I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 987

There are 18 statues of human head and snake body. At this moment, after the first one moved, the other statues also began to vibrate.

In just a few breaths, I saw all the mud on the 18 statues fell off, and the rich Life Aura came out of them!



With a sound like a flame burning, the eyes of these statues suddenly opened!

The rays of light in the pupils are like a big day, extremely bright, and even more awe-inspiring!

“Farewell to Princess.”


Just when Jiang Chen was horrified, I saw these eighteen creatures all facing the woman. Kneeling and saluting, the expression is full of respect.

At this moment, Jiang Chen is a little messy.

What’s the situation! ?

What are these eighteen creatures? The Princess in their mouth, is it the woman after the Fleshy body psychic?

However, the woman lost her memory, her eyes were puzzled at the moment, looked towards Jiang Chen, and asked: “Who are they?”

Jiang Chen hearing this, opened her mouth , Did not say a word for a long time.

What else can he say? !

Since these creatures call her Princess, they must know her identity!

Jiang Chen how dare to talk nonsense now!

“I also just woke up, my memory is a little bit incomplete, I don’t know.” Jiang Chen thought for a while, just pretended to be a fool!

In this situation, if you talk nonsense, it may irritate these creatures.

“I have been waiting for Princess for a long time, and the world will come, and Princess will open the gate of Tianyong and reappear the glory of Tianyong!” said the headed creature, and then the creatures behind him shouted: “Reappearing the glory of Tianyong !”

“I have forgotten a lot of things.” The woman said straight, pointing at Jiang Chen, and said: “I only remember him now.”

As soon as the words came out, Jiang Chen’s old face blushed slightly.

What does it mean to just remember him?

It is clearly Jiang Chen who instilled all kinds of false memories in her!

However, Jiang Chen is also sighed in relief.

As long as this woman is on his side, it shouldn’t be something to come.

Sure enough, when these creatures heard what this woman said, they were shocked at first. It seemed surprising that their Princess had lost her memory.

After that, they began to wonder again, who is this young man in front of them?

Is it Princess’ old acquaintance?

However, since these creatures can guard this place, they must be the most confidant group of creatures of the Tianyong Dynasty.

They don’t care whether Princess has amnesia, they only know to obey the will of the ancestors and guard the Tianyong.

And what Princess said, right now, is the imperial edict!


At this moment, the headed person frowned and looked at Jiang Chen as if he didn’t know what to call it.

After all, according to their status, they are considered Princess’ subordinates.

And Jiang Chen seems to have an unusual relationship with Princess of the Tianyong Dynasty, but the cultivation base is so low.

“My dear, what’s wrong with Princess?”

After a few breaths, the headed creature found a suitable name, and even bowed his hands to Jiang Chen with his attitude. Between, quite respectful.

“She just woke up, her memory is incomplete.” Jiang Chen said: “Me too, just woke up, some things have forgotten.”

“so that’s how it is.” The creature was relieved, and then said resolutely: “It is my duty to protect the Tianyong and protect the Princess! Please rest assured, since I have been born, the safety of Princess and you will be guarded by us!”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment, and then he was happy!

Good fellow, came here for a visit to the Tianyong ruins. After a bit of nonsense, there were so many patrons!

Looking at it, these eighteen creatures with heads and snakes are all Peak Master Gods!

The one headed by it has reached the realm of Divine King in half a step!

Nowadays, the prosperous age has not really come, and the cultivation base of these creatures is enough to shock one party!

In addition to the other Divine King at the Peak Level of Tian Yong Princess, Jiang Chen felt that after he went out, he did not say walk unhindered, but at least his life was guaranteed!

“By the way, did you just open the gate of Tianyong?” Jiang Chen asked: “What is there? Is the inheritance of Tianyong dynasty?”


“I wait for the guardian to stay here, just wait for the Princess to arrive, open the inheritance of the Tianyong dynasty, and reappear the glory of Tianyong!”


These creatures Excited.

In the beginning, they were sealed here to guard the ruins, and they were waiting for this day!

“How to turn it on?” Jiang Chen asked, and pointed to Tianyong Princess, and said: “She has amnesia, you have to teach her some things.”

“Don’t dare I dare not, I will dare to teach the military leader.”

“Subordinates are terrified!”


These creatures shook their heads hurriedly, but they still told How should Jiang Chen open the gate of Tianyong.

The so-called Tianyong Gate is the broken palace in front of you.

The gate of the palace is closed tightly, it is covered with rune and talisman, and it is surrounded by Formation, and even the prohibition is like the sky full of stars, countless!

Jiang Chen has a rough understanding. If he can’t find the right way, it will take at least tens of thousands of years to open the gates of Tian Yong!

“Do you mean that as long as you use her blood, you can open the gate of Tian Yong?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes, only the blood of the Imperial Family of the Tianyong Dynasty can be unlocked.” The headed creature nodded and said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, smiled a bit, but with blood, this matter is much easier.

“Is that so?”

After a few breaths, under Jiang Chen’s guidance, the lord of Tian Lama Temple dripped a ray of blood on the gate.

After that, blood entered the door, and the rune and talisman above, as well as the surrounding array and restrictions, disappeared in an instant!



Immediately afterwards, accompanied by a dull sound, the long-closed Tianyong gate slowly opened!

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s eyes are bright, and his expression is even more excited!

Because, at the moment the door was opened, there was a very pure and powerful title power!

The dazzling brilliance emerged from the gate, and when the brilliance dissipated, Jiang Chen saw the scene inside the palace.

Look carefully, there are no ornaments in the palace, only a simple table.

On the table, there is a “fruit plate” with brilliance up and down. If you look carefully, every ray of brilliance is a power of title!

Moreover, the power of these titles is actually from Earth Grade!

“All the titles of Earth Grade!” Jiang Chen was shocked, even if it is the inheritance of those Peak forces, I am afraid that there are not so many titles of word grade, right? !

Be aware that the title of Tianzi is rare, and there is no one in the ages.

And all the cultivators that can have the title of “Di” are the leaders in their respective forces, a generation of giants!

Just like the current Nine Heavens God World, there are one or two cultivators in the power of Peak, even if they are very strong!

But now, the power of the earth-level title on this plate is enough to achieve dozens of earth-level title gods in a short time!

“Is this…is the foundation and strength of the Tianyong Dynasty?!” Jiang Chen exclaimed. The Tianyong Dynasty is too terrifying, but it is more of a mysterious!

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