I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 954

Xiao Qingyi is 10,000 unwilling, knowing that he is not against the opponent, so he has to go on, isn’t this a beating!

But his boss has spoken, and he can’t refuse.

even more how he also knows that Jiang Chen is for his good.

In desperation, Xiao Qingyi could only brace oneself and walk out!

“en? Are you unmanned?” Fang Tai Zhanyuan frowned, looked at Xiao Qingyi contemptuously, and said: “This kind of cultivation base…Is it courting death?”


“Take you as the grinding blade stone.” Jiang Chen said straightly: “Here, do you dare to kill people?”

“Heh…take me as the grinding blade stone?” Fang Tai Zhan Yuan chuckled, cold light suddenly appeared in his eyes, and said: “Okay, then I will polish all of you all over today!”


At this moment, Xiao Qingyi seemed to be a little flustered, and said: “Can you let me take the shot first?”



As soon as these words came out, a group of people were speechless.

Many more people looked towards Jiang Chen, secretly thought that there is a kind of boss, there is a kind of younger brother.

This face is really thick!

“Why don’t you let you shoot first? After all, it is a trick to suppress you.” Fang Tai Zhanyuan said.

“Good.” Xiao Qingyi clicked nodded, and then both hands forming seals. After a few breaths, his palm suddenly pressed on the ground!



Under a burst of noise, the earth shook for a while, and at the same time, one after another black mist evaporated from below the ground It is accompanied by the sound of ghost crying!

In the dark fog, the silhouette is rosy, and even more tattered battle flags are rising!

The ancient bronze war chariot, the bloody battle flag, and rows of undead soldiers appear out of thin air!

“This is…the undead?”

“This is the method used when you have not become a god? After becoming a god, these methods are difficult to blend with divine force and have no effect.”


Fangtai Zhanyuan was also taken aback when he saw this.

He also didn’t expect that the boy in front of him is still using this “old” thing.

“That’s it?” Fang Tai Zhanyuan curled his lips, pushing out with a palm, the blade light was sharp, like a thick white fog falling down!




One after another bang came out immediately, where the blade light passed, The undead shattered on the spot, and even disappeared with the battle flag and war chariot!

However, after a few breaths, more undead appeared, the battle flag and the war chariot were reorganized, and the ghost qi took off!

Moreover, these undead are obviously different from before!

The previous undead had no armor on them, and the aura exuded was relatively weak.

And now, every undead is wearing ancient and worn-out armor, with broken weapons in his hands, and at the same time the imposing manner exuding has reached the upper Profound God!

“Still not working.” Fangtai Zhanyuan said lightly, another palm hit, and under the blade light, these undead were cut clean again!



At this moment, Xiao Qingyi vomited blood, as if he was backlashed because the undead was destroyed.

However, his hands never stopped, he was still Jie Yin!

At the same time, one after another roar from his within the body, as if something had been opened!


The gray-haired old man glanced at Xiao Qingyi, and his eyes suddenly flashed light.

He saw Xiao Qingyi’s within the body, and there really was a door!

The portal was opened, and after the portal, like the Netherworld Hell, strands of pure and terrifying ghost qi came from behind the portal!

Afterwards, with Xiao Qingyi’s handprints forming, this a side world was dimmed!



After a few breaths, the ground vibrated, and a golden white bone palm came out The breath of God pervades!

Without waiting for everyone’s reaction, in just 3 breaths time, hundreds of golden skeletons emerged from under the ground, each wearing golden armor and holding silver knives, and the cultivation base reached the lower position. God!

“This kid, took a different path.” The gray-haired old man secretly nodded, he knew what kind of path Xiao Qingyi was walking.

Don’t repair divine force, use yourself as a guide to communicate with you!

With its own blood energy as a supplement, it can nourish the dead!

If you don’t die, your blood energy will not wither, and the undead will continue to grow stronger, even more continuously!


At this moment, Fang Tai Zhanyuan also saw Ni Duan and shot directly!

Slashed down, smashed a large piece of golden skulls to pieces, and then rushed to Xiao Qingyi’s body, with his fingers on his brows!

“You lost.” Fangtai Zhanyuan coldly said, not at all to kill.

As Jiang Chen said, here, Fangtai Zhanyuan dare not kill!

“I failed, but you are also afraid.” Xiao Qingyi was surrounded by ghost qi, with a playful meaning, and said: “Wait for me to seal the seal three times, you will face endless ghosts !”

“So, I won’t give you the third chance to seal the seal.” Fangtai Zhanyuan said solemnly, with lingering fears.

If it weren’t for his quick response, when Xiao Qingyi’s third seal was completed, the undead coming out of summon would be the cultivation base of the upper gods!

At that time, how can he contend with the undead army by himself!

“Boy, very good and potential.” The gray-haired old man exclaimed: “If you really want to go this way, there are some classics in the world, which can help you cultivation. “

“Many thanks Senior.” Xiao Qingyi respectfully said, and then returned to Jiang Chen’s side.

“Boss, when his finger was on the center of my eyebrows just now…I was really scared to pee!” Xiao Qingyi’s face was dark, slightly resentful, and said: “I was almost beaten to death!”

“Aren’t you still dead?” Jiang Chen joked.

Afterwards, Jiang Chen looked towards Jiang Liu and said: “You go and try.”

“Do you use your best?” Jiang Liu said honestly: “I’m afraid to give him It’s scrapped.”

Fang Tai Zhanyuan became angry immediately after saying this!

What are these words! ? Afraid to knock me out! ?

“Stupid fatty! Be responsible for speaking!” Fang Tai Zhanyuan said coldly.

“I’m telling the truth.” Jiang Liu was still so honest, looking directly at Fangtai Zhanyuan, and said: “If I accidentally defeated you, you can’t blame me.”

“Then what if I accidentally killed you?” Fang Tai Zhanyuan raised his eyebrows.

“As long as you don’t die, it’s easy to say.” Jiang Chen grinned and said: “The premise is that you have to have that ability.”

“Really? It looks like someone from Yang Sector Not only is it weak, but it also has this self-confidence.” Fang Tai Zhanyuan squinted, staring at Jiang Chen, and said: “Wait for me to clean up him, then I will clean up you!”

“Anytime.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Afterwards, Jiang Liu walked out, with golden light entwined on his body, his muscles and meridian, just like a dragon-like floating!

Behind him, there is an illusory shadow manifested, like an ancient god, and the sound of chanting!



next moment, Jiang Liu shot directly, without the slightest fancy, the stride meteor moved towards Fangtai Zhanyuan thrust out !

“Does it only use brute force?” Fang Tai Zhan Yuan contemptuously said, and under a wave of his palm, a white blade light appeared!



However, when an explosive sound came out, he was shocked to see that his own attack was actually Jiang Liu shattered with bare hands!

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