I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 955

Fangtai Zhanyuan came from Yin Sector, respecting his name as Master, and came to Tianya to start the first battle of Yin-Yang two sectors!

He is confident and arrogant, but not conceited!

From the beginning of the war until now, he has been using the same move, a sabre light, to win.

Did he underestimate Yang Sector cultivator?


Because I dare not underestimate it, I have been using this move!

This trick is his master’s Absolute Art, which is extremely powerful!

But now, a sabre light fell, but was shattered by Jiang Chen’s bare hands. This shocked his heart, and his expression became more solemn!

He also remembered what Yang Sector had said to him by its Master before, so don’t underestimate Yang Sector!

“Interesting.” Fangtai Zhanyuan lightly said, reaching out and holding it horizontally, and a seven-foot long knife emerged!

The thunderbolt is rolling on the long knife, and there is a gluttonous illusory shadow ups and downs, the ominous beast roaring sound blends with the thunder, the sound is trembling everywhere!

“Be careful, that is his Dao Soul.” Jiang Chen reminded: “The blade of killing-thunder.”

“Whatever the thunder of him, break it That!” Jiang Liu lightly said, rushing forward, his body is full of golden rays of light!

His divine force is surging, like waves slapped out all over him!

When throwing a punch, although it was plain and unremarkable, it shattered the void, and there were thousands of golden lights gathered, and the fist prints were like the sun!

“Are you still using your bare hands? This time, you are afraid that it will not work anymore.” Fang Tai Zhanyuan raised his eyebrows, thunder slashed out in his hands, the billowing thunderbolt erupted, and the gluttonous illusory shadow turned against the roar. Rush out!



However, after an explosion, Fangtai Zhanyuan stared wide-eyed!

Only because of Jiang Liu’s unpretentious punch, it seems to be able to crack the magic!

With a punch, the gluttonous illusory shadow was like a piece of paper, and it was shaken away instantly!

Even the thunderbolt with the sky is gone!

At the same time, Jiang Liu came in retrograde step and pressed down again!



The void vibrates and the air is distorted. Under this fist, everything like a will be suppressed and turned into nothingness !

At this moment, Fangtai Zhanyuan didn’t dare to be careless, his silhouette stepped back one after another, while printing with one hand, one by one rune was scattered!

ding dong ……


As rune falls, one after another bell rang.

After that, flowers bloomed everywhere, like the spring scene.

There are bushes and trees, flowers blooming everywhere, and illusory shadows of birds and beasts emerge.

The silhouette of Fangtai Zhanyuan disappeared, as if it turned into a grass, a flower, or a beast.

This place seems to have become a picture scroll, and the landscape of ink and wash is fascinating.

However, Jiang Liu dripped a little cold sweat on his forehead at this moment. Standing in this “picture scroll”, he could not notice the breath of Fangtai Zhanyuan!

“Come out!” Jiang Liu stared at him, waving his fists constantly, his fists said, wanting to shake the flowers, birds, and animals away.

“hmph! Sure enough, I only know brute force.”

Fangtai Zhanyuan’s voice sounded from all directions, illusory, people couldn’t catch his breath and trace.

“Hey…it’s really a bit embarrassing.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile: “Come back Jiang Liu.”

Jiang Liu hearing this, frowned, wondered: “Boss, I haven’t lost yet.”

“But you can’t win either.” Jiang Chen said: “The incarnation is the king, you can’t find him.”

“Even if I don’t have incarnation as the scene, I can win!”

Fang Tai Zhanyuan’s voice suddenly sounded from behind Jiang Liu!

next moment, without waiting for everyone’s reaction, thunder suddenly appeared, and the bright blade light, accompanied by a fierce breath, slashed directly on Jiang Liu’s body!

“You!” Jiang Chen was furious. He had already let Jiang Liu come back. This meant that he had stopped, and it was a disguised surrender!

But didn’t expect, this Fangtai Zhanyuan actually dared to make a move, and it was still a sneak attack!

However, just when Jiang Chen was angry, he saw Jiang Liu suddenly turn around and grabbed the thunder. Coldly said, “That’s it?”

The voice fell, everyone was watching Qing, there are no scars on Jiang Liu’s back!

Not even his clothes are Shattered!

Fang Tai Zhanyuan was dumbfounded, he gathered his full strength, and even used Dao Soul, this blade to go down, even if Jiang Liu is not dead, Seriously hurt!

But what is the situation now! ?

Unscathed! ?

“I always say I’m naive, but sometimes I’m so witty.” Jiang Liu said seriously: “Since I can’t find you, then use my bait as a bait and wait for you to get the bait!”

“You!” Fangtai Zhanyuan’s expression grave, within the body divine force riot, thunderbolt shot out like a sharp blade!

However, Jiang Liu’s fleshy body is too tyrannical, letting a sharp blade pierce him, it is completely motionless, and even the fur has never been hurt!

Immediately, under Fang Tai Zhanyuan’s horrified gaze, Jiang Liu suddenly used force and pulled Fang Tai Zhanyuan to his front.

A punch fell, like a golden grinding disc, strikes on the front door of Fangtai Zhanyuan!



Along with a muffled noise, Fangtai Zhanyuan crashed to the ground, Qiqiao bleeds, Divine Soul and the soul are in the distance Vibration!

He was confused, lost, and completely beaten by this fist!

“If it wasn’t for the boss to let me be lighter, this fist would not hit the face, but your top of the head!” Jiang Liu said coldly.

After that, he turned around, grinned at Jiang Chen, and said: “Boss, am I witty?”

“Um…very witty…” Jiang Chen expression Weird, secretly thought, is this silly silly?

When the voice fell, Jiang Chen’s expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly shouted: “Hurry up!”

However, Jiang Chen’s words were still a little slower!

At this moment, Fang Tai Zhanyuan, who had been beaten absent, suddenly stood up, condensing all the divine force within the body, and a shocking blade glow burst out, directly piercing Jiang Liu’s chest!



Jiang Liu mouth spurt blood spilled out, and his face became ugly!

He turned around suddenly, grabbed Fang Tai Zhanyuan’s head, his eyes were red, coldly said: “Do you want to die?!”

“You…” Fang Taizhan Yuan was dumbfounded.

This time, it was his full strength attack, but Jiang Liu was only damaged by his fleshy body, it was only a skin wound!

He can’t imagine how a cultivator can cultivate fleshy body to such a degree!

This…… Isn’t it Fleshy body become a saint! ?

“Did you think you can kill me just now!?”

At this moment, Jiang Liu stared at Fangtai Zhanyuan, his golden light burst out like a golden beam of light, straight Rush into the sky!

Without waiting for Fangtai Zhanyuan to speak, Jiang Liu revealed a killing intent. In his palm, violent divine forces gathered!

Jiang Chen saw this, but did not stop.

After all, changing to an ordinary person, Fang Tai Zhanyuan’s knife just now was enough to kill!

The other party has a killing intent, no wonder Jiang Liu has a killing intent!

“Let him go.”

However, the gray-haired old man spoke, and brought Jiang Liu into custody with a single finger.

He looked towards Fangtai Zhanyuan and said: “Don’t underestimate Yang Sector.”

“Why let him go!?” Jiang Liu was angry and stared at gray- The haired old man asked: “He just thought you can kill me, didn’t you see it!?”

“He is from Yin Sector and cannot be killed.” The gray-haired old man said:” At least, it cannot be killed now.”

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