I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 967

This surpassed Jiang Chen’s expectations, and never thought that a drop of blood essence could pull him back from the edge of death!

At this moment, Jiang Chen is sober, sitting on the ground, within the body divine force, roaring like a tsunami!

The injury is completely recovered. After the Blood Essence Combustion is exhausted, there is still a part of the power flowing within the body!

Under this power, Jiang Chen feels that he has turned into a melting pot, tempering his own dao fruit, while absorbing this pure and mysterious power.

Half a day later, Jiang Chen burst into flames, and roses bloomed all over his body, and a dragon phantom appeared behind him!

Under him, the blue tiger is lying on its back, and the roar of the tiger shook the sky!

Especially his spine, full of light, divine light diffused, and exudes a vigorous Life Aura!

The spine seems to be psychic. With life, when the body twists gently, a vast force bursts from the spine!

At the same time, on the ribs of the chest, all the words of roses bloomed, and finally gathered and turned into a gorgeous and swaying flower!

Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow suddenly merged at this moment, then the light flashed, and the ripples spread out!

The swaying rose flower blooms, and the illusory shadow after the fusion of the two is included.

Then, the petals are gathered together, and the two Dao Void shadows are incorporated into it, turning into a bud.

“en? This is…” Jiang Chen was puzzled, his heart throbbed, and he felt an inexplicable feeling.

Heavenspan sacred scriptures never cultivation arrives at perfection, which means that the Dragon Vein is not complete and its foundation is always flawed.

But it seems different at the moment.

The rose blooms that tiger bone turns into include Dragon Vein, which is compatible with Tiger Shadow.

Under the fusion of the two, Jiang Chen can feel that Dragon Vein seems to have changed!

Furthermore, during these few breaths, Jiang Chen’s body was full of swelling and pain, and then his fleshy body exploded, and a Spirit Physique was shed!

“I have broken my work, how can I still get rid of Spirit Physique!?” Jiang Chen was shocked, but more of a surprise!

After half a day, Jiang Chen has a clear comprehension and knows what is going on.

Heavenspan sacred code and tiger spirit exercises have the same origin. After the Heavenspan sacred code breaks, the tiger spirits use this to repair the spirit veins of the Heavenspan sacred book!

The two are compatible, Dragon-Tiger will live forever!

“This means…I didn’t break the power!? I can continue to fade Spirit Physique!?” Jiang Chen was excited.

For the next period of time, Jiang Chen continued to retreat, nourishing the Dragon Vein with the power of the tiger’s soul, and the two are accompanied by each other, and the Spirit Physique is constantly fading!

At the same time, because of that step and integrating all Spirit Physique, Jiang Chen’s realm has finally improved!

In just ten days, Jiang Chen jumped from the lower True God and rushed into the upper True God!

At this moment, Jiang Chen feels his own strength, raising his hands and feet, seems to be able to shake this a side World!

“After integrating Spirit Physique, I could easily suppress and kill herringbone title gods…” Jiang Chen lightly said: “Now, with the breakthrough of realm, my strength should not grow Less…”

However, Jiang Chen would never think that with his current strength, he could contend with the title god of Lingzi!

Be aware that there is a first-order difference in title, and the difference in strength is huge!

Jiang Chen’s ability to easily suppress and kill herringbone-level gods does not mean that he can suppress and kill spiritual-level gods!

Perhaps, now I can only barely fight the Lingzi level, and even fall into a disadvantage.

But this is enough for Jiang Chen!

He can still fade Spirit Physique, realm can also start to improve, in time, his battle strength, enough to soar to a terrifying point!

“The boss has been in retreat for ten days, and there is no movement at all…”

“The Formation is arranged in the west hall, and he can’t detect the boss’s breath, he shouldn’t…”


For ten days, Jiang Chen retreats in the West Hall and has gained a lot, but Jiang Liu and the others are so worried outside the West Hall.

A group of people have been waiting outside the West Hall, with worry in their eyes.

“Poison Temple and Hao Heavenly God, why not help the boss?” Jiang Liu asked.

As soon as these words came out, Bai Fengyu and the others squinted Jiang Liu as if they were looking at an idiot.

“You did not see the innate talent aptitude of the boss, and its battle strength is so terrifying. If the boss grows up, do you think the Nine Heavens God World and the few Divine Emperors will speak in the future The part?” Ruo Xiao said angrily.

“But the boss did it for Nine Heavens God World.” Jiang Liu said.

“Nobody is good to be the boss.” Xiao Qingyi sighed: “This is the way of the world.”

“Why…let’s go in and see the boss?” Jiang Liu whispered.


At this moment, the west hall array disappeared, and then the west hall gate slowly opened, Jiang Chen appeared in front of everyone with a smile on his face.


“Boss! Are you okay!?”


Everyone rushed over, especially It was Bai Fengyu three people, hands and feet together, touching Jiang Chen randomly.

Jiang Chen’s face blushed, lightly coughed, said resolutely: “What are you doing!? Don’t fool around!”

“Master, are you… all right?” Bai Fengyu blinked The eyes, the sockets are slightly red, the past few days she never rested well.

Nalan Meier and Hua Lianyi are the same, holding Jiang Chen’s arm and refusing to let go, fearing that Jiang Chen will be lost.

“It’s okay, I’m fine.” Jiang Chen said: “It’s a blessing in disguise.”

“Boss, but you…have broken power.” Jiang Liu lightly said: “Is this really okay?”

As soon as this word came out, everyone’s expression became serious.

They didn’t know that Jiang Chen didn’t break the power yet, so a group of people began to worry about Jiang Chen’s future path.

Be aware that after breaking the work, the cultivation technique is abolished!

Jiang Chen’s path of cultivation in the future, I am afraid it will be broken!

“Look at what expressions each of you have? Is your boss so fragile?” Jiang Chen said angrily: “Even if the world is broken, your boss will not be broken.”



As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Chen didn’t have time to explain. Suddenly, outside the gate of Shengshi Academy, a roar sounded !

Look carefully, there is a boy called Bai Yi standing outside the mountain gate, with the doorplate of Shengshi Academy under his feet!

“It’s Great Thousand Worlds again!”

Jiang Chen stared at him, pulled away Nalan Meier and Hua Lianyi’s hands, and then the silhouette flashed and appeared in front of the mountain gate .


“Don’t be impulsive!”


Jiang Liu and the others exclaimed, secretly Thought Jiang Chen’s injury just happened, and he needs to recuperate, but he can’t take action!

However, what shocked them was that when Jiang Chen came to the mountain gate, he didn’t say a word, and slapped him over!

The boy from Great Thousand Worlds, who had no power to resist, was directly suppressed by Jiang Chen with a slap in the face.

After that, Jiang Chen fell with one foot, shattering the opponent’s fleshy body and obliterating his soul!

“Are the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds have a bad memory? Just killed a character-level title god ten days ago, and ten days later, he will send another one?” Jiang Chen jokingly said, looking towards the sky , Pointed a middle finger to a group of creatures outside the world.

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