I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 968

“He is…provoking me to wait!?”

“Despite ants! Wait for me to come to the burial ground and kill everything!”

Outside the world, a group of creatures are furious.

They are so powerful, even the Peak powerhouses of Nine Heavens God World have to be somewhat afraid of them!

But now, I was actually taunted by a youngster!

Especially the middle finger, it’s too glaring!

“What’s the origin of this kid? Ten days ago, he was the lower True God, and he could easily kill the word-level gods. Now in just ten days, the cultivation base has reached the upper True God!?”

“This kid is weird! Isn’t it the Old Monster pretending to be?!”


Everyone is suspicious, simply don’t believe in a True God Realm’s cultivator has such battle strength.

Even the Peak Tianjiao in Great Thousand Worlds is not so scary!

They suspect that Jiang Chen is most likely a supreme powerhouse pretending to be a supreme powerhouse in order to kill the arrogance of Great Thousand Worlds!

“If they dare to deceive, then…” Venerable Red Lotus complexion is gloomy, a ray of flame rushed into Nine Heavens within the realm.

Obviously, he is going to investigate Jiang Chen!

But soon, one of his Strands of Divine Sense came back.

“How is it?” someone asked.

“He… is indeed True God Realm, not a supreme powerhouse pretending to be.” Venerable Honglian had a weird expression, and the people around him asked: “In the Great Thousand Worlds, you can Is there a arrogant person who can stand shoulder to shoulder with this kid?”

As soon as these words were made, everyone fell silent for an instant, and each one was quite embarrassed.

Just because, they thought about it carefully, even if it is the Peak of Great Thousand Worlds, in the case of the same realm, I am afraid it is not Jiang Chen’s opponent!

True God Realm cultivator, overwhelming the character-level title god, who can do this! ?

“Interesting.” Venerable Honglian said solemnly: “This person can’t stay, send the title of spirit word level god down, be sure to suppress and kill this person!”

“Wan Isn’t the title deity of Lingzi level his opponent?” Someone whispered.

“What do you think!? No matter how strong he is, True God Realm will always be True God Realm. How can it be possible to suppress and kill a spirit-level god?”

“According to my estimation, his battle strength should only suppress and kill herringbone title gods.”


Finally, everyone discussed it. , And then issued an order to send the title deity of Lingzi level to fight!

At this moment, Jiang Chen returned to the central palace and looked towards Jiang Liu and the others on the expression grave, saying: “You secluded cultivation.”

“Boss, do you have a hunch What’s there?” Ruo Xiao asked.

“Great Thousand Worlds will not let it go.” Jiang Chen said in a condensed voice: “During this period, I will stop here first. You should go to retreat as soon as possible and improve your cultivation base as soon as possible.”

“But…you are alone…” Hua Lianyi lightly said, the worry in the words made no secret.

At the same time, they are also very angry. Except for a few of them, in the huge Shengshi Academy, none of the other dísciples have ever shot!

But if you think about it carefully, you can’t blame those dísciples.

After all, there are 40 dísciples in the Shengshi Academy, and now there is not a title god!

Even if they want to play, they don’t have that strength.

“Then retreat!”

If you are very straightforward, said resolutely: “With my cultivation base, even if I stay here, it is useless. It is better to retreat!”

“Yes, the cultivation base is too low, and it is a flaw in the end.”


Everyone sighed, they don’t have the terrifying battle strength of Jiang Chen, You can’t go down and down, you can only improve the realm cultivation base.

Finally, the entire group entered the West Hall and closed down one after another.

“What’s the use of retreat now? In a short time, how many can step into the title of god? What if you step into it? The top of the sky is the personal title.” The Poison Temple Elder appeared Here, with a joke on his face, he said: “It’s useless.”

“If you don’t try, how do you know it’s useless?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, stared at Elder of the Poison Temple, and asked: ” Where are the dísciples under your door? How many have stepped into the titled gods now?”

“…” Elder of the Poison Temple heard this, and the words were lost immediately.

Although he also teaches Direct Disciple, it can be cultivation base breakthrough, but how simple it is.

But, soon he laughed and said: “The depth of my poison temple is beyond your imagination.”

oh?” Jiang Chen picked Mei, I don’t understand what Elder said in the Poison Temple.

“My Poison Temple is ready for a long time. As long as someone breaks through to the title god, he will give Lingming Grass.” Poison Temple Elder said.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen understood it all at once, and his eyes flashed hot.

Lingming grass, Heaven and Earth rare treasure, contains the will of the sky, and it also carries the power of gifts!

As long as the average person takes the Lingming Grass when stepping into the title deity, the worst can get the herringbone title!

If the aptitude is enough, the person of extraordinary natural talent, a lingming grass will be able to get the title of spirit word level!

“Do you look at your western temple, do you have such a background? You only know the blind cultivation, even if you step into the title deity?”

“Hold a fan What’s the use of the title of the word, or the title of the character? The cultivator of those spirit titles of Great Thousand Worlds is like a trivial ant.”

Faced with the ridicule of Elder in the Poison Temple, Jiang Chen’s face It’s all dark.

At the same time, he is also a little guilty.

Jiang Liu Ruoxiao and the others, recognize him as the boss, and follow him from Atheus Continent to Nine Heavens God World.

Bai Fengyu and the others, they worshipped him as a teacher, followed all the way, experienced wind and rain.

Think about it carefully. Jiang Chen, who is both the boss and the Master, does not seem to bring them any “benefits” at all.

In addition to at first instructing them on the cultivation base and giving them Cultivation Art and Martial Skill, Jiang Chen did not give them anything else.

And now, Jiang Liu and the others have reached the most critical point of the cultivation period!

If you can get a strong enough title, Jiang Liu and the others’ future achievements must be out of the ordinary!

If… just got a mortal title, then…

Thinking of this, Jiang Chen’s eyes flashed a hint of decline.

In the previous life, his Tianchen Divine Sect has a profound background, and he has enough Lingming Grass to help Jiang Liu and the others!

Others dare not say, at least it can guarantee that Jiang Liu and the others can get the title above the herringbone level!

But now…

“I know why I waited for Taoism, why can we continue to inherit, and the glory never ends, just because our Taoism is deep enough to continuously cultivate true Powerhouse!” Elder taunted of Poison Temple: “And you? What can you do?”

Jiang Chen hearing this, was silent for a while, suddenly looked up towards the sky, whispered: “Then suffer Heavenly Retribution heavenly punishment, be guilty.”

“en?” Elder of the Poison Temple looked dazed and didn’t understand why Jiang Chen suddenly said such words.

But soon, he understood!

Because, Great Thousand Worlds has sent a spiritual title god!

And Jiang Chen, also played!

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