyuan’s gaze swept across Jiang Chen and the others, and then frowned, whispered: “Is Yang Sector so weak now?”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen and the others looked bad.

What does this mean! ? Is the group mocking? !

“What!? Are you questioning my strength!?” The emperor stood up first, with a fierce aura on his body!

His name is the Son of Heaven, and he claims to be Child of Destiny, proud and arrogant, how can he suffer such ridicule!

Furthermore, after the emperor entered the Shengshi Academy, his cultivation base rose sharply, and now he is one step short of entering the titled god realm!

He was already proud and arrogant, coupled with the surge in strength, which made him more confident and proud.

“Heh…” Fangtai Zhanyuan lightly snorted, retreated to the open space in the distance, and then beckoned at the emperor, with a face of contempt, and said: “Come on.”

“This battle is the first battle I fought for Yang Sector!” The emperor was very confident, his hair fluttered, and he rushed out!

He is like a golden True Dragon, under the angry roar, his palm is pushed horizontally, the golden divine force is like a tide, and the Fangtai Zhanyuan is submerged in an instant!



With one after another explosion, the golden divine force seems to be burning, turning into a melting pot!

“The Wanyang Seal of the Kunlun Mountains!”

“It seems that the emperor got the true biography of Kunlun Mountains!”


Many people marveled that Wanyang Seal is the unspoken art of Kunlun Mountains!

According to the legend, Wanyang Seal cultivation to the extreme, can take the power of the sun and burn the world!

“This is it?”

Suddenly, a voice of extreme contempt came from the melting pot of golden divine force.


Immediately afterwards, the furnace exploded and Fangtai Zhanyuan appeared in front of everyone unharmed.

On his body, black mist is transpiring, and there is more white frost under his feet.

Between fingers, strands of cold glow burst out like willow branches, crushing the last strand of golden divine force!

After that, before the emperor reacted, a white long knife appeared out of thin air in front of him!

A knife fell, and the speed was so fast that the emperor had no time to react, so he was cut between the eyebrows!



After a muffled sound, everyone saw the emperor stepped back, the eyebrows were cut open, and the soul and Divine Soul were almost exposed. Was beheaded to death!

“Too weak, compared with my Yin Sector, Yang Sector is really not enough to see.” Fangtai Zhanyuan jokingly said: “Is there anyone else?”

, The emperor stood up again, the wound at the center of his eyebrows healed, coldly said: “come again!”

“You have already lost.” Fangtai Zhanyuan lightly said: “If it wasn’t for me to show mercy, You are now a corpse.”

“No, maybe even the corpse will not be left.”

The emperor is hearing this, suddenly furious, his golden light blooms, both hands forming seals, I want to do it again!

But at this moment, the descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God stopped him, did not say ha, just shook the head.

The emperor’s expression suddenly stiffened. He looked at the descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God in a daze, as if asking, am I really inferior to him?

“Why is this guy more mad than me?”

At this moment, if you can’t stand it anymore, you have to take a step forward.

However, he was stopped by Jiang Chen.

Just because Jiang Chen can see clearly, he can also feel the strength of Fangtai Zhanyuan!

The stab cut against the emperor just now is definitely not Fang Tai Zhanyuan’s true strength!

“Xiao Qingyi, among these people, you are the weakest now, right?” Jiang Chen suddenly said, smiling at Xiao Qingyi.

Xiao Qingyi hearing this, the old face blushed, quite embarrassing, but I have to admit that he is indeed the weakest among Jiang Liu and the others.

Because he has not given up his original profession after becoming a god, he has been cultivating the “dead” technique.

His cultivation is very slow. Although his realm has improved, it is still difficult to use divine force to control the undead.

“Go and practice hands.” Jiang Chen said: “Hone it, and treat it as if the opponent is about to grinding blade stone.”

“What should I do if I am killed?” Xiao Qingyi’s face turned dark, and said: “Did you not see the knife just now? Almost killed the emperor!”

“Do you think he dare to kill people here? Or do you think that Tianya will Let the dísciple of Shengshi Academy die in your own academy?” Jiang Chen lightly said, patted Xiao Qingyi’s shoulder, and said: “Go on.”

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