I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 982

The Tianyong Dynasty was extremely powerful at the beginning, and it dared to attack Yin Sector during the flourishing period.

But, for some reason, the Tianyong Dynasty did not even arrive for a hundred years and was destroyed by a mysterious force!

Some Old Monster speculations in Yin Sector may be because the secret technique mastered by the Emperor Tianyong Dynasty is too unreasonable. An innocent man treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime, which aroused the coveting of other forces. It was destroyed.

I thought that the Tianyong Dynasty disappeared without leaving any traces, but no one didn’t expect that after the two emperors of Yin Sector entered Yong Prefecture, they accidentally discovered the underground city of Yong Prefecture. remains!

They speculate that perhaps there is an inheritance from the Tianyong Dynasty in this ruin!

Even the secret technique may be in it!

After all, for any small sect force, ensuring the continuity of inheritance is the most critical!

As long as the inheritance continues, one day, you can reach the top!

“Have you ever been in?” Jiang Chen asked.

“No.” Ji Liuyun shook his head: “This is Yang Sector, I am waiting for Yin Qi to be too heavy, and there are many Yang Sector laws and power of Grand Dao in the ruins, I can’t wait to get in. “

“Oh…” Jiang Chen lightly said, jokingly: “You can’t get in, so you need the creatures of Yang Sector to help you get in?”

“Can understand that. “Ji Liuyun is nodded, but he explained: “But as long as the Yin and Yang are out of balance, my Yin Sector creatures can enter the ruins. It’s just a matter of time.”

The breath of Yin Sector and Yang Sector is different. Avenue is even the opposite.

When the creatures of Yin Sector are in Yang Sector, their bodies are unnatural, and they may even feel burnt by flames.

Even their strength will be suppressed.

But, as long as the Yin and Yang reverse chaos and lose balance, this situation will disappear!

When the time comes, the creatures of Yin Sector can freely enter and exit Yang Sector, let alone enter the remains of the Tianyong Dynasty.

“While the powerhouse of Yin Sector has not yet arrived, I can share this ruin with you.” Ji Liuyun said: “If you wait until Yin and Yang reverse the chaos, my Yin Sector powerhouse will come. I am afraid that this ruin will be without you. Yang Sector’s share.”

“It makes sense.” Jiang Chen nodded, then stretched out two fingers, and said: “That sentence, twenty-eight points.”

“Don’t go too far!” Ji Liuyun looked anxious.

The huge ruins, the treasure inside is twenty to eight points! ?

He cannot accept it!

After all, the city of Yong Prefecture is now occupied by the Yin Sector creatures!

Furthermore, if he doesn’t tell Jiang Chen where the entrance to the ruins is, Jiang Chen can’t get in either.

However, Ji Liuyun is also somewhat helpless.

It is clear that he has the initiative, but his life is controlled by the other party.

Now don’t talk about two to eight divisions, even if it’s nineteen divisions, he Ji Liuyun has to agree!

“Two to eight are divided, and you are not at a loss.” Jiang Chen said: “This is what Yang Sector belongs to. I will make you 20%. Are you still too little?”

“Twenty-eight is twenty-eight!”

Ji Liuyun pondered for a while, and finally clenched the teeth agreed!

For him, the treasure in the ruins is a trivial matter, and it is natural to get more.

The biggest thing is his life!

Then, under the leadership of Ji Liuyun, the three came to the underground cage of the City Lord Mansion.

This place has been abandoned for a long time, and normally no who will come here.

It’s dark and humid, with a rotten breath, which makes people sick.

The dungeon is not big, but there are rune formations on the walls and on the ground. This was built a long time ago, and many of the rune formations here are now invalid.

“At first we thought that the rune formation in this dungeon was used to detain prisoners.” Ji Liuyun said: “didn’t expect…These rune formations are used to hide and protect the ruins.”

“If the rune formation hadn’t been damaged, the emperor of my Yin Sector would have difficulty discovering the secrets of this place.”

Speaking, Ji Liuyun had already brought Jiang Chen and the old one. To the deepest part of the dungeon, before a water jail.

In the dungeon, there is a stench, and rotting bones can even be seen.

The maggots squirmed on the bones, and the white layer looked very disgusting.

“This…Don’t tell me the entrance to the ruins is here.” Jiang Chen’s hair is upside down, although maggots are like ants to cultivator.

But… Such a densely packed piece, and a mouthful of foul-smelling water filled with carrion bones, Jiang Chen really doesn’t want to get a bit of it!

“The entrance is under this dungeon.” Ji Liuyun’s face is also ugly, his hair standing upside down.

After all, the picture in front of me is disgusting!

“How to get in?” Jiang Chen asked, resisting the disgusting intention.

“There is a Formation here, you will know it if you take a closer look.” Ji Liuyun pointed to the water prison with a strange expression.

Jiang Chen was also stunned for a moment when he heard this, and then a bright light appeared in his eyes, staring at the water prison.

After more than ten breaths, Jiang Chen’s face turned green!

He could see that the rotting bones and maggots in this water cell were all carved with rune talisman!

And the seemingly messy rotten bones and maggots are actually arranged in a strange position!

“Meaning…you must arrange these bones and maggots correctly to open the ruins?” Jiang Chen asked, his stomach was rolling, almost didn’t come out!

He wants to know, what did the person who set up this Formation think in his mind? !

How can it be so disgusting! ?

“The hobby of the ancients…really makes people…cough cough…” Ji Liuyun said with a bitter smile.

So, here comes the problem!

How to crack this Formation! ?

Jiang Chen watched it for a long time, but didn’t see any tricks.

“Calculated by Divine Consciousness, there are 130,000 maggots here and 36 rotting bones… Every maggot, every bone, can have Formation, and can be combined with other bone maggots Connected together.” Ji Liuyun said: “It’s just…the order has been disrupted…”

With that, Ji Liuyun’s face turned dark and said: “The most unacceptable thing is that there are restrictions. , There is another inexplicable rule. If you want to correct the order of the array here, you can only do it yourself…”

“Do it yourself? How do you do it?” Jiang Chen was stunned, but he knew it in his heart. Up!

Under normal circumstances, the cultivator is basically controlled by the divine force when setting up the Formation or cracking the Formation. Simply do not need to touch those things with your hands.

But it’s okay now…

“Use your hands to correct the mess…” Ji Liuyun’s goose bumps are all up, looking at the disgusting picture in front of him, his scalp Tingling!

Jiang Chen is also stiff, even though he has seen so many great worlds, but at this moment, he is also a little “scared”!

“This is too disgusting!” The old man pinched his nose and said solemnly: “Will you brat deliberately cheat us!?”

“My life is all In your hands, I still dare to pit you!?” Ji Liuyun said grimly.

Tone barely fell, and suddenly bubbles appeared under the dungeon water…

Then, a head came out from under the dungeon water!

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