I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 969

It is also the gate of Shengshi Academy and a titled god from Great Thousand Worlds.

The plot and the picture are so similar to the previous two times.

However, this time is a bit different, because the person who came this time has the title of Spirit Character!

Above his head, a dazzling divine ring is floating up and down, exuding divine light, and there are wisps of hazy mist around him, which seems extraordinary and refined.

After he came here, Jiang Chen appeared before him before he spoke.

When Elder of the Poison Temple saw this, he was taken aback and looked confused.

He knows that Jiang Chen’s battle strength is very strong, but what about the strongest battle strength?

The realm gap is like a chasm, it is difficult to bridge!

even more how, the creatures who came this time have the title of spirit character!

The difference between the spirit and the human is only one step, but the difference in strength is beyond ordinary people’s imagination!

“It’s really courting death.” Elder of the Poison Temple curled his lips. He had grudges against Jiang Chen. Of course, he hoped that Jiang Chen would be killed.

However, after another thought, I felt wrong.

Today, only Jiang Chen can play in the Shengshi Academy.

If he is dead, the titled god of Great Thousand Worlds will come to smash the scene, who will be sent out to fight?

Should they let these mentors go out?

This is obviously not in compliance with the rules!

“that’s all that’s all, when the time comes, save you.” Elder of the Poison Temple sighed lightly.

Although he is thinking about Jiang Chen being suppressed and killed, the time has not come.

His dísciple has not yet achieved the title of God Realm. It will take time!

At this time, Jiang Chen can only fight for delay.

“You killed me, Great Thousand Worlds, two great herringbone title gods?”

At this moment, this young man stared at Jiang Chen, his killing intent skyrocketed, like a wind. , Whizzing around him.

His eyes are open and closed, it seems that the sun and the moon are turning!

“Are you…a spiritual word?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It’s good to know.” The young man sneered: “Kill me, the arrogant of Great Thousand Worlds, you really have enough life.”

“Only you are allowed to kill, not me Waiting for a counterattack?” Jiang Chen lightly said, with roses blooming around him, and in his soul, the Myriad Transformations Celestial Lamp is already burning!

“You…” The young man spoke again, but before he could say anything, he saw a shocking sword glow bursting out of Jiang Chen’s eyebrows!

Brightly lit, the sword is out of Sumi!

With a sword, time seems to freeze, and the young man’s expression freezes!



After three breaths, when a muffled noise appeared, the young man realized that his body guard was actually damaged by the divine force. This sword was smashed!

Furthermore, the power of the title he is so proud of has been broken up!

At this moment, he is no different from ordinary gods!

“Unexpectedly, he didn’t kill him…” Jiang Chen was frightened, with a full blow to the Myriad Transformations Sky Slash, which could only be able to break the opponent’s defense!

You must know that when Jiang Chen used Myriad Transformations, he basically had one sword!

And now, even the other party’s fur has never been hurt!



At this moment, the young man was even more frightened. He didn’t even want to say anything, so he turned and ran!

He knows very well that the power of his title has been scattered and it is difficult to condense in a short time!

Now he is just an ordinary god!

And since the opponent can easily smash his title power, then he can easily beheaded!

If you don’t run now, staying here is waiting for death!

“Since you are here, just stay.” Jiang Chen lightly shouted, palms out, his five fingers like chains!



Under a tremor, I saw Jiang Chen’s palm upside down from the sky, his five fingers turned into a cage , The chain burst out, imprisoning this young man!

After that, Jiang Chen made a seal with one hand, and one after another obscure runes flickered, and one after another sounded like the cry of the devil!

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s body is pitch black, and his eyes are like an abyss!

“forbidden technique · Soul restraint!”

next moment, Jiang Chen lightly shouted, a black Profound Light rushed into the young man within the body, straight into his soul!

Immediately afterwards, Jiang Chen buckled one hand away, seeming to seep into the soul of the young man!

“Bring me out!”

Jiang Chen loudly shouted, his arm suddenly pulled, and he forcibly pulled the opponent’s soul out of Sumi!

“What are you going to do!?” This young man was horrified, and quickly gathered the power of the title!

But it’s still too late!

I saw Jiang Chen imprisoning the other’s soul, and rune into it, and then he separated the power of the title of this young man from his soul!

“Deprived of title!? Are you not afraid of Heavenly Retribution?!” Elder of the Poison Temple cry out in surprise.

The power of the title is bestowed by the heavens and has a mark left by the heavens.

If you forcibly deprive others of the title, it will inevitably lead to Fury of Heaven and lower heavenly punishment Heavenly Retribution!

Furthermore, this technique is a forbidden technique, which has long been forbidden in the world!

“Heavenly Retribution, do I still spend less?” Jiang Chen lightly said, the expression is rather solemn.

Because, Jiang Chen knows that he is definitely not an opponent of a spirit-level title god!

He made a sudden move before, so he seized the opportunity!

At this moment, although his soul and title were taken away and deprived by him, the soul of this young man was shaking violently, and a terrifying force was erupting!

That is the Source Power of this young man!

At the same time, the power of the title that was stripped off is also shaking, and it is constantly pulling with the soul of the young man, as if to merge again!

“Chute dog! Dare to deprive me of my title!” The young man roared, his hands were connected to the seal, and at the same time a purple umbrella was taken out by him!



The big umbrella unfolds, Guanghua ten thousand zhang, forming a domain!

In the Domain, Power of Heaven and Earth suddenly broke out, and even more endless edge moved towards Jiang Chen shot away!

Apparently, this young man was also panicked and used his hole cards!


At this moment, Jiang Chen discarded the youth’s soul and title, turned around and returned to the Shengshi Academy, and directly opened the Apologetic Formation!

At the same time, the young man regained his soul and title power, and was staring at Jiang Chen angrily.

“Trifling True God Realm’s ants!” This young man looked gloomy, with lingering fears, and almost touched Jiang Chen’s way!

If it is not a critical moment, he would not hesitate to burn Source Power, and even took out the Divine Item refined by Divine King himself. I am afraid that he will not only be deprived of the title power, but even his soul will be annihilated!

“Spirit-level title god…It’s really hard to kill.” Jiang Chen frowned. If he gave him ten breaths just now, he would be able to deprive the opponent of the power of the title, or even kill the opponent!

It’s just a pity, the gap between the two sides’ cultivation base is too big!

“What do you do to deprive him of the power of the title? This is a taboo!” Elder said solemnly of the Poison Temple: “Deprive others of the title, and heaven will descend Heavenly Retribution. That is a terrific thunderbolt, which is different from what you did before Those catastrophes that have passed!”

“I know.” Jiang Chen nodded, with a hint of helplessness in his words, said: “I just want them to become stronger.”

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