I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 965

Everyone can see that Jiang Chen is seriously injured, even with mortal danger.

However, few people can help Jiang Chen at this moment!

Everyone is worried that if Jiang Chen can’t survive this time, all the previous efforts will be wasted!

“Life is also a hero, and death is also a hero.” The words mean more than they say, the Poison Temple, Elder The words mean more than they say, with a hint of joking in the expression, saying: “Who makes him like to be strong?”

“My boss is for the dignity of Nine Heavens God World!” Jiang Liu coldly said.

“Trifling junior, how do you say it!?” Elder complexion is gloomy came down and threatened: “Don’t think you are the dísciple of Shengshi Academy, I dare not do it to you!”


“Try to move it.”

At this moment, Hun Gang walked out with an angry look in his eyes.

After this period of self-cultivation and cultivation, Hun Gang’s improvement is obviously much better.

The blood energy within the body is a lot plump, and the cultivation base has improved a lot, even the hair has slowly turned into black.

The original thin body is now fuller, and the turbidity in the eyes has disappeared a lot.

At this moment, he is standing in front of Jiang Liu and the others, staring at the Poison Temple Elder, coldly said: “Have you seen the ultimate sublimation?”

After coming out, Elder of the Poison Temple shut up in an instant, and a hint of fear appeared in the depths of his eyes.

He knows what Hungang means, and today he wants to shelter Jiang Liu and the others.

And if he is ascended to the extreme and burns his own dao fruit in a battle, his battle strength may easily be able to kill Divine King!

In this regard, Elder of the Poison Temple was naturally jealous, and after humming for a while, he returned to his palace.

“Senior, the boss…” If Xiao Xiao looked towards Hun Gang, the hegemony disappeared at this moment, quite respectful.

Because he is worried about Jiang Chen, he can lower his mind and anger!

Everyone here also understands that perhaps only this old senior who has lived for tens of thousands of years is the only one who can help Jiang Chen.

However, to everyone’s disappointment, Hun Gang shook the head and sighed: “His cultivation technique is not yet complete. Forcibly integrating Spirit Physique, it is a break.”

“What will happen then?” Bai Fengyu’s eyes were slightly red, and the words were filled with worry.

“If it’s just breaking power, it’s a trivial matter, but the key is that he shot at the moment of fusion.” Hun Gang lightly said: “After fusing Spirit Physique, his power within the body is too strong. Over raging, without suppressing the balance, but directly doing it, the force of the counter shock hurt his foundation.”

“old fogey, don’t talk such nonsense, we know what you say!” Xiao Qingyi With a black face, he said: “Now I ask you, what should I do!”

“Fate.” Hun Gang didn’t care about Xiao Qingyi either, pointing to the top of his head, and said: “Some people are born kings. Some people have fallen into the grass. Although the destiny is variable, the Great Dao Formless cannot be touched.”

“It is all for the good fortune of the boss?” Ruo Xiao asked.

“That’s the case.” Hun Gang sighed, looking towards the distance, lightly said: “When did this world become like this?”

At the same time, Xi In the hall.

After Jiang Chen returned to the West Palace, his body kept pumping, and his soul and Divine Soul kept flickering, like a candle in the wind, extinguishing at any time!

On its fleshy body, there was a crack the size of a thumb one after another, blood was spraying out continuously, and even more pieces of meat and broken bones were scattered all over the place!

His foundation is destroyed, like a beam collapsed, the whole person is almost unable to support!

If there were three strands of Primal Chaos Qi and Myriad Transformations, Jiang Chen would have fallen!

At this moment, the injury is getting worse, and the divine force of Jiang Chen within the body almost disappears, and even the consciousness is gradually blurred!

If this continues, Jiang Chen will definitely die!

“After all, I have this Nine Heavens in my heart…” Jiang Chen said lightly, his mouth full of bitterness and helplessness, but he never regretted it.

He knows his heart and knows what he wants.

After rebirth, he not only wants to regain everything he once had, not only wants revenge, but also wants to protect this Nine Heavens!

Same as when he was the Divine King of Tianchen at that time, the Divine Sect he established at that time set rules with the major restricted areas and not disturb the world.

What he wants is actually very simple, just watching the world’s creatures live peacefully.

And what he has to do is simple, do what he can do as much as he can.

In Jiang Chen’s mind, he has lost the memory of previous lives, but the memory of Divine King of Tianchen is still there.

He always felt that since he is the Divine King, he must have the heart to protect the world!

This is the Tao in his heart!

It’s just a pity that Jiang Chen broke the power for the Tao in his heart.

He can’t see that Nine Heavens God World is humiliated, nor can he see the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds who think they are aloof and remote in Nine Heavens God World tyrannically abuse power!

Therefore, he chose to break the power and choose to shoot.

But he never thought that this time he would cause such a big trouble to himself!

“Why should you?”

The undying bird Dao Soul plate in the depth of one’s soul of Jiang Chen is also quite weak.

After all, Dao Soul and Jiang Chen are the same, Jiang Chen is dying, and so is the undying bird of Dao Soul.

Even the imperial vine is about to wither. The vine that originally covered the sky and sun has turned into a palm-size, yellow weed.

“What’s the point of doing so much? The world will miss you, okay?”

“More people want to say you are not, I think you are overestimate one’s capabilities.”


Hearing this, Jiang Chen was also a little cold and cold.

However, Jiang Chen has no complaints.

This World, that’s it, indifferent and ruthless.

It’s just that Jiang Chen’s heart has never been indifferent, never ruthless.

Anyone in the world said two or three, he Jiang Chen only needs to recognize the “one” in his heart.

“Think of a way, I’m dying.” Jiang Chen’s voice was very weak, lying on the ground, his whole body was pursing!

His flesh is rotting, skeleton is cracking, Divine Soul and soul are gradually dimming!

The cultivation base is constantly falling, from the lower True God all the way down, and now they are almost becoming first-order mortals!

“Your foundation is broken, just like a bucket. When there is a hole underneath, the water in the bucket will leak out continuously.”

“Now, the only one The way is to plug the loophole!” Undying bird Dao Soul said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, weakly rolled the eyes.

He knows the truth, but the key is how to fix the loopholes in this foundation!

The foundation is transformed by dao fruit and condensed by the avenue. Where can I find this illusory! ?

Again, where to make up! ?

“Waiting for death?”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen was really helpless, his consciousness gradually blurred, and he almost fell asleep!

He lightly said, and laughed at himself: “It’s over? For this Nine Heavens?”

“Well, for this Nine Heavens, our three Dao Souls also have to Disappear with you.” undying bird Dao Soul said with a bitter smile: “I thought that this time could advance to a new level, and maybe even return to the ancestors and become the ancestor Dao Soul, didn’t expect…”

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