I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 963

Everyone was shocked and couldn’t imagine why this happened!

They are also title gods, they all use the title bestowed by God, why not the enemy?

For a while, a group of people in Linlang Academy didn’t dare to speak out, and stood there blankly, not even daring to breathe.

On the other side, the dísciple of Shengshi Academy also held their breath.

Just because the opponent is too strong, too shocking!

At this moment, the young man from Great Thousand Worlds condensed his eyes, looked towards Jiang Chen and the others, and said contemptuously: “What? dares to do, but not acknowledge?”

“I said, I killed.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “They strayed into my Heavenly Tribulation.”

“Do you think I can believe it?” The young man coldly said, with contempt in his eyes The meaning is undisguised.

After that, I saw him stepping into the gate of Shengshi Academy and moving towards the central palace step by step.

His body is tall and straight, surrounded by gods, like a young god King-like!

Wherever you pass, there are flowers everywhere under your feet, and divine light above your head falls, so extraordinary!

After ten breaths, when he walked to the central palace of Shengshi Academy, he reached Peak in an imposing manner!

At this moment, there was a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and he said: “You guys, are there anyone going to fight?”




For a time, the audience was silent, no one dared to say a word!

Of course, Ruoxiao wanted to play, but was stopped by Jiang Chen.

“Huge academy, this is it?” The young man became more arrogant, swept across the crowd with contemptuous eyes, then stretched out a finger, shook it in front of the crowd, and said: “No, Too weak.”

“You are too crazy.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen stepped out, the expression Ling Ran, and the divine force within the body was surging!

Like a tsunami, Jiang Chen within the body keeps sending out one after another roar, as if there are boundless waves beating!

“Crazy? So what? What can you do to me?” The young man sneered: “You true God, in my eyes, you are nothing but ants that’s all.”

” Ant?” Jiang Chen laughed suddenly and said: “Oh, it’s a pity that my ant is different.”

After all, before the other party speaks again, Jiang Chen’s killing intent appeared in his eyes, coldly said: “Leave now, you still have a life to live!”

“Oh? Why? Do you want to bully the weak?” The young man said with a sneer: “The burial ground fears my Great Thousand Worlds, so I decided Rules, don’t bully the weak!”

“The supreme powerhouses in the burial ground are scared. What dignity is there in your burial ground?”




Jiang Chen heard this, and a sigh came out.

After that, he walked out a few steps slowly, with helplessness in his eyes.

“Isn’t born in time? I think…it should be a responsibility.” Jiang Chen sighed lightly: “Since the dignity of Nine Heavens God World is unguarded, then let me come. Try it.”

“You? hahaha…you are cracking a joke…” The young man laughed wildly, but before he finished speaking, his expression suddenly became serious!

I saw Jiang Chen both hands forming seals, and each talisman sank into the void!

The shadow of the dragon appeared behind him, the tigers gathered in front of him, and the brilliance of the sky, soaring from a distance!

At this moment, the expressions of everyone in Heavenspan Church condensed. They saw the Spirit Physique left by Jiang Chen flying away!

At the same time, the Spirit Physique that Jiang Chen has faded in the Shengshi Academy during this period has also turned into streamers, flying out of the West Hall!

“Don’t be consummated, just a momentary pleasure.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

He has decided to integrate all Spirit Physique at this moment!

This is not what he wants. After all, Spirit Physique has not faded yet three thousand. At this moment, the Heavenspan Holy Code simply cannot cultivation arrives at perfection!

But, as he said, don’t be complete!

Being bullied to the head is more about the dignity of the entire Nine Heavens!

He doesn’t want to continue to bear it!

What about unsatisfactory! ?

A moment of pleasure is enough!

“Little Junior Brother…”

“According to Little Junior Brother’s cultivation speed, the Spirit Physique he has now faded should be around 2,500, the distance The lowest level of Consummation is about five hundred!”


In Heavenspan Church, Luoshu and the others are very puzzled. I don’t know why Jiang Chen suddenly wanted to integrate Spirit. Physique!

Be aware that once Spirit Physique merges, there is no possibility of Spirit Physique being faded!

When the time comes, Jiang Chen is equivalent to a flaw in the realm!

His future achievements are on the Supreme Path, and there will be big problems!

“This is his decision.” Song Tingtao stood in front of the great hall, looking far away, as if he could see what was happening in the Shengshi Academy.

At this moment, in the sky of Shengshi Academy, the divine light all over the sky fell, turning into wisps of fine light, and fell into Jiang Chen’s within the body!

The fleshy body is humming, like a Giant Bell being rang, the sound resounds everywhere!

Its imposing manner is also constantly soaring, from the lower True God to the upper Profound God!

Finally, he was only one step away from the god!

But many people can see that although Jiang Chen’s imposing manner has soared, his realm is still the lower True God!

“What’s going on? Did he use some forbidden technique?”

“The imposing manner has improved a lot, but the realm remains the same…”

Just when everyone was puzzled, the divine light all over the sky disappeared, and Jiang Chen’s imposing manner was fixed in the upper Profound God.

At this moment, he sighed softly: “After all, it was not perfect.”

“The imposing manner is very strong, but unfortunately, you only have the lower True God cultivation base.” The young man said with contempt: “Why? If you think so, you can fight with me?”

“No.” Jiang Chen shook the head, and said: “It’s not a fight with you, but suppress you. “

“Just you?” The young man sneered: “You can’t do it yet.”



Voice When it fell, an explosion suddenly came out!

At this moment, everyone was horrified to discover that the young man from Great Thousand Worlds actually flew upside down!

Blood was spilled along the way, and the rings on his body were much dim!

At the same time, everyone saw Jiang Chen’s silhouette and disappeared in place at some point!


“What happened!?”

One after another exclaimed, But then a dragon roar covered up everyone’s voice!

Looking intently, I saw Jiang Chen rushed in front of the young man at some unknown time, his left hand condensed the dragon seal fist, and the right hand a rose blooming!

Double fists struck out horizontally, like two bright shining suns, one left and the other right, hitting the front and back of this young man!

“You! courting death!”

Although this boy was injured, he is still very strong!

He reacted extremely quickly, he stabilized his silhouette in an instant, and then pushed out with a palm!

The palm prints are dazzling, as if a Star River broke through the void, and the suppression moved towards Jiang Chen!

“Tianwai Great Thousand Worlds, you guys… too underestimate my Nine Heavens God World.” Jiang Chen fearlessly, both hands forming seals, one by one obscure rune broke out!

In a few breaths, rune gathered and turned into three sharp swords, ups and downs in front of Jiang Chen!

“forbidden technique ·Zhan Sansheng!”



With a few explosions, I saw A sharp sword slashed out horizontally, shattering the palm print battle marrow like Star River!

Then the second sword turned into a blood-colored dragon, and split open space appeared!

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