I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 961

“They didn’t report hope to themselves?”

Everyone was puzzled, and they knew who Venerable Red Lotus said they were.

Those people are the most powerhouses in the burial ground. Anyone can dominate one party, and even shock the entire history!

Why don’t those people report hope to themselves? Did you give up yourself?

Or do they foresee something?

“I don’t even know about some things, Great Sage has never revealed it.” Venerable Honglian lightly said: “Anyway, let these juniors go and play.”

This One day, a crack appeared in the sky of Nine Heavens God World. Dozens of meteors fell from the Foreign Domain and scattered in various places of Nine Heavens God World.

On the same day, Linlang Academy and Tianya declared that the world was a cultivator from Great Thousand Worlds, and the cultivation base was in the realm of titled gods.

Furthermore, Two Great Influences also promised to continue. If anyone can kill these Great Thousand Worlds creatures, they will be seriously injured and even get the true story of Two Great Influences!

But the premise is that you must not “bully the weak”.

This excites the creatures of Nine Heavens God World. Many people are already preparing to “hunt” these Great Thousand Worlds creatures and get a “reward”!

However, some people are worried because they can’t “bully the weak”!

Why is this! ?

Many people are speculating whether the two Peak forces are afraid of Great Thousand Worlds! ?

If not, why would you agree to such a request? !

However, due to the strength of Two Great Influences, no one dares to bully the weak.

“A major event!”

“In just one day, more than 700 people were hunted down in my Nine Heavens God World!”

” All of the ranks of Tianjiao! There are a few evildoers who are expected to become Divine King!”

2nd day, a piece of news swept the Nine Heavens God World.

The creatures sent by Great Thousand Worlds are too powerful. They are also the cultivation base of titled gods, but they can easily suppress and kill the titled gods of Nine Heavens God World!

Over 700 people were killed in one day!

It also includes two descendants of the Divine Emperor clan!

“The burial site is too weak.”

“Under the same realm, my Great Thousand Worlds is invincible.”


Foreign Domain, Venerable Red Lotus and the others looked at all of this, with smiles on their faces, as if they saw the picture of the burial ground being destroyed in the future.

Some people even got up arrogantly and threatened to kill the Peak powerhouses in the burial ground with their own hands!

“Let me just say, Great Sage’s deduction can’t be wrong, the burial site of this life, too weak!”

“Wait until the South Wall collapses, I’ll wait to get into it , Maybe you don’t need a large army to come, with us people, we can destroy the burial ground!”


However, when these people are full of confidence and boasting, the red Venerable Lotus’s face suddenly changed!

In his pupils, flames rise and fall, turning into big runes.

His eyes seem to be able to see everything!

At this moment, he stretched out a finger, pointed to a certain part of the burial ground, and asked: “Where is it?”

“Look at that, it should be a College.” Someone replied.

“Venerable Honglian, is there any problem?”


“You…see for yourself.” Venerable Honglian said solemnly.

When the voice fell, everyone’s eyes condensed, like two rays of sky, directly shooting where they pointed!

next moment, the faces of these people suddenly turned black!

On a certain part of the burial ground, in front of a college, more than a dozen Great Thousand Worlds were lying here.

There is still lightning on their bodies, and there are more flames and wind roaring!

Life Aura has disappeared, the Divine Soul and the soul are shattered. These dozen or so title gods from Great Thousand Worlds are actually dead!

Beside them, there was a handsome young man, dressed in Bai Yi, looking towards Tianwai with a smile on his face.

As if, this boy knew they were looking here.

“It’s really unfortunate, you came when I was Transcending Tribulation.” The young man lightly said, dusting and blood stains on his body, and then turned and entered the academy.

Look carefully, at the gate of the academy, these words “prosperous” are impressive!

“Shengshi Academy?”

“Who is that kid?”


A group of people were shocked, especially Honglian The Venerable can see clearly that Bai Yi is only a low-ranking True God, but he can attract Heavenly Tribulation who is no weaker than the title of God!

Even, the Heavenly Tribulation is not ordinary, mixed with heavenly punishment, God’s wrath!

“Send someone over, check!” Venerable Honglian said solemnly: “A Heavenly Tribulation actually killed more than ten arrogances of Great Thousand Worlds!”

At this moment, In the Shengshi Academy, Jiang Chen came to the West Hall with a smile on his face.

Bai Fengyu and the others expression was a little nervous. When he saw Jiang Chen, he rushed over and probed Jiang Chen’s body.

“Master, what tribulation did you just cross? It’s scary.” Bai Fengyu said softly: “Are you okay?”

“Master, let me see you Is there any injury?” Nalan Meier also came over, and the slender jade hand touched Jiang Chen’s body, the charm on his face became more and more prosperous!

Jiang Chen took a few steps back in a hurry, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and said: “It’s okay, I’m really okay!”

“Master! We care about you too!” Lan Meier’s expression straightened, and said: “You can’t see your injury in your clothes, why don’t you take it off?”


Jiang Chen’s expression instantly stiffened and stared. Glancing at Nalan Meier, she said angrily: “I’m waiting for the cultivation base. Did I hurt you? You have to take off your clothes!?”

After that, Jiang Chen was all over. Shaking, he hurried out of the West Hall.

Suddenly he felt that this West Hall is not to be treated!

Since the three female disciplines came back to them, Jiang Chen has to be on guard all day long.

I’m afraid that I will be put to sleep by these three if I am not careful!

Sometimes, Jiang Chen has to lay out Formation and Formation during cultivation, as if he was afraid of breaking his innocence!

“Boss, are those people the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds? What do you think? Are they awesome?”

When I came out of the West Hall, I just met Ruo Xiao.

He came over, the previous injury has been completely recovered, and now he looks fighting intent!

“Very strong.” Jiang Chen said resolutely: “If I happened to be in Transcending Tribulation, they happened to be implicated again, otherwise I would not be their opponent.”

” If I break through to the title gods, can I fight them?” Ruo Xiao asked.

If Xiaoxiao’s cultivation speed is very fast, he used to be a god, and now he is about to step into the realm of titled gods!

“Perhaps.” Jiang Chen was not sure.

Because they don’t know anything about the cultivator of Great Thousand Worlds.

The only certainty is that they are all extremely strong!

Perhaps the world is different and the avenue environment is different, so the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds are generally stronger than Nine Heavens God World!

“I really hope to fight those creatures.” Ruoxiao lightly said: “I have touched the threshold of the titled god. If I can fight as hard as possible, maybe it will let me breakthrough and step into the titled god in one fell swoop. !”

As soon as Xiao Xiao finished speaking, Jiang Chen’s pupils suddenly condensed, said solemnly: “They are here!”

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