I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 983

After bubbling, a head came out of the water.

“It’s disgusting! It’s ugly!”

Without waiting for Jiang Chen and the others to react, this person spit out a few mouthfuls and wiped his face with his hands. .

With this touch, let alone carrion, even the maggots are touching their faces!


Old Yi couldn’t stand it anymore, he didn’t hold it back, and he threw up on the spot!

Jiang Chen and Ji Liuyun are not much better, there is a chuckle at the corners of their mouths, and they are all hairy!


At this moment, this person wiped the carrion from his eyes, and when he saw the three people outside the dungeon, a ray of light appeared in his eyes!

I saw him exclaimed very excitedly: “Jiang Chen!?”

“What?” Jiang Chen was taken aback, his face was dirty, simply Did not recognize each other.

But at the next moment, when Jiang Chen was puzzled, he saw the other person jump up from the water and rushed directly to Jiang Chen’s body, and then came a big hug!

“Fuck me!”

Jiang Chen’s face turned black. Under this embrace, carrion and maggots were all on him!

There is even a bad smell, and Jiang Chen almost fainted!

“Jiang Chen!” This person is still very excited while holding Jiang Chen, and even more carelessly wipes the dirt off his face with Jiang Chen’s sleeve.

At this moment, Jiang Chen can see clearly!

“Mu Youde!?” Jiang Chen was stunned. Didn’t expect to encounter this thief and Taoist priest in such a place!

Immediately, Jiang Chen’s face turned dark, and Mu Youde kicked flying with one foot, and said with disgust, “You stay away from me!”

“Long goodbye, too much Excited.” Mu Youde said with a smile, knowing that he was dirty.

But, he doesn’t care!

I saw him get up, mysteriously walked to Jiang Chen’s body, pointed at the dungeon again, and said: “Do you know what’s down there?”

“Heaven The relics of the Yong Dynasty.” Jiang Chen said angrily.

“Um…you know?” Mu Youde was stunned.

“Nonsense!” Jiang Chen pinched his nose and stepped back. He really didn’t want to get too close to Mu Youde!

On the other side, Ji Liuyun has been in a daze.

Since he came to Heaven Fortified City, this City Lord Mansion has been his residence.

With his strength, he hadn’t noticed anyone sneaking into the dungeon before!

What makes him messy the most is that there are such people in this world, aren’t they afraid of dirty or evil? ?

Especially seeing a few maggots hanging in Mu Youde’s hair, Ji Liuyun directly closed his eyes and couldn’t bear to look straight!

“Why are you here?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Passing here, I happened to see the special location of Heaven Fortified City, so I came in and took a look. Didn’t expect really made me discover good things!” Mu Youde said excitedly.

“The smelly king is dead!”



Suddenly, there was a flutter in the water Blossoming “spray”.

With a few weird calls, then only two “Luotang Chickens” fluttered out of the water.

Not long after, I saw a dark and swarthy creature rushing out of the water like a loach.


At this moment, Jiang Chen was dumbfounded.

He stared at the three creatures, his brows bounced, and then the complexion is gloomy looked towards Mu Youde, said solemnly: “These three guys…”

“Oh ……These three.” Mu Youde said: “After you left, I met them in the city of immortality, and then walked together and came to Nine Heavens God World together.”

” Boss!?”



At this moment, the divine light on the three creatures flickered. After removing the dirt on their bodies, Showed his true face.

One dragon, one phoenix, and one Vermilion Bird.

Aren’t these the three great virtues!

“The three virtues, plus you, Mu Youde…the four virtues together, it is…very good……” Jiang Chen didn’t know what to use to describe his inner thoughts.

But he knows very well that these four big brothers are together, and I’m afraid they can overturn the day!

“The good ones do not learn, the bad ones learn fine!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “Following this stinky Taoist priest, what have you learned!?”

“Grave Robber!”


“Digging the grave!”

“Pick up the corpse!”

The three great virtues said together, especially the dragon Dade, who is the god Saint Ancestor dragon He, he was Supreme noble, but at the moment he was full of glaring, a lively fraud!

“Mu Youde Fellow Daoist is extraordinary, and the technique of digging tombs is unparalleled!” Long Dade exclaimed, “Thanks to him, he took us to dig that many tombs and got a lot of Tiancai rare treasure, otherwise the cultivation base I waited for could not improve so fast!”

Jiang Chen hearing this, only then discovered that the cultivation bases of these three great virtues are actually so special. The next main god!

“You…how many tombs were stolen?” Jiang Chen was speechless, it hurts heaven and earth!

“Not many, more than thirty.” Huang Dade said: “There are a few tombs that have nothing in them, but some tombs are really rich!”

“Yes, there are a few good things hidden in the tombs, if they were born, they would definitely be eye-catching!” Nodded and said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, hurriedly waved, but didn’t want to listen to the glorious deeds of these great virtues.

This is shameful!

“Boss, you are proficient in Formation, come and help us breaking the formation! There is a large tomb below!”

Long Dade excitedly said, pointing to the water prison, and said:” Mu Youde said, there are good things below! Unique treasure!”

“cough cough…a few Fellow Daoists…” Ji Liuyun coughed lightly and interjected: “Could you please take the Put those carrion bones and maggots back? If these things are missing, this Formation will not be broken.”

As soon as this word came out, Mu Youde and the others looked towards Ji Liuyun.

“Yo?! Yin Sector creatures!?”

“White and tender, looks very delicious.”


Long Dade’s three eyes flashed, especially the bird Dade, with a wisp of Vermilion Bird flames coming out of his body, and excitedly said: “Da Yin tonic! Just suitable for my Yin-Yang Harmony!”

“You…” Ji Liuyun was frightened, watching the saliva at the corner of Niao Dade’s mouth, his body kept receding.

“Don’t make trouble, they are the Holy Son of Yin Sector.” Jiang Chen said grimly: “You can’t kill him, it’s useful to keep it.”

“Oh…it’s a pity.” Bird Dade murmured, dripping to the ground.

“Speaking…Have you heard that? Let you put back the maggots and carrion that were contaminated before!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “There is rune on those carrion and maggots, and there is a missing piece of carrion. , Or a maggot, don’t even think about breaking this Formation!”

“Uh… OK.”

Mu Youde and the others don’t care. These carrion and maggots are completely different to them.

Even when several people picked up the carrion and maggots from the ground, Jiang Chen saw that the bird spit out several maggots!

He still muttered in his mouth: “Birds eat insects, it is natural and righteous… Why do you have to vomit it back…”

, Lightly said: “No wonder the taste is unique, it turned out to be carved with rune.”

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