I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 972

Several people were still talking about the rumors about Chaos Creature, and in the blink of an eye, Jiang Chen was fed back by San Wei Primal Chaos Qi!

If these three strands of Primal Chaos Qi don’t have spirituality and consciousness, you wouldn’t believe it if you killed Jiang Chen!

At this moment, the faces of Elder and Hun Gang in the Poison Temple were also pale. When they looked towards Jiang Chen, they looked like a monster.

They thought of a more terrifying rumor!

There was a Great Sage deduction that predicted that in some future era, Chaos Creature will be born, and the world will be washed in blood!

And now, Jiang Chen within the body’s three wisps of Primal Chaos Qi, combined with the original Great Sage deduction…

“Will it be true!? “The Poison Temple Elder exclaimed, his mind was shaking!

Hun Gang’s face is not much better, staring at Jiang Chen, there is a fierce light in his eyes!

Jiang Chen’s scalp was numb, his hands swayed, and he said: “You guys… don’t look at me like this, I have nothing!”

“The three Primal Chaos Qi…what’s the situation now?” asked Elder of the Poison Temple.

Jiang Chen hearing this, carefully felt the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi within the body, and found them very calm.

Three strands of Primal Chaos Qi are like three Azure Dragons, lying on the soul, all around an azure lotus blooming, seemingly sacred and flawless.

Moreover, Jiang Chen did not notice any clear consciousness in these three strands of Primal Chaos Qi.

Perhaps, they are worrying too much.

“Let’s observe for a while, if there is a real problem, then solve it as soon as possible!” The Poison Temple Elder expression is very solemn, saying: “Chaos is not only the beginning of all things, but also the end of all things! “

“There was a prophecy that the birth of Chaos Creature means that the heavens will be destroyed and returned to chaos. Therefore, this matter is of great importance. If you have something to do, you can’t hide it from us!” Hun Gang said solemnly .

“How dare I hide it, I have a guilty conscience to die!” Jiang Chen said angrily.

After all, Jiang Chen both hands forming seals, used one after another prohibition and sealing, and sealed the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi within the body!

He is indeed a little panicked, if a major problem occurs with these three strands of Primal Chaos Qi, the consequences will be disastrous!

Not to mention what kind of disaster it will bring to this World, as far as he is concerned, once the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi break out, it is very likely to backlash him!

Even Jiang Chen is suspecting that San Wei Primal Chaos Qi feeds him back, as if feeding him!

Waiting for feeding white white fat…and then eat it?

As soon as he thought of this, Jiang Chen felt uneasy. He placed several seals one after another, and surrounded the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi inside and outside!

“Observing for a period of time, if there are really big problems, I personally cut them off!” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

“I hope nothing will happen.” Elder of the Poison Temple sighed.

Finally, Hun Gang returned to the West Hall, and the Poison Temple Elder also returned to his palace to teach Direct Disciple.

Jiang Chen didn’t enter the West Hall, he sat at the entrance of the central palace, browsing tightly knit, and still thinking about the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi.

“Don’t use the forbidden technique, it hurts the truth.”

Not long after, the descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God came.

He should have seen the previous battle. At this moment, his expression is calm, but there is a hint of warning in his words!

Even, Jiang Chen discovered that in the eyes of the descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God, there was a killing intent to him!

Jiang Chen’s mind tightened, staring at the descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God, and asked: “If you perform the forbidden technique, you will kill me?”

“I The Haotian clan, adhering to the Heaven and Earth righteousness, if you insist on doing things that hurt the heavens, then…don’t blame me for being impolite.” The descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God are very serious.

Jiang Chen sneered at hearing this, and said lightly, “I have to admit that Emperor Hao Heavenly God did make great contributions to Nine Heavens God World.”

“But…On this basis, the Hao Heavenly God clan can influence the life and death of others?”

“Even more how in this world, what good and evil is there!”


The descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God hearing this, the expression gradually became gloomy, staring at Jiang Chen, the imposing manner on his body was rising steadily!

At this moment, Jiang Chen has an illusion that this person really wants to do it!

“Now I am the same as you, the instructor of Shengshi Academy. And there are rules on the horizon, not to be bully the weak.” Jiang Chen squinted, without fear!

He knows how strong the horizon is, enough to deter the Divine Emperor!

Sure enough, after hearing Jiang Chen’s words, the descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God seemed to be awake a lot, the imposing manner on his body became calm, and the killing intent in his eyes disappeared.

“The forbidden technique is forbidden by the soul, there is harm to the sky, don’t use it.” The descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God coldly said: “This is the last time I warn you!”

“Warning?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, stood up, and looked at the person, his voice was cold, like a cold wind: “You moved a killing intent to me, then… this is not a warning, but a threat to me !”

“And I, I hate being threatened!”

“What about threatening you? If you weren’t born on the horizon, you would have been a dead person.” Hao Heavenly God Later generations squinted, and the killing intent appeared in the depths of the pupils again!

This makes Jiang Chen annoyed and even more angry!

Your Old Ancestor is not born yet, you descendants do a lot!

Furthermore, what about the forbidden technique? !

Can this forbidden technique be applied to the creatures of Nine Heavens God World?

Even if it is a forbidden technique, you have to see who it is for!

The descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God, this remark is obviously unreasonable.


In the end, the descendants of Emperor Hao Heavenly God left.

“What do you think of yourself, isn’t it a descendant of Emperor Hao Heavenly God!” Jiang Chen muttered in his heart, sat down slowly, and looked up towards the sky.

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen grinned and once again gave a thumbs up to a group of creatures outside the world!

“This little bastard! It’s too arrogant!”

“Not only did I kill me the arrogant of Great Thousand Worlds, but also deprived me of the title! The methods are too cruel!”

“This person must be killed! Otherwise, I will lose my face in Great Thousand Worlds!”

Outside the world, a group of creatures are furious.

Venerable Honglian also has a dark complexion. If the south wall hadn’t collapsed yet, he couldn’t wait to squeeze Jiang Chen this “ant” to death now!

“In a few days, when the power of the south wall is weakened, I will send the title deity of the word level! I don’t believe it, a trifling academy, there is still a title god of the word level! “Honglian Zun God coldly said.

At the same time, within Nine Heavens God World, Yong Prefecture…

Since the death of the two emperors of Yin Sector, the group of creatures in Yin Sector has converged a lot. Nowadays, they rarely leave Yong Prefecture.

But, just today, all the Yin Sector creatures who came to Yang Sector have gathered in Yong Prefecture!

One by one, they were facing the Yin-Yang two sectors, kneeling to the ground, singing incomprehensible Sanskrit sounds in their mouths, as if welcoming a certain creature to come!

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