I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 964

The long scarlet dragon shook, cutting through the void, and in a flash fell in front of the boy!


Under a burst of noise, I saw the blood-colored dragon head hit the boy’s body, the red ripples spread, and the piercing collision sounded one after another!


After a few breaths, everyone’s expression condensed, and there was a cracking sound in their ears.

Looking carefully, I saw that the divine force of the young man’s body was cut away by this sword!

“I am a titled god! I have the title body protection!” The young man roared, and above his head, an ancient “person” character rune manifested!

“Human-level title!”

“No wonder he was able to kill the dísciple of Linlang Academy in one move!”


Many people exclaimed that the title of human level is extraordinary, and it is the third existence among all titles!

Title god, as its name, has its own title.

Each title is different, but it can be roughly divided into five levels.

From bottom to top, there are five levels: mortal, human, spirit, earth, and sky.

Under normal circumstances, even those who are innate talent aptitude extremely outstanding can only get the title of “Fan” when they step into the title deity.

Only a few evildoers can get the title of “people”!

Don’t underestimate the level 1 gap, you must know that the title of the character is nothing in front of the title of the character!

The power of Grand Dao hidden between the two titles, as different as heaven and earth, is a huge difference!

As for the title of Spirit, Earth, and Heaven Level 3, this is even rarer!

Especially the title of Tianzi level, since ancient times, few can get it!

Even the creatures who are known as the most powerful house in a certain era do not necessarily have the title of Tianzi!

Therefore, when a character-level title god appears, it will inevitably trigger a wave of fluctuations.

However, in the next scene, everyone began to wonder, is this character-level title too weak?

I saw Jiang Chen’s third sword cut out, and the silver white light was radiant, like a crescent moon, sweeping by!

Its speed is extremely fast, even without splitting the air sound, it was cut on the boy’s body!



With several explosions, I saw the boy’s body shook, and the herringbone rune on his head was broken. !

After that, before he could react, Jiang Chen stepped out, pinched his fist with his left hand, and pressed his fist on top of the head!


Under the muffled sound, the top of the head of this young man exploded, and a Divine Soul entrained the soul, moved towards the distance!

His face is full of fear, even Divine Soul is shaking!

He can’t imagine how a low-level True God cultivation can have such battle strength!

Too scary!

“Since I have broken my work, then…the killing will begin today.” Jiang Chen lightly said, the right hand struck out, like a grinding disc, rolling up waves of void ripples!


next moment, I saw a cold glow across the air, and the young Divine Soul shattered, blooming like fireworks!

“Leave you a strand of Remnant Soul, go back and tell your companions, I Nine Heavens God World can’t be bullied!” Jiang Chen coldly said, looking at the strand of Remnant Soul under the fireworks, his eyes flashed After a fierce killing intent.

The ray of Remnant Soul heard one after another harsh sound, cursing Jiang Chen, or screaming.

Apparently, although this young man was afraid, he also resented!

“Only a strand of Remnant Soul remains, still barking!? Then leave it!” Jiang Chen coldly said, a strand of cold glow burst out from his fingertips, like a Profound Light that broke the sky, The young man’s last ray of Remnant Soul beheaded!

So far, a god with a herringbone title has fallen!

At this moment, all around silence, no one speaks!

Everyone was moved and their hearts were shocked, secretly thought this is the real monster!

The lower True God, the title deity of beheading people!

This battle is enough to go down in history!

Even the Poison Temple Elder, the descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God are dumbfounded.

They have lived for tens of thousands of years, they have seen tyrannical men, but they have never seen such fierce ones!

This kind of person, if they grow up, they will have it in the future! ?

In this world, don’t you want to let him have the final say! ?

“It’s a pity, I broke my work.”

After a few breaths, Elder of the Poison Temple sighed and said: “Heavenspan Church’s Heavenspan Scripture, I also know a little bit, you Forcibly merged before Spirit Physique has been shed… realm is no longer complete and flawless.”

“You have broken your work, and your future will be difficult.” The descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God are also He sighed and felt sorry for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen hearing this, shrugged, it doesn’t matter, lightly said with a smile: “It’s okay, two thousand six hundred Spirit Physiques are enough.”

“Actually, today you even It’s okay if you don’t take action.” Yue Guangming said: “This is Shengshi Academy after all, and the powerhouses of Great Thousand Worlds have not yet arrived.

“If you don’t take action, your face will be damaged. “Jiang Chen lightly said, Ling Ran’s eyes flickered, and he said: “Aren’t people living for the sake of face?” “


As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Chen’s face suddenly became pale!

mouth spurt blood spilled out, carrying There is a foul smell, and there are rotten road fragments!

This is… the foundation is damaged!

“Forcibly merged and started a war in haste, you within the body The breath is chaotic, under the collision of the power of Grand Dao, your foundation…I’m afraid it will be destroyed. “Elder of the Poison Temple stared at Jiang Chen and saw through Jiang Chen’s situation at the moment.

Jiang Chen’s body was trembling, and didn’t expect it to be like this!

, Now it’s too late to say anything!

Furthermore, Jiang Chen has no regrets!

“I will go to retreat. “Jiang Chen lightly said, ignoring anyone, alone entered the West Hall, and opened Formation, blocking everyone.

“If he has nothing to worry about with my Poison Temple, I can help him. Put. “The Poison Temple Elder said, then shook the head, sighing: “It’s a pity. “

“Something happened to my family recently, and it really can’t handle him. “The descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God said with a bitter smile.

However, as the Divine Emperor clan, the background is so profound, perhaps just waving his hands can heal Jiang Chen.

The descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God said this remark, obviously not wanting to help Jiang Chen.

Everyone here knows what he is thinking.

” Yue Senior, the boss is the half son-in-law of the Yue clan anyway, you…” Xiao Qingyi looked towards Yue Guangming, with a hint of pleading in his eyes, and said: “Can you help the boss? “

“No help. “Yue Guangming Complexion Sank said grimly: “My Yue Clan hasn’t asked him to settle accounts yet!” “

As soon as this is said, Ruo Xiao and the others’ complexion suddenly looks ugly.

They don’t know the severity of Jiang Chen’s injuries, but they also know that once the foundation is destroyed In the light of the cultivation base, body dies and Dao disappears!

Now, the only ones who can help Jiang Chen are these three forces!

Of course, if it is Tianya is willing to make a move, naturally there is no problem.

However, the gray-haired old man has disappeared and he has nowhere to go. As for Zixiao…

How would such creatures care? A fate of True God?

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