I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 960

The emperor of Da Liuyun was killed yesterday, and the cry of heaven shouldn’t have appeared until now.

So, who owns the cry of heaven now?

“It shouldn’t be…” Jiang Chen expression condensed, looking towards Yong Prefecture.

There was blood there, and the sky seemed to have two holes, like two eyes, dripping with blood!

“The one in Yong Prefecture? Dead!?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen suddenly realized one thing, Yang Sector is not as weak as it seems!

If you didn’t make a move before, it doesn’t mean that Yang Sector is afraid of Yin Sector!

Perhaps, I was just exploring the reality of Yin Sector that’s all!

Sure enough, in just one day, a message came out.

The pseudo-emperor in Yong Prefecture was beheaded, and the person who shot it was the dean of Linlang Academy!

Linlang Academy was established by the Pingtian clan, so its director is naturally a member of the Pingtian clan!

“The two strongest forces in Yang Sector have taken action.” Jiang Chen lightly said, I don’t know if this matter is good or bad.

The gate of Yin-Yang two sectors has not been fully opened yet, only some youngsters and two emperors have been sent.

This can be regarded as a lead, exploring the reality of Yang Sector, the real force has not arrived yet!

And now, two emperors have died before Yin Sector’s army has arrived. Will Yin Sector give up? !

When the gate of Yin-Yang two sectors is completely opened, maybe a war will start for this!

“Hey…the sky is falling down, there are tall people standing up against it, I am here to worry about what I do.” Jiang Chen laughed at himself.

Now his cultivation base is too low. Although the battle strength is very strong, the cultivation base is flawed.

Furthermore, the situation is getting more and more serious nowadays, and ordinary Divine Kings can’t participate!

And Jiang Chen, even if he transformed Spirit Physique to three thousand or even five thousand, it would be difficult for him to participate in this war.

What he has to do now is cultivation in addition to cultivation.

As for this world…

Oh, let him go.

“Why is the burial ground still in civil war?”


At this moment, outside the south wall, many creatures gathered here.

They looked through the south wall and saw the scene of the fall of the two emperors.

This makes them very puzzled. In the face of the enemy, shouldn’t Nine Heavens God World join forces?

“The burial site has always been like this. I am afraid these creatures have forgotten their mission.” A humanoid creature said: “A group of ignorant and ignorant residues that’s all, driven out by the main star, have guarded the burial site for generations. “

“Poor, pathetic.”

Just when a group of people despised Nine Heavens God World, a whole body was shrouded in dazzling rays of light. The creatures appeared.

He has six heads, on the back grows a pair of wings, and the flames around him rise and fall!

As he appeared, the outside of the south wall suddenly became quiet.

“Don’t underestimate the burial site.” The creature said contemptuously: “The ancestors have attacked the burial site several times, but they have never recovered the site, and they have not even found that thing.”

“Even in a certain era, the ancestors of my Great Thousand Worlds paid a great price because they looked down on the burial ground!”

Everyone was hearing this, and they were moved, and even more people remembered it. The shameful history of Great Thousand Worlds!

At that time, Great Thousand Worlds was so brilliant and powerful, Peak powerhouses of various Great Sect forces joined forces to attack the burial ground!

But what about the result? !

At that time, even the South Wall could not be broken!

And what humiliated Great Thousand Worlds most is that not only the south wall cannot be broken, but there are unknown creatures in the burial site that shot through the south wall and killed the large Great Thousand Worlds Peak powerhouse!

Even when it was time to retreat, the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds didn’t know who the creature that shot across the south wall was, and didn’t even see its appearance!

“This time is different! Great Sage has been deduced, and the burial ground has declined, and never used to be!”

“Yes, Great Sage’s deduction never goes wrong! this time , Just waiting for the southern wall to break, I will wait to attack the burial site and destroy this filthy place!”


A few extremely powerful creatures spoke with confidence. !

However, the six-headed creatures suddenly burst out a terrifying killing intent, looking towards the talking creatures, and angrily said: “Dare you say that the burial ground is a dirty place!? Even if the Old Ancestor of your family is here, I dare not say that!”


“This is a burial ground, a tomb, isn’t it? Dirty place?”


Many creatures are puzzled, and they don’t know why this six-headed creature is angry.

“This is the burial site and the place of origin!” The six-headed creature said solemnly: “In an ancient era, the burial site already existed before Great Thousand Worlds was formed.”


“Some sages once speculated that the ancestors I waited for may all come from the burial site. This…may be our original home.”

As soon as this word came out, many Great Thousand Worlds The creature complexion is gloomy down, and disgust flashed in his eyes.

They do not admit this statement!

In their hearts, Great Thousand Worlds aloof and remote is sacred and immaculate!

And this burial place is a tomb, buried with dirty things!

Here, if it were their original home, this… is really ridiculous, and even more unacceptable!

“Venerable Red Lotus, seeing the fun in the funeral, why don’t you send a few people down and play?” Some creatures suggested: “With the strength of my waiting, send a few gods , It shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Yes, it’s boring to wait all the time. It’s better to… send a few Juniors down, just as a hone.”


Obviously, these creatures are bored and want to find something to do.

Some people even suggested that they send troops to hunt down the creatures in the burial grounds, and play a game to see who kills more!

“I’m not afraid that the people I will be sent down will be killed by the people in the burial ground?” Someone frowns saying: “Judging from our current situation and the degree of damage to the south wall, I will wait to send it down. The highest cultivation base of the creatures must not exceed the main god.”

“In the burial ground, some creatures can easily kill the main god.”


For this, Many people are also secretly nodded, and sending people down now means sending them to death.

For a time, everyone turned their eyes on the six-headed creature, that is, the creature called the Venerable Red Lotus!

“There is going to be a war sooner or later, but I can discuss it with the creatures in the burial ground.” Venerable Red Lotus lightly said: “Only there are constraints between each other, so you can try.”

After that, I saw a ray of flame on Venerable Honglian turned into a divine light, quietly entered the south wall, and then moved towards Linlang Academy and Tianya and flew away.

A few days later, the flames returned, and Venerable Honglian smiled and said, “Send someone down.”

“The other party agreed!?”


“This…really promised!?”

Everyone is puzzled, they want to send people down to hunt the creatures in the burial ground, and the burial ground Some of the most powerhouses actually agreed.

This is impossible, right?

“They are not stupid, they know that they want to cultivate New Generation.” Venerable Honglian said: “Perhaps, they have no hope for themselves.”

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