I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 970

Now the world is too chaotic, and the strength is not good. You can only drift with the tide, or even fail to protect yourself.

Therefore, only strength is the kingly way to survive in troubled times!

But Jiang Chen’s background is not deep, it can even be said that there is no background.

The Tianchen Divine Sect that he once established is long gone, and now only his eldest apprentice is left.

The rare treasure in the original collection was also taken away, and even the Sect Mountain Gate was destroyed.

He wants to give Jiang Liu and the others the best, but he can’t do it under his current conditions.

So Jiang Chen can only find another way!

And this method is to seize the title of others and graft onto Jiang Liu and the others.

This is a forbidden technique, which was banned tens of thousands of years ago, and few people even practice it today.

And this forbidden technique is punished by the heavens. Once it is performed, it will definitely encounter an extremely heavy Heavenly Retribution!

Heavenly Retribution of that level is devastating. Even Jiang Chen has no confidence to resist the past.

However, he still chose to do this!

As Jiang Chen said, he wants Jiang Liu and the others to become stronger!

Only if you are stronger can you live and stay away!

“There are always people in this world who think they are decent. If they know that you have performed the forbidden technique, they will definitely embarrass you.” Elder said solemnly of the Poison Temple: “At that time, again What should I do?”

“In my eyes, no decent villain is as important as the people around me!” Jiang Chen said coldly.

Furthermore, what are the so-called decent people doing now?

Yin Sector is coming, Great Thousand Worlds glare like a tiger watching his prey to Nine Heavens God World, what are those decent people doing?

Hiding, avoiding, treating myself as blind and deaf, pretending that I can’t see or hear anything.

Is this decent?

At this moment, Jiang Chen suddenly looked at the poison temple Elder more pleasing to the eye.

At least when he speaks, he doesn’t hide anything, he speaks directly.

“If all decent people in the world want to kill me for this, what will happen to your Poison Temple?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Cut, my Poison Temple has never been decent.” Poison Temple Elder curled his lips, and said: “The secular vision that’s all, there is no high and no pros and cons.”

“In my eyes, and even in the eyes of everyone in my Poison Temple, everything depends on this to speak.” Poison Temple Elder shook his fist.

“Yes, speak with your fist!” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

At the same time, outside the gate of the Shengshi Academy, the young man stared at Jiang Chen with a killing intent in his eyes!

His face was very gloomy, his eyes were angry, and a roar came from his mouth!

He wants to enter the Shengshi Academy and kill Jiang Chen!

However, the apologetic Formation of Shengshi Academy has been opened, and this Formation cannot be broken!

“If you have a seed, come out for a fight!” This young man’s eyes are about to breathe fire!

I was almost deprived of the title by Jiang Chen before, annihilated the soul, body dies and Dao disappears!

If he were not strong enough, he would have died!

Now, he wants revenge, but Jiang Chen hides in the Shengshi Academy!

Too hot!

“I’m not the only true god, and you are the titled god of the spirit word level, you let me come out and fight you?” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “Is my brain not working well, or Are you stupid?”

“Then why did you make the move just now!?” The young man shouted.

“Because I want to kill you.” Jiang Chen’s mouth turned up, and he did not shy away from the forbidden technique. He said: “I want to take your title and kill you by the way, nothing more. “

“You! Dare to come out!?” This young man’s eyes are almost breathing fire!

No matter what, Jiang Chen stood in front of the central palace with a smile on his face, just not going out.

When Elder of the Poison Temple on the side saw this, especially when he saw the smile on Jiang Chen’s face, he couldn’t help but muttered: “When you were Tianchen in your previous life, were you so cheap?”

“Eh…” Jiang Chen’s face blushed, with a weird expression, and said: “I…not cheap, right?”

While speaking, only one person walked away from the West Hall. come out.

This person is rushing into the sky with blood energy, and there seems to be a blood dragon hovering above his head. When he steps out, the earth is roaring!

The whole body is surrounded by fragments, divine light adorns the whole body, extraordinary and refined, like a living War God!

“Hun Gang?” Jiang Chen was shocked and asked: “Let you retreat, why did you come out?”

“It’s too noisy outside, I’m worried that it will disturb the Shengshi Academy dísciple Cultivation.” Hun Gang lightly said, bowing to Jiang Chen, seemingly solemn, and said: “Before many thanks, you accepted me into Shengshi Academy. I also promised. When I resume Peak, I will not forget it. “

“But you…have not restored Peak yet?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes.” Hun Gang nodded, but there is a thunderbolt roaring in his eyes!

After that, he stepped out, and the silhouette looked like a silver lightning, in a flash appeared outside the gate.

On Jiang Chen’s ear, there was only an indifferent but extremely arrogant voice: “Do you still need my Peak strength to kill this kind of stuff?”

“You… “

Just as Jiang Chen was about to speak, his pupils shrank!

He saw that beyond the gate, a piece of silver lightning drowned everything!

In the rumbling sound, the lightning seems endless, silver and white, making it difficult to see what is happening in the lightning.

Vaguely, I can hear one after another fighting.

“When you were Tianchen, if you encountered a gangster in the Peak period, you would wait to be beaten.” Elder of the Poison Temple joked.

“Is Hun Gang really that strong?” Jiang Chen didn’t believe it.

“When he was the master god, he could kill the Peak Divine King, do you think it is strong or not?” Elder of the Poison Temple said gruffly: “The Divine Kings of his contemporaries, there are no less Eat his bitterness.”

“Hiss…” Jiang Chen held breath cold air, secretly rejoicing, but fortunately he did not come out of the same era as Hun Gang.

However, even in the same era, Jiang Chen is not afraid.

After all, I haven’t played before. Who knows which one is better.

“My yangyang Nine Heavens, can you be fooled by outsiders like you!?”

At this moment, amidst the silver lightning, there is an angry voice. roar.

next moment, the young man from outside the world flew upside down from the lightning, the fleshy body cracked, and the soul was dimmed!

Especially the power of the title on his body, almost broken up!

“I wiped it!? Is it so fierce?!” Jiang Chen exclaimed, his eyes are almost staring out!

Because Hun Gang only has the cultivation base of Peak God at this moment!

And he is a titled god with the ability to crush the spirit word level!

This battle strength is too sturdy!

“Hunyuan Tiangang is him.” Elder of the Poison Temple sighed, “How powerful he was once, and the owners of the forbidden areas, and even Zixiao on the horizon, cherish his talents and want him to be in charge. Nine Heavens God World.”

“It’s just a pity that he went to Immortal City, and when he came back…the world has changed.”

“Who talked about the past with you! “Jiang Chen whispered, with a gleam in his eyes, he shouted at the gangster: “Let go of that young man! Let me come!”

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