I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 971

The young man has been severely wounded, and he is about to die under Hun Gang’s eyes. How can Jiang Chen sit still!

With a strange cry, Jiang Chen stepped out, Shrink The Land Into An Inch performed, and in a flash came to the young man.

“What are you going to do?” Hun Gang stopped his hands and asked with a look of confusion.

“It’s a shame to die like this.” Jiang Chen grinned, his hands were sealed, and the black rune broke out, like a black palm, piercing the young man’s soul!


This young man roared, but was suppressed by Hun Gang, and simply couldn’t resist.

In this way, he watched his own title deprived of power and earned Jiang Chen’s within the body!

“You…forbidden technique?” Hungang expression condenses, said solemnly: “This kind of technique has long been forbidden, it’s too cruel.”

“Now We are not cruel, and they will be cruel in the future.” Jiang Chen said: “Both, which one do you choose?”

“Hmm…” Hun Gang frowned, after pondering for a while, slapped him. He shot the young man dead, and said: “Then let’s be cruel.”

Jiang Chen chuckled lightly, and then handed the power of the title of spirit word to Hun Gang, warned repeatedly: “You go back to the West Hall to continue cultivation, and give them this thing by the way. Whoever has the first breakthrough to the title god will give it to.”

“Aren’t you afraid that you can’t survive Heavenly Retribution?” Hun Gang’s subordinate title Power, asked worriedly.

“It’s not that I haven’t spent it.” Jiang Chen curled his lips: “trifling Heavenly Retribution, I never paid attention to it.”



However, after the tone barely fell, a cloud of robbery appeared on Jiang Chen’s head!

The robbery cloud is dark brown, and the warlord illusory shadow appears!

Under a crash, thunderbolt gathered on the warlord illusory shadow, making the illusory shadow more solid, like a real creature!

“This…I’m leaving first.” Hun Gang’s expression changed drastically, but he didn’t want to be involved in this Heavenly Retribution.

And Jiang Chen has a dull face, staring at the Jieyun above his head in a daze, and after a few breaths he yells: “Gray Heavenly God will!?”

Even far away Elder, the Temple of Poison, was dumbfounded.

He also didn’t expect. After Jiang Chen performed the forbidden technique, the Heavenly Retribution he attracted was actually a gray Heavenly God!

Be aware that this Heavenly Retribution has not been experienced since ancient times, without exception!

This is one of the top ten heavenly tribulation known in the world!

“Boy, I said that Heavenly Retribution is different from the past, now it is comfortable?” Elder of the Poison Temple jokingly said: “Don’t worry, if you can leave the body, I will definitely find a good place for you It’s buried.”

“This…it’s going to be miserable.” Jiang Chen also sighed, never expecting to attract the Heavenly God and Heavenly Retribution!

There was a record that in Ancient Era, a peerless powerhouse died in the ashes under Heavenly God’s Heavenly Retribution!

This gray god general illusory shadow is like an Adjudicator representing God. The blade in his hand is shining with ten thousand li sharp edges. The void is crumbling, and the big runes are annihilated by the god general!

Jiang Chen exploded, and within the body divine force broke out in an instant, the emperor vine and the undying bird Dao Soul came out together, and even the Myriad Transformations Celestial Lamp floated on top of his head!

Jiang Chen is ready for everything. As for whether he can survive this Heavenly Retribution, then it’s a matter of fate…

However, next moment, Jiang Chen is confused, poisonous Elder of the temple was shocked, and Hun Gang, who had not yet returned to the West Hall, was dumbfounded.

On the top of Jiang Chen’s head, three strands of Primal Chaos Qi emerged, one gasification of three flowers, under the azure bud blooming, the radiance of chaos!

The brilliance of the chaos was reversed and turned into three vortex. Before the gray Heavenly God would chop off the blade, the entire cloud of tribulation was swallowed by these three vortex!


“Primal Chaos Qi!?”

“Will the gray Heavenly God be gone like this?”

The three of them are all stupid. The gray Heavenly God general, who is known as the top ten lore Heavenly Retribution, is gone?

Moreover, it was swallowed!

The most important thing is that these three strands of Primal Chaos Qi don’t seem to be “full” yet, the light of chaos spins in the air, and is still devouring the remaining strength of Heaven’s Punishment.

Until more than a dozen breaths later, Primal Chaos Qi returned to Jiang Chen’s within the body, and this world also regained clarity, as if nothing had happened.

“That…you don’t seem to need to find a place to bury me.” Jiang Chen expressed a strange expression, and then joked at the Poison Temple Elder.

“Where did your Primal Chaos Qi come from!?” Elder of the Poison Temple asked with a look of envious light in his eyes.

Be aware that Power of Primal Chaos is rare in ancient and modern times, and it is even harder to be mastered!

Even the most famous and powerful creatures in history have never mastered Power of Primal Chaos!

But now, these forces are actually mastered by the cultivator of the True God Realm, Jiang Chen!

“Envy? Don’t tell you.” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “It seems that you don’t have to worry about Heavenly Retribution anymore.”

“You don’t have to worry about Heavenly Retribution, but you need Worry about Primal Chaos Qi within the body.” Hun Gang frowned, his voice low, and said: “There are rumors that every strand of Primal Chaos Qi is a creature…”

“They swallowing the world Everything in between, until it swallows enough power, and changes into creatures!”

As soon as these words came out, the poison temple Elder beside him was also nodded, saying: “I have also heard this rumor, It shouldn’ t be is fake.”

“Don’t scare me!” Jiang Chen’s expression was stiff.

If it is true as the rumors say, then he now within the body, wouldn’t he have raised three Chaos Creatures! ?

If these three creatures are born in the future, will they be good or bad for him?

Even, Jiang Chen suspects that when these three Chaos Creatures are born, even his body will be swallowed!

“But there is no way to verify it, maybe it’s just a rumor.” Hun Gang said.

“It is better to be trusted than to be untrustworthy.” Elder of the Poison Temple reminded: “After all, these three strands of Primal Chaos Qi are now within the body.”

“Say I am panicked!” Jiang Chen’s face turned dark, and he waved his hand: “Stop talking, don’t talk!”



Speech After falling, Jiang Chen within the body suddenly heard a roar of one after another.

After that, I saw the big runes manifest, like a chain of Shinto, wrapped around Jiang Chen.

There is a rune on the chain, like the essence of the avenue, constantly submerging into Jiang Chen’s within the body.

At the same time, in the sky, a Ruixiang fell, enveloping Jiang Chen, and all around World’s Essence Qi swarmed into Jiang Chen within the body!

In just a dozen breaths of time, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base has jumped from the upper True God to the lower Heavenly God!

Moreover, the divine force within the body is strong, the shinto fragments are pure, and it is only one step away from the upper middle Heavenly God!

“Why is there a sudden breakthrough?” Elder of the Poison Temple looked dumbfounded, there was no sign at all!

“They…seem to feed me back.” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “The strength of Heaven’s Punishment absorbed just now has turned into the power of God!”

“Feed back you!? “

“That means…the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi are indeed alive!”

At this moment, Elder and Hun Gang exclaimed from the Poison Temple.

And Jiang Chen is even more upside down, his scalp is about to explode!

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