I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 958

The two tyrants are like the door gods of Shengshi Academy. If the same realm cultivator dares to come, they dare to fight!

Linlang Academy was angry, and sent two Peak dísciples to Shengshi Academy again that day.

The battle was very fierce, and it ended in a narrow victory between Ruoxiao and Dongfang Wushuang.

Afterwards, the two gate gods couldn’t hold them anymore, and the injuries were too serious, so they closed up for treatment.

“Shengshi Academy has won again.”

“Without two tyrants, Shengshi Academy will be like that.”


Many people sighed, thinking that in the dísciple of Shengshi Academy, Xiaoxiao and Dongfang Wushuang are better.

And now, without these two people, Shengshi Academy seems to have lost its cards and is about to fall.

“Shengshi Academy? Huh.”

Three days later, in front of the great hall of Shengshi Academy, Fangtai Zhanyuan came again!

This time, he brought a teenager, and both of them have reached the upper gods in their cultivation base, and the imposing manner is very powerful.

Fangtai Zhanyuan’s imposing manner is even more terrifying, vaguely reaching the cultivation base of the titled god, when the eyes are opened and closed, strands of Yin Qi float, like cold stars!

“Are you here to be beaten?”

Jiang Liu immediately walked out, and when he saw Fangtai Zhanyuan, a hint of contempt flashed in his eyes.

Jiang Liu is very honest, so he will not hide his thoughts.

To look down on you is to look down!

Fang Tai Zhanyuan was hearing this, jokingly, and said: “I haven’t seen you for a while, you are still the same.”

“You are the same.” Jiang Liu eyebrows raised and said: “Why? Do you still want to fight today?”

“Come here, not to fight, is it possible that is to relive the past?” Fang Tai Zhanyuan took a step forward after saying this, his eyes flashed With confidence, he said: “Today, I will suppress you!”

“So much nonsense! Hit!” Jiang Liu thrust out, the golden rays of light on his body transpired like a human tyrannosaurus!

When the footsteps came out, the earth shook, and there was an illusory shadow behind him!

The left hand squeezes the fist print, the right hand knots the palm print, and under the fist palms intersect, they are like two golden mountains, approaching Fangtai Zhanyuan!

“You still only know brute force.” Fang Tian Zhanyuan said contemptuously, and then summoned Dao Soul thunder, a knife fell, like a river flowing backwards, and went straight to the top of the head of Jiang Liu!



next moment, the explosion sounded, I saw Jiang Liu’s palm pushing horizontally, the golden light suddenly appeared, like an Inextinguishable Golden Body!

Under a palm, the thunder was shaken away, and then a fist struck out, like a meteor falling, crashing on Fang Tai Zhanyuan!



Blood sprayed from Fangtai Zhanyuan’s mouth, his chest sunken, complexion pale, even Divine Soul almost Get out of town!

“I’m still the same.” Jiang Liu lightly said: “And you, the same, still so weak, can’t stand my punch.”


Fang Tai Zhanyuan was angry, but he lost again!

“It seems that in addition to the two master gods of the Shengshi Academy, there is also an eternal Saint Physique.”

At this moment, the young people who came with Fangtai Zhanyuan smiled With a cry, simply didn’t care about Fang Tai Zhanyuan’s injury.

I saw him smile at Jiang Liu, his smile full of contempt.



next moment, I saw this young man step out suddenly, at a speed like a lightning, passing by!

When he appeared again, he had fallen behind Jiang Liu!

At the same time, his palm is stained with golden blood!


Jiang Liu froze in place, with blood spurting out of his mouth.

He lowered his head in a daze, looking at the scar that pierced his chest, his eyes were full of unbelief!

His unmatched fleshy body was broken, and he didn’t even react to it!

Unable to see how this young man made the move, Jiang Liu just felt a Profound Light passing by!

“Shengshi Academy, after all, it was defeated.” The young man waved the golden blood in his hand, smiled at Jiang Liu, and said: “You, no.”

” You!” Jiang Liu was furious, but while speaking, a mouthful of blood sprayed out again, even more casually with the internal organs!

He was seriously injured!

“The title of the realm of the gods, defeated a high-ranking god, what is there to be proud of?”

At this moment, a lazy voice came.

In the voice, there is also a trace of anger!

This young man hearing this, turned around and looked around, and saw a lower True God who did not know when he appeared in front of the central palace.

“The next True God?” This young man was stunned, dignified at Shengshi Academy, how could there be someone with such a low cultivation base?

“I am the tutor of Shengshi Academy.” Jiang Chen lightly said, then pointed to Jiang Liu, and said: “And he is my little brother.”

“Oh? The lower True God is the big brother, and the upper one respects the god as the younger brother? It’s really interesting.” The boy jokingly said, “What? The younger brother was beaten, do you want the big brother to take action?”

Jiang Chen hearing this , Step forward, it is natural nodded, said: “The younger brother was beaten, of course the big brother has to take action. Otherwise, what else would someone call me a big brother for?”

“Just You?” The young man suddenly laughed, staring at Jiang Chen with disdain, and said: “Are you…really the tutor of Shengshi Academy?”

“authentic.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

“Your cultivation base…” The young man frowned and said: “I don’t bother to fight with you!”

“Oh? Really?” Jiang Chen lightly said, suddenly A dragon shadow appears behind him, and a tiger shadow rises and falls in front of him!

Flowers of roses are spinning around him, like thousands of flowers blooming in the spring!

next moment, Jiang Chen stormed out, and the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow burst out, like two sharp sharp edges, directly struck the boy!

Without waiting for the boy’s reaction, Jiang Chen throws a punch, and the sound of the tiger’s roar shook the sky, directly suppressing the opponent to the ground!

“I remember that both sides acquiesced in the same realm cultivator battle, right? You used the title of the god cultivation base today to damage my dísciple, the upper god of the Shengshi Academy. This… has to give an explanation. “

Jiang Chen lightly said, walked to the boy’s body, pressed his head, cold glow in his eyes, and said: “Explain, otherwise…you don’t Thinking about leaving.”

“You still dare to kill me!?” This young man raised his eyebrows. Although he was frightened by Jiang Chen’s strength, he was not afraid!

Yin Sector has an Emperor coming to Yong Prefecture, and no one in Yang Sector dares to go, which makes the creatures of Yin Sector more arrogant and confident!

They think that the supreme powerhouse of Yang Sector is afraid to do it!

This is the case. Since this time, the life style of Yin Sector has become more arrogant and despotic!

“To be honest, I don’t want to kill you until as a last resort.” Jiang Chen said truthfully: “After all, you have an emperor in Yin Sector.”

“I know That’s fine!” The boy coldly said: “If my Emperor Yin Sector makes a move, it will be enough to level the entire Yang Sector!”


At this moment, gray-haired The old man suddenly appeared and said to Jiang Chen nodded, and said: “The time is almost here, I don’t have to give up anymore.”

“Senior…what do you mean?” Jiang Chen stared at the gray. -haired old man, secretly thought is about to have a major event!

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