I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 962

Beyond the gate of Shengshi Academy, a young man in a black robe descended here.

He was very cautious and did not enter the academy, as if he was worried about the array formation in the academy.

“The one who killed me in Great Thousand Worlds? Come out and lead him to death.”

This young man is cautious, but not arrogant. Standing outside the mountain gate, his voice is thunderous and trembling. Quartet!

At this moment, all the dísciple in the Shengshi Academy came out, and even several instructors stood outside the central palace, staring at the boy quietly.

“Who killed my Great Thousand Worlds’ arrogant? Come out and kneel down to lead death!” The boy spoke again, with a very strong imposing manner, and a circle of gods surrounded him!

“The title of the god, but the god ring has been born!? This is…Heaven Warping Genius, who will surely become the Divine King in the future!”

“Great Thousand Worlds Are the cultivators so strong?”


In the Shengshi Academy, one after another exclamation came out, and there was even a sense of fear in people’s eyes.

This is no wonder, after all, after the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds entered God World, they killed more than 700 people in one day!

And these more than 700 people are all famous talents!

This makes many people feel terrified!

At this moment, Jiang Chen is also standing in front of the Central Palace, forced a smile and said: “It was they who broke into my Heavenly Tribulation by mistake, so they were hacked to death. It was not intended to kill them.”

“en? Lower True God?” The young man stared at him with a look of doubt, and muttered in his heart: “Heavenly Tribulation of the lower True God, can kill the titled god?”

I know, the title god is not for nothing!

Anyone who steps into the realm of the title deity will be gifted by God and given the title.

That is not just a simple title, it is accompanied by Magical Powers and the power of heaven’s shelter!

Generally, only the same realm, and even the Heavenly Tribulation of the higher realm, can suppress and kill the titled gods.

And the Heavenly Tribulation of the lower True God, no matter how horrible it is, it will not break the defense of the titled god!

“Trifling True God, don’t talk nonsense here!” The young man coldly said: “Hand over the murderer!”

“You don’t believe it?” Jiang Chen was speechless, The old face also blushed slightly, and said with a slight embarrassment: “Don’t look at me, I only have True God, but my strength is very strong.”

“I don’t want to talk nonsense with you! Hand over the murderer!” This boy If you don’t believe in Jiang Chen, the killing intent on his body has gradually become stronger, and he said: “Are you going to protect him!?”

“You don’t believe it after you say it.” Jiang Chen said irritably, and then his eyes flashed. A cold, fierce color burst out, and said: “You have killed more than 700 gods of God World, who is the murderer?”

As soon as this word came out, the boy couldn’t help but chuckle a few times, his face covered. It means contempt.

His eyes are cold, full of arrogance, and when the corners of his mouth are slightly upturned, he has endless contempt.

“You are too weak.” The young man said: “I am waiting to kill the enemy with my strength, but you…you use Heavenly Tribulation to kill the people of our race!”

“Using Heavenly Tribulation to kill the enemy is also based on strength.” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and said: “If you are not convinced, you can also use Heavenly Tribulation to kill the enemy.”

Of course, Jiang Chen’s remarks are just a joke. Then, tease the other party.

The main reason is the dísciple of the Shengshi Academy. Today, no one has stepped into the title deity.

Even if he stepped in, I am afraid he would not be the opponent of this young man.

Jiang Chen has been talking, but he is delaying time.

He wants to wait for the gray-haired old man to come forward, maybe this matter can be suppressed.

If not, it would be difficult to handle today.

However, since this young man came here, there has been more than 30 breaths of time, and no gray-haired old man has appeared.

This makes Jiang Chen quite confused. Isn’t he in the academy?

Then, since the gray-haired old man is not there, four of their mentors are in charge of this college.

“What nonsense with him, just kill!” Elder of the Poison Temple is still so direct, regardless of the so-called rules.

However, the descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God on the side hurriedly stopped him, expressing grave, and said: “This is the common rule set by the peace on the end of the world.”

“Break the rules!” Elder of the Poison Temple had a very ugly face, and the poisonous mist on his body was steaming, and he wanted to do it now!

However, in the end he held it back!

“This is uncomfortable.” Jiang Chen frowned, looking towards the forty dísciples of Shengshi Academy, none of them reached the title of god.

This…who will play?

“Boss, I’ll go!” Ruoxiao walked over and said resolutely: “If it is a war, I might be able to step into the titled god!”

“No possibility, you go If you die, you will die.” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “This is not a child’s play!”

“But…who can play now!? Can this kid be rampant at the gate of the academy?” Ruo Fiction Tao.

Jiang Chen hearing this is also a big head.

Elder of the Poison Temple, the emperor of Hao Heavenly God, and Yue Guangming are also dark.

At this moment, a group of people appeared on the hill not far from Shengshi Academy.

They are dressed in uniform robes, and they are extremely strong in an imposing manner, but at this moment they are watching here with a playful meaning.

“The dísciple of Linlang Academy!”

“What are they doing here?”


Everyone is puzzled, but very I soon understood the purpose of this group of people.

“Yo? I was blocked at the door and didn’t dare to fight? Sure enough, Shengshi Academy just couldn’t do it. That’s all.”

“hahaha, it’s ridiculous Extremely! The huge Shengshi Academy, with forty dísciples, doesn’t even have a title god!?”

“It’s really the shame of my Nine Heavens God World!”


There was a group of people in Linlang Academy of ridicule. Among them, a young man took a step forward and joked: “How about I help Shengshi Academy?”

This boy is also a titled god, and has reached a higher level!

The imposing manner he exudes is extremely strong, not weaker than that of Great Thousand Worlds!

However, when the young man’s tone barely fell, he saw the young man from Great Thousand Worlds narrowed his eyes, squinted at the other person, lightly said: “Just you?”



Suddenly, there was a loud noise. Everyone didn’t see how the Great Thousand Worlds boy made the move, only the one from Linlang Academy. That titled god flew upside down!

Blood was spilled along the way, and the fleshy body broke apart on the way upside down!

He is trying to condense the divine force and wants to reorganize the fleshy body!


But, next moment, there is another explosion!

A sword glow, as if spanning several Great Prefectures, as if from the sky, directly smashed the soul of the titled god of Linlang Academy!

“any cat or dog, that’s all.”

At this moment, the teenagers from Great Thousand Worlds are back in place, looking towards the group of Linlang Academy with contempt. Human, said: “Just watch it, don’t be annoying like a fly.”



Linlang A group of people in the academy went silent, and did not dare to breathe!

Their faces were full of horror, and they couldn’t believe it. They were also titled gods, and their titled gods were directly killed by the opponent!

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