I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 978

After entering the territory of Yong Prefecture from Jiang Chen, it has been shuttled between the major mountains.

Nowhere, I will step on the top of the mountain.

At first, Ji Liuyun didn’t care, and didn’t know what Jiang Chen was doing.

Until later, he secretly went to the mountain that Jiang Chen had visited, and then he discovered the clue!

“The old fart things outside the world, how can they be seen clearly at such a distance.” Ji Liuyun lightly said with a smile, his eyes opened and closed, and the colorful glow seemed to be cut Break this void.

At the same time, on a mountain very close to Yong Prefecture, Jiang Chen was surrounded by a group of titled gods of Great Thousand Worlds.

“Ant! Still want to run!?”

“This time, see how you live!”


all Around the sound of anger sounded constantly, these people were very angry when Jiang Chen teased them!

A large group of titled gods, there is no shortage of word-level powerhouses, as a result, Jiang Chen has not been surrounded until now.

For them, this is simply a shame!

“You are surrounded.”

But at this moment, Jiang Chen smiled, with a bright smile, very happy.

There is no panic in his expression, let alone fear.

Everyone is hearing this, with a look of confusion, even a little messy.

Someone looked at Jiang Chen with a weird expression. Is this guy secretly thought scared?

With such a group of titled gods surrounding you, who do you say is surrounded?

“I will accept the power of your title.” Jiang Chen jokingly said, then raised his head, looked towards the sky, and slowly raised a middle finger.

“Is there a problem with this kid’s brain? The dying person, dare to provoke me to wait?”

“hmph, death is near, so arrogant!”



Outside the world, a group of creatures sneered, and their hearts were even more relaxed.

This scourge is finally dying!

However, after just a few breaths, Venerable Red Lotus’s expression changed drastically, and a Strands of Divine Sense rushed into Nine Heavens God World and shouted: “Go!”

However, although his divine sense is coming fast, but the distance is too far!

When these people heard the voice of Venerable Red Lotus, everything was too late!

At this moment, I saw rays of light rising into the sky on the mountains in the distance, centered on the place where Jiang Chen is located!

Look carefully, there are a lot of formation marks, and they are even more obscure and esoteric!

The closest distance to Jiang Chen is three ten thousand li, and the farthest distance is a million li!

At this moment, on these peaks, rune erupted, and then one after another beam of light burst into the sky!

Looking up, there seems to be endless chains flying from a distance, forming a big net in the air!

On each of the hills, Formation emerged, the Heaven and Earth mountains and rivers exploded, and the chains gathered at the feet of Jiang Chen!

Afterwards, Jiang Chen slammed on the ground, his eyes burned with rune, and under both hands forming seals, he lightly shouted: “inescapable net!”



When the voice fell, there was a slight vibration in the entire Yong Prefecture.

Especially where Jiang Chen is, this world seems to collapse, and this world seems to be reversed!

A big net covering the sky manifested, and the chains fell down, like gold and silver threads, which were wrapped around these creatures in an instant!

“What is this!?”

“Formation?! you dare!”


At this moment, everyone is aware When it’s strange, they all put their efforts.

However, they were horrified to find that the Power of Heaven and Earth here was too powerful, as if the heavens came in person, suppressing their power within the body!

Even the power of the title has been suppressed!

“Who is it that surrounds whom?” Jiang Chen jokingly said, gently sticking out his palm, and then slowly gathering in front of him.




As Jiang Chen’s palms continue to gather, all around one after another muffled!

Looking at it, those titled gods burst and burst like fireworks, divine force and blood splashed, divine light shining, and extraordinarily gorgeous!

“I know you will come to Nine Heavens God World sooner or later.” Jiang Chen looked up and looked towards the world, lightly said with a smile: “I will set off a firework first, which is to welcome you in advance.”


“I…I will kill him!”


A group of creatures outside the world Fry the pan thoroughly, and even more people can’t accept this fact, and they fainted!

Venerable Honglian’s face turned green, his back was cold, and his forehead was sweating cold!

This time’s actions were directed by him, and now the title gods sent out are going to die!

And he has an unshirkable responsibility!

Venerable Honglian felt cold, knowing that this time he was in trouble!

There are so many titled gods who have died, and many of them are Tianjiao of the word level!

He cannot bear this responsibility!

“forbidden technique · Soul restraint!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen began to deprive these people of the power of the title.

With the display of the forbidden technique of the soul, the titled gods under inescapable net broke down after the body exploded, and finally left only a thumb the size of something like a pearl. .

This thing is the power of title!

“Great harvest.” Jiang Chen was excited and took the title power into his arms. After carefully counting, there were dozens of them!

Jiang Chen put the power of the strongest titles into Soul World, and plans to give these powers to Jiang Liu and the others when he returns to Shengshi Academy in the future.

As for the power of other titles, Jiang Chen felt it was a pity to lose it, so he kept it first.

“tsk tsk tsk…… really didn’t expect, you still have such a hand, you deserve to be the tutor of Shengshi Academy.”

At this moment, Ji Liuyun came.

He stood in the void in the distance, and did not dare to come near here.

Just because the array is still here!

Rao is that he can easily suppress and kill the earth-level title gods, and he also owns the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Tree, but he doesn’t dare to shake the array here!

After all, the array here has condensed the terrifying Power of Heaven and Earth, and it is in line with the general trend of mountains and rivers, even if the main god comes, it will suffer!

“Don’t you think about profiting from somebody’s misfortune?” Jiang Chen stared at Ji Liuyun vigilantly, said solemnly: “The array here hasn’t disappeared yet!”

” So I dare not approach here.” Ji Liuyun said with a smile, seemingly very kind.

But Jiang Chen knows very well in his heart that Yin-Yang two sectors are opposite, and Ji Liuyun’s kind smile must hide a killing intent!

Although Ji Liuyun helped Shengshi Academy before, it was a question of position at that time!

Yin-Yang two sectors belong to Nine Heavens God World. After all, at that time, Ji Liuyun was not helping Shengshi Academy, but Nine Heavens God World.

But it’s different now!

“Discuss something with you.” Ji Liuyun said: “You have deprived you of so much power of the title, why sell it to me?”

“You Yin Sector are not always boasting about their heritage Is it deep, how can you still appreciate these things?” Jiang Chen teased.

Ji Liuyun hearing this, the old face blushed slightly, and his heart was even more slanderous: “It depends on what it is! You are the power of title!”

“You see this Yeah, you give me the power of ten spirit-level titles. If you die in the future, I can help you once.” Ji Liuyun said.

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