I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 973

Previously, Yang Sector had a supreme powerhouse shot, suppressed and killed the two emperors of Yin Sector.

Since then, the lives of Yin Sector have converged a lot, living in Yong Prefecture without leaving home.

The creatures of Yang Sector thought that Yin Sector could stop for a while, and never thought that Yin Sector hadn’t arrived for a month, and that Yin Sector was moving again!

At this moment, I saw many Yin Sector creatures kneeling on the ground, facing the junction of yin and yang, bowing their bows and chanting ancient scriptures, like Sanskrit.

At the junction of Yin and Yang, one after another crack emerged, and an ancient altar could be vaguely seen.

On the altar, there is an atmosphere that resembles a magnificent monstrous mist, and the main road turns into Ruixiang and falls, covering the entire altar.

There was a young man standing on the altar, dressed in a colorful glow, his hair was shining, and there seemed to be stars hanging on the hair.

He has a handsome face, a fair complexion, and a pair of phoenix eyes that are very beautiful, seemingly stunning.

As the sound of chanting became louder and louder, the rays of light layered on the altar, ten thousand zhang shot into the sky, and then a gap appeared in the Yin-Yang two sectors!

next moment, he stepped out, and Ruixiang on his body was like a melting pot to shelter him.

He crossed the junction of yin and yang, with a colorful glow, finally descended in Yong Prefecture.

At this moment, the creatures in Yong Prefecture shouted, their expression was excited, and their eyes were even more reverent and awe-inspiring.

But, if you look closely, the young man’s cultivation base is not very high, only the realm of the title god.

Compared with the previous two emperors, he is indeed weak.

It’s just that the two Yin Sector emperors had never received such treatment when they came!

“Welcome to the great stream of clouds Holy Son!”

“Welcome to the great stream of clouds Holy Son!”


one after Another shouted loudly, everyone worshipped, and the loud voice shook the sky!

Even the creatures outside the world were shocked, one by one they turned their eyes on the Yong Prefecture, and on the holy Son of the big cloud.

“This person is very strong!”

“Innate talent aptitude, can be called unparalleled!”


Honglianzun Those and the others stare at them, with their cultivation base, you can clearly understand the background of Da Liuyun Holy Son!

In their eyes, what they saw was not a young man, but a arrogant emperor!

Someone even saw endless rays of light from this young man, seeming to break through the shackles of the avenue and shatter the shackles of nothingness!

“Didn’t expect that there are such creatures in the burial site.” Venerable Honglian said solemnly: “It seems that the burial site is much stronger than we thought.”

“Even if this person is an extraordinary natural talent, but he is only titled a god, I will be able to suppress him by raising my hand when I arrive.” Someone was very upset, and when he spoke, he glanced in the direction of Shengshi Academy.

“No matter how strong Tianjiao is, it’s useless. This battle will ultimately be Peak Powerhouse’s battle. These youngsters, when the time comes, are hard to protect themselves!”

“That’s right!”


At the same time, in Yong Prefecture, the great stream of clouds Holy Son slowly fell into the ancient city.

With a smile on his face like a spring breeze, he waved at everyone, lightly said: “Most of you are the same generation as me. You don’t need to be worthy of Holy Son, just call me Ji Liuyun.”

“Holy Son, this is absolutely impossible! You are a Holy Son, how can you neglect the etiquette!”

“Da Liuyun is the holy land of my Yin Sector, and you are Da Liuyun again Holy Son of Japan, deserves such treatment.”


Many people began to speak, kneeling on the ground and refused to get up.

This made Ji Liuyun quite helpless, and he could only express a righteous expression, saying: “No gift.”

After these words were said, this group of talents slowly got up, but their expression and eyes The sense of awe is always there.

“Liouyun Holy Son, Yang Sector bully intolerably, suppress and kill the two kings of my Yin Sector!” Someone said solemnly: “This matter…Is Yin Sector only sending you here? “

Ji Liuyun hearing this, nodded with a smile, said: “I will walk around Yang Sector and take a look at the scenery here, by the way…”

Ji Liuyun did not finish his words. Instead, he raised his head and looked towards Tianwai, with an unknown smile on his mouth.

“What does this kid mean!? He wants to declare war with me!?”

“This ant is the same as the kid in Shengshi Academy! It is disgusting!”


Venerable Honglian and the others are angry, they can feel that Ji Liuyun’s smile is actually contemptuous and provocative!

They are who, the Peak powerhouse of Great Thousand Worlds, aloof and remote, who would normally dare to speak loudly with them, let alone be despised and provoked by others!

And now, a titled god that’s all dares to do so!

If it weren’t for Nine Heavens God World now, this group of people might have already taken action!

“It’s weird, I can’t see his title and rank!”

At this moment, Venerable Honglian’s expression condensed, staring at Ji Liuyun, heartbroken.

With his cultivation base, how many things in this world can escape his eyes! ?

It is nothing difficult to break through the falsehood, and even to wait and see the ancient and modern future!

But now, he can’t see Ji Liuyun’s title level!

This made him seriously suspect that Ji Liuyun’s title and rank are most likely to be Earth Grade!

As for why not it is of the Heavenly Word level, Venerable Honglian didn’t even think about that!

Be aware that even the glorious and prosperous Great Thousand Worlds, from ancient times to the present, there have not been a few Tianzi-level titles!

“First send a young man of the spirit character level to explore his reality.” Venerable Honglian said: “This kid, you must also pay attention.”

“That’s that’s All, is it necessary to pay attention to it? When we arrive at the burial site, let him be in the sky, and he will be annihilated!” Someone said solemnly.

However, everyone complied and notified the dísciple who entered the Nine Heavens God World with divine sense.

In the past half a day, one person came to Yong Prefecture, pushed past all the way, and finally came to the first ancient city of Yong Prefecture, before Yong Prefecture city.

“Call out the strongest person here!”

This person has been pushed all the way, extremely powerful, and at the moment he came to the ancient city, his tone was not small!

But, next moment, his expression freezes!

I saw a Profound Light burst out from the ancient city, entrained with colorful brilliance, and more avenue fragments floating in the brilliance!

Unable to tolerate this person’s reaction, Profound Light broke through the power of his title, and then Profound Light exploded, and even the person with him collapsed, directly body dies and Dao disappears!

“It seems that it can’t be wrong, it is a titled god at the earth level.” Venerable Honglian stood outside the world, seeing all this in his eyes.

After that, a sneer appeared on his face, and he asked: “Among the dísciples that entered the burial ground this time, is there a god with the title of Peak Dizi?”

“Hui Zun There are three of them.”

“One goes to Yong Prefecture, one goes to Shengshi Academy, and the other goes to Linlang Academy.” Venerable Honglian’s eyes flashed cold glow, said solemnly: “We should also let this group of ignorance The creatures know the background of my Great Thousand Worlds!”

“That’s right!”

“The three gods of the Great Thousand Worlds title, the battle strength is extremely strong , You can even contend with the powerhouse of the older generation, this time I see how the burial site can handle it!”


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