I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 956

“Why does he come from Yin Sector, he can’t kill him!? What if I was killed just now!?” Jiang Liu’s personality is very direct, with doubts in his mind , Ask on the spot!

Jiang Chen also frowned, looking towards the gray-haired old man in confusion, as if to ask the other party to give him an explanation.

“He also said that he started the first battle after coming to Yang Sector.” gray-haired old man lightly said: “Then…his identity is not ordinary.”


“So what!? Isn’t I waiting for me!?” Poison Temple Elder said solemnly, although he has grudges with Jiang Chen, he is still on Jiang Chen’s side at the moment.

He chose to support Jiang Liu!

“Yin Sector Peak power, great flowing clouds.” The gray-haired old man said: “The lord of great flowing clouds, the cultivation base may be above Master Zixiao.”


“No way?”


At this moment, everyone was moved and their hearts were terrified!

Zixiao is the lord of the horizon, the cultivation base profound mystery, even the god Imperial Capital must be threatened by it!

It is hard to imagine what realm Zixiao’s current cultivation base has reached, perhaps surpassing the Divine Emperor!

At this moment, when they learned that the cultivation base of the Lord of Great Flowing Clouds in Yin Sector was stronger than Zixiao, Jiang Chen and the others’ hearts suddenly chuted!

“So…what kind of realm is it?” Chen Zhulu asked, his face dull.

Then wait for realm, they are unheard-of!

“hmph! Just know it!”

At this moment, Fangtai Zhanyuan got up, wiped the blood overflowing from Qiqiao, said solemnly: “Today, count me as defeated.”

“What do you mean by losing!?” Jiang Liu was very upset, pointing his finger at Fangtai Zhanyuan, and said: “If you are not convinced, fight again!”

” I lost this battle, but… in other places, I am afraid I will lose! Yang Sector is destined not equal to me Yin Sector!” Fang Tai Zhanyuan did not agree to Jiang Liu, but in the words, that arrogance always exists .

At the same time, he also told everyone that he was not the only creature who entered Yang Sector this time!

Also, those people are now in the Top Sect, fighting against the arrogance of Yang Sector!

“Perhaps on this day, you will know how strong my Yin Sector is.” Fangtai Zhanyuan raised his eyebrows, and immediately cupped the hands at the gray-haired old man, but Without a trace of respect, coldly said: “I will come again later!”

“Welcome anytime.” gray-haired old man lightly said.

After that, Fangtai Zhanyuan left.

“The gate of the Yin Sector has not been fully opened yet. The cultivation base of the creatures who entered the Yang Sector this time is not very high.” The gray-haired old man said to himself: “This is to explore the reality of my Yang Sector. , Or… want to take this opportunity to use Yang Sector’s Tianjiao as a grinding blade stone?”

“Like this kind of stuff, it’s the same if you come! Raise your hand to suppress!” Comfortable.

He wanted to play at first but was stopped by Jiang Chen.

Now, he within the body fighting intent has exploded, simply can’t be suppressed!

“There are opportunities, and they will come again.” gray-haired old man said with a smile: “when the time comes, let you go.”


Suddenly, Elder expression changed from the Poison Temple. He received a message from the Poison Temple!

“My new Holy Son in the Temple of Poison…defeated?”

At this moment, Elder of the Temple of Poison exclaimed, his expression gloomy.

“What’s going on?” asked the descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God.

“A creature in Yin Sector went to the Poison Temple and fought with Holy Son in my Poison Temple… My Holy Son in Poison Temple… was defeated.” Elder from the Poison Temple looked ugly.

This newly erected new Holy Son has been defeated before it became famous.

This is a shame for the Temple of Poison!

“The Holy Son of the Poison Temple is really weak now.” Yue Guangming joked: “Before your Holy Son, not only was defeated, but also killed by Jiang Chen.”

“You! Don’t talk!” Elder of the Poison Temple scolded, being exposed like this, he almost ran away!

However, as soon as Yue Guangming finished speaking, his face looked ugly.

“Uh…Look at your face…” The descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God stared at Yue Guangming and asked: “No way?”

“Damn! My moon The Holy Son of the clan is also defeated! Those damn Yin Sector craps actually abolished the cultivation base of my Moon Clan Holy Son!” Yue Guangming’s killing intent broke out, and he wished to kill the Yin Sector creatures now!

“There is still a face to say that my Poison Temple, your Holy Son of the Moon Clan is really good!” Poison Temple Elder teased: “Re-establish the Holy Son.”

“Fortunately, I Hao Heavenly God, the emperor’s clan is nothing…” Hao Heavenly God’s descendants lightly said, but before he finished speaking, he also received a message!

At this moment, his killing intent skyrocketed, and it turned into a stream of light and disappeared here!

This made everyone bewildered. Before, they were quite calm. Why did they leave suddenly?

“It is estimated that a major event occurred in the emperor Hao Heavenly God clan, and the loss may be more serious than my Poison Temple.” Poison Temple Elder whispered.

“The creatures from Yin Sector, are you trying to pick all the arrogances of Yang Sector?”

“Anyway, I have no fear in Shengshi Academy! Come and suppress a few! One!”


But, be that as it may, but no one dares to look down upon the creatures of Yin Sector.

Be aware that the emperor was defeated by Fangtai Zhanyuan before.

Looking at the entire Shengshi Academy, how many dísciples are above the emperor?

Some people are even thinking that if there is no Jiang Liu and the others today, Shengshi Academy will be “lost”.

“Go back to the cultivation. In the days to come, it will be lively.” The gray-haired old man sighed: “This is just a prelude. The real battle has not yet come.”

“Senior, those supreme powerhouses in Yin Sector have not yet arrived, am I really not waiting to kill those juniors in Yin Sector?” asked Elder of the Poison Temple.

“Yin Sector has Junior, there are mortals, and I also have Yang Sector.” The gray-haired old man said: “If I wait to shoot and kill their descendants, then when they come, it will be the same. Do.”

“When the time comes, the younger generation will die, the mortals will die, and the foundation will be broken.”


Everyone is hearing this, Secretly nodded, I also know this truth.

Yes, can you just let the creatures from Yin Sector be arrogant in Yang Sector?

“It’s gone, let’s go back to cultivation.” Jiang Chen waved his hand and turned away.

But when he turned around, he saw Ruo Xiaohei, standing still completely motionless.

“What are you doing?” Jiang Chen asked.

“The group of believers who believe oneself infallible in Yin Sector will definitely come again, I am here waiting for them!” Ruo Xiao said: “This time, I want to take action first, don’t stop me!”

“Uh…this character is the dominant body?” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile: “Fine, you are waiting here.”

“Actually, I feel right. , The Fangtai Zhanyuan just now should not be my opponent.” Dongfang Wushuang, who is also a tyrant, also stayed.

The two are hot in their hearts, fighting intent surging, like two door gods standing in front of the central great hall, waiting for the arrival of the Yin Sector creatures.

When everyone saw this, they were quite speechless.

What do you two mean? Is this afraid that others will steal your prey?

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