I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 985

Yin Sector attaches great importance to the relics of the Tianyong Dynasty. After all, it is very possible that this place contains the secret technique that can create the power of title!

At first, after discovering this place, the powerhouse in Yin Sector also got news, and Great Sage personally deduced it and confirmed that there is no abnormality in this place!

The so-called no exception naturally refers to the safety aspect.

“After you go in, you can see it.” Mu Youde still has a trace of fear in his eyes, he feels this place is very evil!

“You are also Pluto anyway, you see this thing less ghosts?” Jiang Chen teased, thinking that Mu Youde was a little too careful.

“You will know when you enter!” Mu Youde said solemnly.

Finally, a few people walked together and entered the cave entrance.

The inside of the cave is not big, and there are smooth walls on both sides, flashing with a starlight-like substance, brightening the inside of the cave.

Several people marched along the road inside the cave entrance, until after more than a hundred meters out, a group of people stopped.

At this moment, Mu Youde hid directly behind everyone, braving the cold all over, and his back was cold.

As for the other three great virtues, after a brief loss of consciousness, they screamed a few strangely and hid behind Mu Youde one by one.

“Have you seen it?!”

At this moment, Mu Youde’s voice was trembling, and his eyes were squinted, looking towards a silhouette not far in front.

Jiang Chen also had a numb scalp. After walking here, he saw the creature in front of him!

Under careful sensing, the creature does have Life Aura, and its eyes are open, and the brilliance of the road is floating in the eyes!

“Impossible…Great Sage deduced it.” Ji Liuyun frowned, and his footsteps slowly backed away.

Even the peak master god of the old one has blown up his hair, with cold sweat on his forehead, and said: “At least it is a Peak Level other Divine King!”

“He didn’t move ……” Jiang Chen seemed very calm, standing still and didn’t retreat.

He was observing the creature until a few breaths later, Jiang Chen frowned, said solemnly: “The soul is dead, and the fleshy body is immortal!”

“What do you mean!?”

“He… is he dead or alive!?”

Everyone was puzzled, but saw Jiang Chen walked over!

“Boss! Be careful!” Huang Dade reminded: “That’s the other Divine King at Peak Level!”

“The soul dies, and only the fleshy body remains. Consciousness disappeared.” Jiang Chen explained.

Just now, Jiang Chen used the secret technique to clearly understand the essence of this creature.

In the Sumi within the body, the soul has disappeared, but the fleshy body is full of divine essence, so there is Life Aura.

However, death means death. Now this creature can only be regarded as a walking corpse.

To be precise, it is a corpse that is channeling but has not yet successfully channeled!

“It should be the tomb guard who stayed here in the Tianyong dynasty at the time. After the long years, his life essence was exhausted and his soul died.” Jiang Chen speculated: “Because of his presence. The fleshy body is extremely powerful, so after the soul dies, the fleshy body is not destroyed, and the divine material is born, which is now undergoing transformation.”

“Boss, don’t guess, just in case…” Long Dade has a weird expression. Before he finishes his words, the dragon’s whiskers stand upside down!

next moment, Long Dade just ran away!

He didn’t even say a word, he was very “loyal”, turned and ran!

Afterwards, Huang Dade and Bird Dade were stunned for a moment. Although they did not know why Long Dade had to run, they turned around and withdrew out of “trust” in Long Dade. !

“Master…I seem to see that creature’s eyes blinked.” The old one had a strange expression. When Long Dade ran out, he saw the creature move!

Even Ji Liuyun’s face turned pale, with trembling lips, pointing to the creature, and said: “He…really moved!”

Jiang Chen hearing this, There is no shortage of people who have stopped moving forward, their faces are also pale, and cold sweat drips down their foreheads!

He is not blind, and of course he saw this creature’s eyelids move!

However, at this moment, he wants to retreat and cannot retreat!

Just because, centered on this creature, a domain has appeared!

Domain is not big, but it just covers Jiang Chen!

“Is it really that bad?” Jiang Chen scolded his mother.

Jiang Chen said before, this is a body that is channeling, and it has not been channeled yet!

But he didn’t expect, right here, this corpse actually gave birth to a ray of consciousness!

Although the consciousness is very weak and shallow, in essence, the fleshy body of this creature has been channeled!

“You go first!” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

“Are you not leaving?” Mu Youde worriedly said.

“I want to go too!” Jiang Chen’s face turned black and said: “There is a Domain here, which is still expanding. If you don’t leave, it will be too late!”

” Oh, goodbye.” Mu Youde was very decisive, without condoning Jiang Chen, turned around and ran.

Ji Liuyun didn’t hesitate either. Without a second word, he ran away in smoke.

It is the old one who is still talking about loyalty, but after being scolded by Jiang Chen a few times, he also left with worry.

At this moment, Jiang Chen expression grave, his whole body seemed to be suppressed by a mighty force, unable to move!

Even the divine force within the body is passing!

No, to be precise, it was swallowed by the creature!

This is a sign after the Fleshy body psychic!

When a corpse is channeling, it will absorb a large amount of World’s Essence Qi, including the power and essence of the surrounding creatures!

And now, Jiang Chen is like this, being imprisoned by the domain of this creature, within the body’s Essence, Qi, and Spirit, and even divine force are slowly being swallowed!

However, Jiang Chen didn’t panic. He didn’t worry that he would be swallowed to death.

It’s just because this being was extremely powerful before he was alive, and within the body contained a lot of essence and deep roots.

The World’s Essence Qi and Essence, Qi, and Spirit required after the channeling should not be too much, but in terms of the strength of Jiang Chen’s divine force and Essence, Qi, and Spirit, it should Can carry over.

And the fact is, just as Jiang Chen thought.

After only a dozen breaths, the creature stopped swallowing, and then the eyes began to open and close continuously, as if blinking.

A ray of light appeared in his pupils, and his eyes, which had been godless, gradually appeared at this moment.

However, the Domain here is still there!

“Tianyong… Tianyong…”

After another hour, this creature speaks human’s words, but only the word “Tianyong”.

Perhaps, the imprint of the Tianyong Dynasty was imprinted on his fleshy body, even if the soul died and the memory disappeared, something subconsciously would sound!

In this way, Jiang Chen didn’t dare to make a noise, standing still, just waiting.

“Where is this? Who am I? Tian Yong…Is it my name?”

After half a day, the creature became sober a lot, and his consciousness gradually improved.

Afterwards, he saw Jiang Chen.



From a sky-splitting sound, this creature suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Chen, a piece of incredible beauty The face was in front of Jiang Chen, and there was a fragrance of orchids permeating, refreshing.

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