I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 981

Yuexiangchen did not travel with Jiang Chen. For him, it would be a benevolence to come this time.

I want him to accompany Jiang Chen to Yong Prefecture city, it is a dream.

Maybe after he sees Moon God, his attitude towards Jiang Chen will change.

Finally, Jiang Chen and the old one after another got up and escorted Ji Liuyun into the city of Yong Prefecture.

Lu Ji Liuyun sent out some rare treasures, and told Jiang Chen to tell Jiang Chen to return to Yong Prefecture as normal.

He doesn’t want to be known by the people in Yin Sector that he has been suppressed. This is a shame for him.

For Da Liuyun, it is even more shame!

Jiang Chen is of course happy. After receiving some rare treasures, he only sealed the divine force of Ji Liuyun, and the three of them entered the city of Yong Prefecture carefree.

With the company of Ji Liuyun, the creatures of Yin Sector are naturally afraid to do anything to Jiang Chen, even more how, there is also the main god of the old one.

It’s just that many people are wondering, how did the Holy Son of Yin Sector get along with the people of Yang Sector?

Is there any plan?

“Holy Son, these two?” Someone walked over with a noble identity. It was the Holy Son of a certain sect in Yin Sector.

But he is still quite respectful of Ji Liuyun, even in awe.

“these two people are my distinguished guests.” Ji Liuyun’s expression is calm, without any disturbance.

But his heart is imaginary!

In case it is seen that he was suppressed, it would be shameful!

If this matter spreads out, how will he behave in the future?


“Ah? How can the creatures of Yang Sector be my guest of Yin Sector?”


Many people are puzzled, but they dare not speak out.

Ji Liuyun didn’t explain, after all, in his capacity, he didn’t care about these people at all.

After that, he took Jiang Chen into the City Lord Mansion of Yong Prefecture.

Yong Prefecture is the territory of one of Jiang Chen’s nine disciplines.

It’s just a pity that since Jiang Chen’s fall, the people who followed him and the discipline have suffered misfortune.

Now only his eldest apprentice survives.

Therefore, after entering this Yong Prefecture, Jiang Chen will inevitably have a trace of sadness in his heart, flashing the previous picture in his mind.

At that time, how happy it was.

Now, everything has changed!

as time goes by, things have remained the same, but people have changed.

“Where are the ruins?”

After entering the main city, Jiang Chen naturally sat on the seat of City Lord.

At the beginning, he was the same, after all, this was once the site of his dísciple.

Fortunately, no one is around, Ji Liuyun doesn’t care, and after a smirk, he does the other side.

“It’s right under the City Lord Mansion.” Ji Liuyun said: “Do you know, what is under this?”

Jiang Chen hearing this, with a dumb face, old One also shook his head.

In their eyes, the city of Yong Prefecture is the city of Yong Prefecture, the site of Jiang Chen’s original dísciple.

Apart from this, is there anything special?

“The name of Yong Prefecture is not here for nothing.” Ji Liuyun’s expression is weird, and said: “As the creatures of Yang Sector, you don’t know the history of Yong Prefecture? This is also your Yang Sector. Land?”

“Stop selling it, say it.” Jiang Chen said.

“I have to promise me a condition before saying that.” Ji Liuyun said solemnly: “My life is now in your hands. In order to protect myself, I propose some conditions, right?”

“You still know that your life is in our hands? Then what qualifications do you have to negotiate terms with us?” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “You should beg us now!”

After that, Ji Liuyun’s face suddenly became ugly.

So he went to beg Jiang Chen?

Is this possible? !

Although Ji Liuyun has been suppressed now, his arrogance is still there!

I want him to ask for help, impossible!

“This is Yong Prefecture, which is very close to Yin-Yang two sectors. If I die here, Yin Sector will definitely be sensitive. When the time comes the emperor of Yin Sector strikes, you flee You can’t drop it.” Ji Liuyun said solemnly: “It’s better to discuss it, it’s good for everyone.”

“It depends on how you discuss it.” Jiang Chen’s eyes suddenly became cold.

Just because Ji Liuyun is threatening him!

Jiang Chen has never seen such a person, his life is in his hands, but he dares to threaten him in turn!

However, Jiang Chen doesn’t care, but understands the stakes.

“After opening the ruins, we split the contents equally, and after that, you must not hurt me a bit and let me go.” Ji Liuyun said.

“Equally?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows: “This is my Yang Sector. Why do you want to share equally with your Yin Sector?”

“Your condition, I didn’t discuss it. “

Ji Liuyun hearing this, frowned, seems to know that this request is too much.

Although Yong Prefecture is now occupied by Yin Sector, it is still the site of Yang Sector after all.

The things here, in essence, are indeed Yang Sector.

“Forty or six points, how about?” Ji Liuyun said.

“Twenty-eight!” Jiang Chen stared at him: “Twenty-eight points, and you can save your life! This is worth it to you!”

“Twenty-eight It’s too ugly for you to be popular!?” Ji Liuyun said with a cross, “Sanqi! Otherwise, no one would even want to enter the ruins! at worst either the fish dies or the net splits!”

“Sanqi…” Jiang Chen frowned, muttered a few times, waved his hand, and said, “First tell me what’s in the ruins, and how to enter the ruins. After I know these things, I will discuss how to divide them.”

“If not, I don’t know anything, how can I talk to you about the conditions?”

Ji Liuyun clicked nodded, Jiang Chen was right.

After that, he talked about the ruins under the Yong Prefecture city.

It turns out that in the history of Nine Heavens God World, there was a dynasty that rose in a short period of time, but was destroyed in an extreme period of time.

It was like a flash in the pan without leaving a lot of traces, so many people in later generations did not know about that dynasty.

Unfortunately, when the dynasty was the most glorious, he thought about attacking Yin Sector, so there was something to do with Yin Sector, so Yin Sector knew a lot about that dynasty.

According to the powerful deductions of Yin Sector, after the disappearance of that dynasty, its inheritance was hidden, just under the city of Yong Prefecture!

“The dynasty back then was named Tianyong Dynasty!” Ji Liuyun said: “Based on some news, it can be inferred that the dynasty was able to rise in a short time because they mastered a secret Technique!”

“That secret technique can create the power of title!”

“What!? The power of creating title!?” Jiang Chen was shocked, there are still such things in the world. Mystery! ?

Be aware that the power of title is bestowed by God, unique and unmatched, and no creature can create it since ancient times!

“Perhaps it is not called manufacturing, but stealing the sky.” Ji Liuyun explained: “It is precisely because of these secret techniques that the Tianyong Dynasty can rise strongly in a short time.”

“No matter what, they seem to have touched some taboo. It was a flash in the pan, and it was wiped out before even a hundred years.” Ji Liuyun said.

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