I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 957

The creatures of the Yin Sector attacked strongly, defeating the Holy Son of the major Peak forces, and the entire Yang Sector was shocked for a while.

But no one would have thought that in the Shengshi Academy, there are two door gods squatting, waiting for the creatures of Yin Sector to come over!

“Linlang Academy also won.”

One day later, the descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God returned and brought a piece of news.

In addition to the victory of the peak forces in the Yang Sector, the Linlang Academy established by the Pingtian clan also won.

And Linlang Academy is different from Shengshi Academy. Linlang Academy recruits dísciple. As long as you have some innate talent aptitude, you will accept them all. It can be said that those who come are always welcome.

With the victory of Linlang Academy, it became famous, and many people came to the gate of Linlang Academy.

For a time, Linlang Academy became the largest academy in Yang Sector!

Some people even threatened that Linlang Academy is superior to Shengshi Academy!

In this regard, the Shengshi Academy has never expressed its position, and it seems that it does not want to compete with Linlang Academy.

The dísciple of the Shengshi Academy is also very stable, taking care of each cultivation and ignoring external affairs.

Three days later, a major news spread throughout Yang Sector!

In Yin-Yang two sectors, there is a Peak powerhouse coming from Yin Sector. The imposing manner is extremely strong, just like an emperor!

After he arrived in Yang Sector, he went directly to Yong Prefecture, and with his strong posture and strength, he swept Yong Prefecture and became the king!

On this day, the creatures who had previously entered the Yin Sector entered the Yong Prefecture, where they became their stronghold in the Yang Sector.

“Yang Sector that many Peak forces, don’t you care about it!?”

“The ancient Divine King, the Divine Emperor clan, as well as Linlang Academy and Shengshi Academy, are they just watching Watching Yin Sector dominate Yong Prefecture!?”


The sentient beings are puzzled, but Yang Sector’s Peak powerhouse did not take action.

This makes many people feel suspicious, is it possible that Yang Sector really has fallen, and no one can stop Yin Sector’s supreme powerhouse?

“Yin and Yang are in one body. Although they are opposites, they can also blend together.”

After ten days, the emperor of Yin Sector came out saying that he wanted to accept Yang. Sector dísciple is an apprentice.

He even told sentient beings that Yin Sector will not target Yang Sector creatures. If they want, they can come to Yin Sector.

This has made many people scold in secret, the emperor of Yin Sector clearly wants to assimilate Yang Sector!

This act of not seeing blood is too sinister!

I thought that the Yang Sector creatures would understand this truth, but it was shocking that on the same day, many Yang Sector creatures turned in to join the Yin Sector.

There are even a few Peak forces who have settled in Yong Prefecture!

“These people have betrayed Yang Sector!?”

“Being a rung of Yin Sector! Sooner or later they will regret it!”



However, with the passage of time, more and more Yang Sector creatures have come to visit Yin Sector.

There are even more rumors that several ancient Divine Kings have also visited the emperor’s gate in Yin Sector!

This makes a lot of people feel cold, secretly thought, is Yin Sector really so strong?

Even the ancient Divine King gave up and turned his back on Yang Sector. Is Yin Sector really unstoppable! ?

But some people understand why!

The emperor of Yin Sector has come, but the Peak powerhouses of Yang Sector did not make a move. Isn’t this just raising the prestige and imposing manner of Yin Sector!

Over time, many people naturally think that Yang Sector is indeed inferior to Yin Sector.

It is normal to rebel out of Yang Sector for self-preservation and survival.

“Entering my Yin Sector, I am proud of the way of Dao. My Yin Sector is far deeper than Yang Sector!”

After half a month, the emperor of Yin Sector spoke again, And in order to prove that Yin Sector’s “Dao” is better than Yang Sector, he once again sent a group of Yin Sector talents to challenge the Holy Son of the top Sects.

In just three days, almost all the peak forces in the Yang Sector were swept away!

“Yin Sector’s Tianjiao, compared with my Yang Sector’s Tianjiao… they are really too strong!”

“Many Tianjiao who have been famous in Yang Sector They actually insisted on no less than a hundred rounds in their hands! Some were even killed directly!”

“Too strong! Is this the difference between Yin Sector and Yang Sector!?”

… …

As Yin Sector wins more and more games, the imposing manner of Yang Sector has fallen to the bottom.

However, there are two exceptions.

Linlang Academy has never been defeated, and the same Shengshi Academy has never been defeated.

At the same time, the Martial Pavilion where Martial God is located has not been defeated!

Linlang Academy is undefeated. This is acceptable. After all, it was established by the Pingtian clan and has a profound background.

While the Shengshi Academy is unbeaten, everyone can understand that it was built on the horizon.

But Martial God’s Martial Pavilion can also be unbeaten, which makes many people wonder.

“Is Martial Pavilion really that strong?”

“I really didn’t see that Martial Pavilion has such a deep foundation and Direct Disciple is extremely powerful!”


Just as everyone was discussing Martial Pavilion, a message came from Shengshi Academy.

Dongfang Wushuang accidentally killed one of Yin Sector’s arrogances when he fought against him!

“What!? Dead!?”

“This…is a major event!”


I know that after the creatures of Yin Sector entered Yang Sector, although they have been challenging the arrogance of Great Influence, they have never died!

And this time, the Shengshi Academy is broken!

Everyone is watching, I wonder if the emperor of Yin Sector in Yong Prefecture will be troubled.

However, what is surprising is that the emperor of Yin Sector in Yong Prefecture did not react at all.

However, for more than ten days in a row, Yong Prefecture has sent Tianjiao to the Shengshi Academy, seemingly wanting to get his face back.

But it’s a pity that if there are two “door gods”, Ruoxiao and Dongfang Wushuang, Yin Sector’s Tianjiao has not beaten!

“The two masters! Can be called unparalleled!”

“The two door gods of Shengshi Academy!”


No Few people were amazed, and there was a fire in their hearts!

In Ruoxiao and Dongfang Wushuang, they seem to see the hope of the younger generation in Yang Sector!

“Are those two boys really that strong?”

“Oh, Shengshi Academy, go meet them.”


Just when everyone thought that Yong Prefecture would continue to send people over, unexpectedly, the next group of people who went to the Shengshi Academy to challenge would come from Linlang Academy!

“It’s all this time, it’s still a civil war!?”

“What the hell is Linlang Academy thinking!? If you don’t deal with the Yin Sector creatures, you actually attack Shengshi Academy!?”


Yang Sector is angry, but they also know what Linlang Academy means.

The establishment of the two academies one after the other must be divided.

Furthermore, the Hepingtian Clan on the End of the World is a mortal enemy, and when the two are born, they are bound to conflict.

“I heard that there are two gods in the Shengshi Academy. Today, I will come to the Linlang Academy!”

“Let me see how powerful the so-called Overlord is. The rumor is so powerful, or… the rumor is a bit exaggerated.”

On this day, the people from Linlang Academy are here!

There are two people who came here, both of whom are high-ranking gods, not much different from the realm of Ruoxiao and Dongfang Wushuang.

As soon as the two came here, they first uttered a lot of words, then…then there was no more.

Because Ruoxiao and Dongfang Wushuang were both too lazy to talk nonsense, they started directly to scrap these two people and then throw them out of the Shengshi Academy!

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