I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 977

Leaving Cangzhou, Jiang Chen first went to the gate of Heavenspan Church and took a look.

Now Heavenspan Church has closed the mountain, the gate is hidden, no trace can be detected.

Even if you know that the gate of Heavenspan Church is right in front of you, you can’t see it.

Jiang Chen stood outside the gate of Heavenspan Church until a long time later, waving to the air in front of him said with a smile: “Sect Master, senior brother and senior sister, I’m leaving.”

Jiang Chen knew that he could not see the scenery inside Heavenspan Church, but Song Tingtao and the others could see him.

Honglingsha stands inside the mountain gate, only ten zhang away from Jiang Chen.

She regards Jiang Chen as her own brother. She wants to charge ahead so much at this moment, and she wants to touch Jiang Chen’s head fondly like before.

However, Heavenspan Church closed the mountain and the Great Mountain Formation could be easily opened.

even more how Heavenspan Church was originally “poor”, opening the Great Mountain Formation once, exhausted the heritage of Heavenspan Church.

“Boy, you don’t want to stay in Shengshi Academy, what do you run out of?” Song Tingtao’s cultivation base profound, you can sound transmission to Jiang Chen through the Great Mountain Formation.

Jiang Chen, who had already turned around, suddenly paused, but never turned around.

There is a smile at the corner of his mouth, very sunny and beautiful.

“Go to pave the way.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, turned his back to the crowd, waved again, and said: “If Heavenspan Church is born one day, don’t forget Heavenspan Church and my dísciple.”

“Boy, pay attention to safety outside, don’t wait for us to be born, but you are gone.” Song Tingtao said, with a hint of joke.

However, the smile on Jiang Chen’s face was stiff, and he muttered to himself: “Maybe it’s gone.”

In the end, Jiang Chen left, he left In the deserted state, I walked aimlessly all the way.

He doesn’t know where to go, he doesn’t know what the way forward, he only knows that this time he must do something!

Even if it’s not for yourself, you should do something for Jiang Liu, Bai Fengyu and the others!

Otherwise, his boss, his Master, would have failed too much.

“en? That kid came out!?”

“Good fellow! Dare to come out!?”


At this moment, a group of creatures outside the world saw Jiang Chen, and someone immediately ordered them to send those creatures who entered Nine Heavens God World to suppress and kill Jiang Chen!

However, how can Jiang Chen fail to guess that someone outside the world is watching him.

Not long after leaving the barren state, Jiang Chen used the power of Myriad Transformations Celestial Blade to dissolve his own breath and hide his silhouette.

But within a long time, creatures outside the world saw him enter the territory of Yong Prefecture again.

“He went to Yong Prefecture!?”

“He is a creature of Yang Sector, why did he go to Yong Prefecture? Yong Prefecture is now the site of Yin Sector.”


Just when everyone was puzzled, they saw Jiang Chen ascending a mountain.

I saw him looking up and smiling, as if seeing the world through the sky.

After that, he slowly raised his arm and stretched out a middle finger…

“Damn! I can’t bear it!”

” It’s unbearable!”

Even Venerable Honglian was so angry that I have seen a cheap one, but never seen Jiang Chen so cheap!

What a drop! ? You know that we can’t come right now, deliberately provoking me to wait, right? !

“Near Yong Prefecture, I have the great pride of Great Thousand Worlds, go quickly, suppress and kill him!”

Soon, within the boundary of Yong Prefecture, not far from Jiang Chen Place, a stream of light is coming back!

He found the location of Jiang Chen through the eyes of everyone outside the world!

However, when he came to that mountain, Jiang Chen disappeared, even his breath disappeared.

A group of people outside the world are also dumbfounded. With their cultivation base, they can’t find Jiang Chen’s trace!

“He must have a secret treasure on his body, which can hide himself!” Venerable Honglian said solemnly: “He can’t go far!”

After ten breaths, Venerable Honglian The expression condensed and saw Jiang Chen appear outside the three ten thousand li.

This time, Jiang Chen climbed up a mountain again, and then once again extended a middle finger to the outsider.


“I…I am so angry!”


At this moment, outside the world The faces of the creatures were flushed, and some people were even more angry, spewing out a few mouthfuls of blood!

Venerable Honglian’s face is also iron blue, his chest is undulating, and he is almost internally injured by anger!

“Follow me!” Venerable Honglian ordered, and one of the Strands of Divine Sense fell on the arrogant of Great Thousand Worlds, guiding him to hunt down Jiang Chen.

However, before long, Jiang Chen disappeared.

“This kid is too capable! One or two people simply can’t catch him!”

“Send more people over! Besieged him!”


Finally, half of the Tianjiao who entered the Nine Heavens God World from Great Thousand Worlds were ordered to enter the territory of Yong Prefecture.

They started looking for Jiang Chen on a large scale, digging mountains, cutting off rivers, and even burning flowers and trees!

They don’t believe it anymore. They dig three feet in the ground and they can’t find Jiang Chen!

“Finally got the bait.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen appeared on a mountain again with a smile on his face.

This time, without waiting for Jiang Chen to raise his middle finger, he noticed a few terrifying auras moved towards him in the distance.

“Hey, come on.” Jiang Chen chuckled lightly, stomping on the mountain with his feet, not knowing what he was doing.

After that, he disappeared again.

“Play with us!?”

“Give me all to the Yong Prefecture land boundary! at all costs, kill this person!”


In the end, a group of creatures outside the world were completely angered!

They ordered to die, they must suppress and kill Jiang Chen!

At this moment, all the arrogances of Great Thousand Worlds who entered the Nine Heavens God World are here, and all have entered the realm of Yong Prefecture!

“What are you doing these days? Come to my Yong Prefecture to run wild?”

In the city of Yong Prefecture, many Yin Sector creatures gathered together to discuss what happened outside.

They had already discovered that the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds had entered Yong Prefecture, but Ji Liuyun gave the order and couldn’t get it.

This makes them very confused, is it possible that Ji Liuyun is afraid?

“Wait for a good show.”

Ji Liuyun didn’t know when he came to the crowd. He looked up towards the distance, with a hint of joking at the corner of his mouth.

His body is full of colorful clouds, and behind him is an illusory shadow of an ancient tree.

Colorful colors accompany the ancient tree, just like a rainbow tree, with a hint of mysterious in the beauty.

“Holy Son’s Dao Soul is advanced!?”

“Seven Treasure Glass Tree!”

“If it is advanced to Nine Color Glass Tree… Don’t you really want to be invincible of the same generation!?”

Everyone was shocked and praised.

Be aware that the Qibao Glazed Glaze Tree is Peak’s Dao Soul, and it is as famous as the 36 lotus who reads the long song!

This Dao Soul is rare and unpredictable in the ages!

“Dao Soul that’s all.” Ji Liuyun said with a smile: “You are really strong if you are strong. Dao Soul is just the icing on the cake that’s all.”

“Holy Son The extreme is…”

A group of people have weird expressions and slander in their hearts. Of course you have the Qibao Glazed Glass Tree to say so, but have you ever thought about those of us who don’t have Dao Soul! ?

“It’s started!”

Half a day later, Ji Liuyun’s expression condensed, and one after another amazing colorful brilliance burst out of his pupils!

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