I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 979

Ji Liuyun said very truthfully, he needs the power of ten Lingzi-level titles to reach out.

Jiang Chen’s face turned dark, staring at Ji Liuyun, and said angrily: “Do you think this thing is Chinese cabbage?”

Jiang Chen this time pitted the Great Thousand Worlds’ Tianjiao , I didn’t say much about the Lingzi-level title I got, and I had to keep it for Jiang Liu and the others.

I don’t have enough, so I need to give Ji Liuyun?

Is this nonsense?

even more how what is the use of Ji Liuyun’s promise? The two are actually opposites. If Jiang Chen is really in trouble, can the creatures of Yin Sector take action?

“This is the boundary of Yong Prefecture.”

At this moment, Ji Liuyun lightly said, the implication is already obvious!

In his turf, Jiang Chen has to give if he doesn’t give it today!

“Are you trying to grab it?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, his expression was calm, and there was no panic in his eyes.

He knows that Ji Liuyun is very strong, and he can easily suppress and kill the title deity of the word level.

But, so what?

You must know that Jiang Chen has placed an array within this radius at this moment!

If Ji Liuyun dared to do something, Jiang Chen would not sit still, start Formation at worst, let’s fight!

“This is a deal.” Ji Liuyun said: “Although the Yin-Yang two sectors are opposed, we also have a common enemy, don’t we?”

“You want the power of title, Go and grab it yourself.” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “With your promise, you want the power of my ten spirit-level titles? Pay a small price for big rewards in return?”

” If you don’t give it, you won’t be able to get out of Yong Prefecture.” Ji Liuyun said with a smile: “I’m talking now.”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen’s face became more gloomy.

He can see that today’s Ji Liuyun’s transaction must be carried out!

Yes, can Jiang Chen give it to him obediently?

The answer is obvious, impossible!



At this moment, a roar sounded from above Jiang Chen’s head, and the sky dimmed in an instant!

After a few breaths, a robbery cloud appeared, and the sky was filled with thunderbolt!

A purple-golden hammer is manifested in the air, it is something from thunderbolt and power of Grand Dao condense!

This is Heavenly Retribution!

“If you don’t leave, I’m afraid you are going to join me in this Heavenly Retribution.” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “Would you like to try?”

“You… “The smile on Ji Liuyun’s face disappeared, looking at the robbery cloud above Jiang Chen’s head and the purple-golden hammer that looked like a mountain, there was finally a sense of dread in his eyes.

The forbidden technique of restraining the soul is hurting the sky and harmony. After Jiang Chen performed several times, the Heavenly Retribution attracted must be a mighty horror!

Rao Shi Ji Liuyun did not dare to take this risk, and did not even want to stay here!

Yes, Jiang Chen’s body is so attractive!

The power of dozens of titles, among which there are many titles of Lingzi!

If these things can be obtained by Yin Sector, it won’t take long to cultivate a group of gods with spiritual titles!

“That many powers of the title, have you run out of it?” Ji Liuyun said solemnly, the silhouette of which kept retreating, leaving the scope of Heavenly Retribution within a few breaths.

“I will sell it if I don’t use it up.” Jiang Chen said: “In this world, some people buy this stuff.”

“I can buy it too.” Ji Liuyun compromised and was willing Use rare treasure to exchange for rare treasure.

Jiang Chen directly refused, he would not do this kind of business!

Sell the power of the title to the creatures of Yin Sector, and then the creatures of Yin Sector cultivate a powerhouse, and then counterattack Yang Sector?

Jiang Chen is not stupid, how can he do this!

“Then there is no discussion?” Ji Liuyun said solemnly.

“Different positions, how to discuss?” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

After that, Jiang Chen got up, moved towards Yong Prefecture and flew away.

At the same time, the robbery cloud above his head followed all the way, the huge purple-golden hammer was shaking, constantly gathering Power of Heaven and Earth, and power of Grand Dao.

Where the robbery cloud passes, Heaven and Earth is a piece of Purple Gold, and there are fragments of the avenue appearing in the air, like gorgeous petals.

Jiang Chen doesn’t care about this.

He knows that there will be Heavenly Retribution after performing the forbidden technique, so he has already unlocked the seal on Primal Chaos Qi.

As long as Primal Chaos Qi is here, this Heavenly Retribution is equivalent to a nutrient for him!

However, what made Jiang Chen quite jealous was that Ji Liuyun followed.

He is not slow, always keeping a certain distance from Jiang Chen, and seems to have to wait for Jiang Chen to finish the Heavenly Retribution after he does it.

“Follow you again, believing or not pulling you to Transcending Tribulation!?” Jiang Chen silhouette paused, and the complexion is gloomy.

“Your cultivation base is not equal to me, and your speed is not equal to me.” Ji Liuyun lightly said with a smile: “You can’t catch up with me, but I… can catch up with you.”


As soon as this word came out, Jiang Chen smiled bitterly.

After that, Jiang Chen took out three spiritual titles and said: “Just three, how about?”

“Oh? You compromised?” Ji Liuyun jokingly smiled. : “Ten.”

Ji Liuyun thought very clearly. Since Jiang Chen is willing to take out three, it means that Jiang Chen has compromised.

Since you have compromised, it is fine to ask the other party for ten.

This is a step back, the truth needs to be stepped back absolutely!

“Five, no more.” Jiang Chen said solemnly, actually bargaining with Ji Liuyun.

However, Ji Liuyun has a tough attitude, he has to ask for ten!

In this way, a Heavenly Retribution on top of the head, standing in place, mouthful of saliva splash across, and started bargaining.

The other feared strength of Heaven’s Punishment, did not dare to come close, and always kept a distance from Jiang Chen.

For a while, the two seemed to be deadlocked.

“You don’t want to give you three, and you don’t want five. In that case… Then I don’t want to give one.”

After a dozen breaths, Jiang Chen A smile suddenly appeared on his face, and he said: “Remind you, it’s too late to go now!”

“What?” Ji Liuyun frowned, completely wondering where Jiang Chen’s confidence and confidence came from!

But, next moment, Ji Liuyun’s face turned black!



Under a sky-splitting sound, I saw Lao Yi stepping out of the void, and there were others with him Moon phase minister!

As soon as these two people appeared, Jiang Chen first swallowed the Heavenly Retribution with Primal Chaos Qi, and then looked towards Ji Liuyun with a smile, jokingly said: “Now… it’s my turn to negotiate with you. .”

“Yin-Yang two sectors have rules, these two people around you can’t do it to me.” Ji Liuyun said solemnly.

Ji Liuyun has not yet reached the main god, and the old one and the moon phase minister are the Peak Master Divine Grade.

According to the rules, these two people really cannot do anything to Ji Liuyun.

But for Jiang Chen, this kind of rule is nothing! ?

Be aware that Jiang Chen is only Heavenly God Realm, and Ji Liuyun is the titled god!

Before, isn’t Ji Liuyun going to work on Jiang Chen?

Since the opponent wants to break the rules, Jiang Chen is also “not to be outdone”!

Just when I was bargaining with Ji Liuyun, I secretly contacted the Head Disciple of my previous life!

“Don’t talk to me about these useless things.” Jiang Chen said: “Now it’s my turn to negotiate a deal with you!”

After that, Jiang Chen’s face The smile grew stronger and he said: “Do you think… how much is your life worth?”

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