I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 966

undying bird Dao Soul still refuses to give up, spurring its own inextinguishable fire, and trying to fill the loopholes in Jiang Chen’s foundation, but it has no effect.

The imperial vine swayed beside the soul, withered and yellow, and was about to wither.

Even the lights in the Myriad Transformations are dimmed, seeming to be extinguished.

At this moment, Jiang Chen is completely desperate.

My own foundation is destroyed, no one can help him, only myself can help him.

But now, he has nothing to do!

This time the shot was too impulsive, but Jiang Chen did not regret it.

“When the sky fell, there were tall people staring at me. I am alone in the world… Actually, it doesn’t matter.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.



Suddenly, a ray of flame burned from Jiang Chen’s in the depth of one’s soul!

The flames gradually became hot, and accompanied by turbulent and pure power, Jiang Chen’s body was instantly flooded!

Even Divine Soul and soul are covered with a layer of flame similar to divine light at this moment!

For a while, Jiang Chen felt warm all over, as if bathing in the spring breeze.

Even its foundation is recovering quickly!

At this moment, Jiang Chen was dumbfounded, completely unaware of what happened to him.

What’s the matter with that flame in the depth of one’s soul?

“It’s it!”

After more than ten breaths, Jiang Chen’s consciousness gradually recovered, and he saw that in the depth of one’s soul, there was a drop of Yin Hong’s blood burning!

In his mind, Jiang Chen remembered what had happened in the Far Gu Tongtian ruins of Atheus Continent!

At that time, he entered the ruins of Yuangu Tongtian and met an old man who was sweeping the tomb. Then he had a big dream.

Finally, he erected a monument for a god named “Myriad Transformations” and got a drop of his blood essence.

That is the inheritance of Myriad Transformations!

However, since then, Jiang Chen seldom pays attention to this drop of blood essence, and this drop of blood essence has always been calm and rarely changes.

As time passed, Jiang Chen almost forgot that there was such a drop of blood essence in his soul.

What he didn’t expect was that when he was desperate, this drop of blood essence helped him and pulled him back from the edge of death!

At this moment, Blood Essence Combustion, power of Grand Dao is like a stream, slowly washing Jiang Chen’s body and even his soul.

The injury has slowly recovered, and even the fundamental injury is almost recovering completely!

“This blood essence…so powerful!?” Jiang Chen was shocked, and even more excited.

He is like a new life, from death to life!

He looked at the burning drop of blood essence, his eyes suddenly trance.

In the midst of the raging fire, he saw a scene appearing in the blood essence.

Look carefully, it is a blue sky of Heaven and Earth, with tens of thousands of gods standing there, overlooking all beings.

After that, the picture suddenly changed, and I saw the heavenly God falling down, like a meteor, disappearing in the sky.

This is a big battle. The imposing manner exuded by those gods is extremely terrifying, and even the highway trembles under their feet!

But Jiang Chen couldn’t see what creatures these gods were fighting with, only saw the constant falling of gods.

Until a long time in the past, the blue Heaven and Earth became bloody, bones were everywhere on the earth, and carrion was ups and downs in the sky.

The divine rings disappeared one by one, and the Divine Spark shattered one by one, until at last there was only a blood-stained man standing in the air with a broken lance.

In his up ahead, there is a gully, like a moat, which seems to have cut off something.

Behind him, there is an ancient city, and the sound of chanting in the city, one after another holy light spilled, blessed on the man.

“That is…the immortal city!?” Jiang Chen was shocked. The ancient city was clearly the immortal city, he couldn’t read it wrong!

So, what’s in this picture is…the battlefield outside the city of immortality! ? Exotic battlefield! ?

“When did this happen?” Jiang Chen frowned.

At that time, Heaven and Earth were all blue, and the immortal city at that time was even more magnificent, it has never been breached!

“en? Isn’t it a creature from a foreign land?”

After ten breaths, Jiang Chen saw a creature coming from beyond that day.

I can’t see the appearance of the creature, but its appearance is no different from Human Race.

Moreover, this person has no breath of alien creatures!

“Heavenly God is dead, and you are the only one left.” The creature stepped forward, with rays of light ten thousand zhang on his body, like the center of this world!

Four Zhou Xingchen fights around, the sun is shining, and the big runes are turned into battle clothes, and they are draped!

“One person is enough.”

The man with the broken lance said, his voice made Jiang Chen feel very familiar!

However, Jiang Chen can’t remember, he forgot the past!

“Everything will return to its origin, the world is in harmony, and the burial ground cannot be detached.” The creature said, pointing to Heaven and Earth, and said: “Look, everything is about to end. , What are you still insisting on?”

“Stick to what’s all in your mind.” The man holding the lance lightly said.

After that, the man suddenly shot, the two fought fiercely, and finally fell into the moat that day.

The picture seems to freeze, and time seems to freeze.

I don’t know how long it took, I saw the man holding a broken lance walked out of the sky.

It was covered in blood, its head was cut open, and the fleshy body was almost shattered.

He used lance as a cane, and walked in the direction of the wobbly moved towards the immortal city.

At this moment, there is one after another melodious sound in Heaven and Earth, like Heaven and Earth playing music, I wish this man a victory and return!

The creatures in the immortal city are also cheering, shouting loudly!

“False feelings, why do you come to congratulate me this day?”

However, what made Jiang Chen didn’t expect was that the man stared at the sky, and then his hands broke Throw out the lance!

Lance sank into the endless sky, as if hitting something, and then the blue sky suddenly turned bloody!

After that, a bloody thunderbolt fell and hit the man!

The blood dyed reddened his hair, and the bloody thunderbolt submerged it, until after a long time, the man wiped out the thunderbolt, but he also fell to the ground.

At this moment, the picture is dim and fuzzy, and it seems to disappear.

At the last moment, Jiang Chen saw an Elderly wearing a daoist robe appear, came to the man’s body, picked him up, broke into the void, and disappeared.

But when the man disappeared, Jiang Chen’s heart was throbbing. He saw the man’s gaze and was actually staring at him!

Is this…is it a gaze across Time and Space! ?

Still, this man already knew that at some point in the future, there would be such a person who saw the original battle! ?

Jiang Chen is horrified, he can know the future, and the means of these creatures are already Heavenspan!

“I will return!”

Finally, the picture disappeared, and the man could be vaguely yelling, unwilling and angry!

At the same time, that drop of Blood Essence Combustion was exhausted, and Jiang Chen’s injury and foundation have also been completely recovered.

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