I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 975

The young man at Linlang Academy is very powerful. He is proficient in rune, and he used an obscure rune to kill the god of the Great Thousand Worlds title!

At this moment, he is extremely upset. Why does Yang Sector need Yin Sector’s help?

Is this humiliating Yang Sector? !

“Although the Yin-Yang two sectors are opposite, they are also one, and they are in the Nine Heavens God World.” Ji Liuyun explained: “Although the Yin-Yang two sectors have war, they have nothing to do with the world. If the world wants to intervene, then please calm down and stay in Anai!”

“Don’t tell me anything, I will kill this person today!” The young man at Linlang Academy coldly said .

“Let me come.” Ji Liuyun lightly said, as if to prove that he didn’t speak, so he wanted to kill the enemy, it proved himself!

At this moment, the expression of a group of people outside the world is quite weird, and even more people are anxiously on sound transmission, wanting that dísciple to retreat quickly!

Venerable Honglian’s complexion is also broken, he didn’t expect in his dreams, Ji Liuyun and the boy from Linlang Academy would actually go to Shengshi Academy together!

They have all seen the battle strength of these two people, and they can easily suppress and kill the local title gods!

Now, if the title god of Great Thousand Worlds goes, isn’t it going to die?

Although Great Thousand Worlds is vast, outstanding people, powerhouse as clouds, but there are not many gods with the title of earth, and death is a loss!

“Quickly withdraw!”

“Boy! Run! Don’t go to Shengshi Academy!”

However, this The sound transmission of the crowd is still slow.

They stood outside the south wall, and saw a colorful streamer and an ancient rune flash by.

After that, the title god of Great Thousand Worlds disappeared.

Not even a trace of residual ash is left!

“Venerable Red Lotus…this…this…” Someone opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

The three earth-level title gods all fell in one day!

“Tell me to return to the ancestral land! Send a god with the title of Tianzi!” The old face of Venerable Honglian couldn’t hold it.

Everything that was originally planned, I never thought it failed!

Not only failed, but also so thorough!

At this moment, he was so angry that he planned to send the title god of the Heavenly Word level!

Those characters are absolute powerhouses, and true arrogances!

Venerable Honglian firmly believes that as long as the god of the heavenly title comes, no one can compete with the same realm cultivator of Nine Heavens God World!

“I killed you!”

“Fellow Daoist, don’t get angry.”


At this moment, Shengshi Academy Besides, the young man at Linlang Academy was furious.

His rune shot slowed down, and as a result, the Great Thousand Worlds creature was actually killed by Ji Liuyun!

This is robbing him of the limelight! ? Still provoking him? !

At this moment, I saw the young man at Linlang Academy became furious. He was already opposed to Yin Sector. How could I bear it at this moment!

A rune rises, and then it turns into tens of millions, like stars falling in the sky!

Power of Heaven and Earth ups and downs, all around the mountains and rivers are shaken, transpiring one after another mist!

This is to condense Power of Heaven and Earth, mobilize the power of mountains and rivers, and suppress seasonal clouds!

“Fellow Daoist, why are you unreasonable?” Ji Liuyun said solemnly: “I am helping Yang Sector, why did you do it to me?”

“Laozi Yang Sector’s cultivator, What’s the problem with you, a creature of Yin Sector!? This makes sense! Even if you don’t help Yang Sector today, I will do it against you!” The young man from Linlang Academy shouted angrily.

Seeing this, Ji Liuyun also woke up.

Yes, Yin-Yang two sectors are actually opposites. What is the reason for the two sectors to act?

However, Ji Liuyun did not do anything, the colorful streamer shattered the void, and then escaped into it.

Before leaving, he pointed to the sky and said: “What is your family fighting, don’t let outsiders watch jokes.”

“Who is with your own family!? Yin-Yang Two sectors are going to fight sooner or later!” The boy from Linlang Academy coldly said, a runes headed towards Ji Liuyun!

However, Ji Liuyun has left, leaving behind strands of colorful brilliance, and then dissipated.

“This is a whole thing, I am confused.” Jiang Chen stood in front of the central palace, quite messy.

He didn’t expect Linlang Academy to help Shengshi Academy, and he didn’t expect Ji Liuyun to do the same!

What’s the trouble! ?

“What are you looking at!? A bunch of waste! If it weren’t for me to come here today, you would be waiting to lose face at Shengshi Academy!”

At this moment, the youth of Linlang Academy looked very ugly.

He failed to leave Ji Liuyun, and vented his anger on Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen looked dazed, and pointed to the void crack that hadn’t healed yet, whispered: “What are you mad at me? With that ability, go find Ji Liuyun.”

“I can catch up, and I’m still talking nonsense with you here!?” The young man from Linlang Academy scolded angrily.

Then, bright light glittering in his eyes, and rune ups and downs!

He is actually watching the Religion Protecting Great Array of Shengshi Academy!

Looking at him like this, does he want to break the formation and rush into the Shengshi Academy! ?

“Hey, I helped Shengshi Academy just now. Why do you think about breaking my Religion Protecting Great Array at Shengshi Academy?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Bang and return to the gang, but there should be a difference between Linlang Academy and Shengshi Academy!” said the boy from Linlang Academy.

But, next moment, the brilliance in the boy’s eyes disappeared, and the silhouette receded one after another beyond ten thousand li.

Because the gray-haired old man is back!

He quietly appeared in front of the central palace, squinted at the young man, and lightly said: “It is a blessing that Linlang Academy can receive a dísciple like you.”


“Senior, the rules are all set by you on the horizon, you can’t bully the weak!” The boy’s eyes were full of fear.

When he wanted to break the formation just now, he clearly felt that a killing intent was covering it!

And the killing intent comes from this gray-haired old man!

“It’s just a junior, I won’t embarrass you.” The gray-haired old man waved his hand and said: “Go back, I don’t need Linlang Academy to intervene in matters of Shengshi Academy in the future.”

“Not to mention the word help.”

The young man in Linlang Academy hearing this, curl one’s lip, contemptuously said: “The dísciple of Shengshi Academy is too weak!”

“You I thought that Linlang Academy wanted to help you? I was just worried that if Shengshi Academy was defeated, it would affect the face of Nine Heavens God World!”

As soon as this was said, the gray-haired old man frowned seemed very unhappy. .

Jiang Chen is also uncomfortable in his heart, and he cannot refute it.

After all, the facts are in front of us. The dísciple of the Shengshi Academy is indeed too weak.

“Come back in a few days! When the time comes, I will challenge you to the strongest dísciple of the Shengshi Academy!” This young man knew that the gray-haired old man would not do anything to him, and at this moment his confidence has risen. It is even more unscrupulous.

He pointed to Sect at the gate of Shengshi Academy, and said contemptuously: “When the time comes, if Shengshi Academy fails, this Academy can be dissolved too!”

“Boy , Too arrogant.” The gray-haired old man stared at him, even if he had a good temper, he was also a little angry at the moment.

“This Young Master is so arrogant! old fogey, remember the Young Master’s name, Shangguan Da Niu!” The young man in Linlang Academy raised his eyebrows, but saw the gray-haired old man’s eyes again A killing intent appeared, and he hurriedly escaped into the void and slipped away.

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