I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 988

In addition to the gift of God, the power of the title can also be inherited.

As long as someone is willing to sacrifice themselves and give the power of their title to others.

However, once you donate the power of the title, your dao fruit will collapse and you will die!

Furthermore, whoever thinks of abandoning everything about oneself to perfect others if a cultivator has a high title?

Even more how, the battle between cultivators is basically Life and Death Battle. Even if you want to give the power of title to others, it is sometimes difficult to do it.

Usually, a cultivator will think of this when he is dying, hoping to inherit the power of the title.

But under normal circumstances, it is too late.

At this moment, Jiang Chen is completely dumbfounded for the local title of the plate in front of him.

How did these titles come from! ?

The ancestors of the Tianyong Dynasty inherited it! ?

But you should know that the Tianyong Dynasty was only a hundred years old from its establishment to its collapse.

How many local cultivators can be born in a hundred years? Not to mention inheritance of the power of the title!

So, there is only one possibility for so many titles in front of you!

It is related to the secret technique of the Tianyong Dynasty!

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s eyes are no longer only a plate of the title of the word, he is looking for, and wants to find the secret technique of Tianyong Dynasty!

“Princess, the emperor knew that the Tianyong Dynasty would have a big catastrophe, so before the fall, many Imperial Family powerhouses in the United Dynasty had stolen these land-level titles.” The headed creature said: “With the power of these titles, the Tianyong Dynasty can rise again in a short time!”

“Oh.” The woman lightly said, lightly nodded.

After all, to her, everything is so unfamiliar, and even some words are simply incomprehensible to her.

What is rising? What is the dynasty again?

She couldn’t understand it for a while.

“Princess is not full of memory now, I will put these things away instead of Princess.” Jiang Chen said.

As soon as these words came out, cold glow suddenly appeared in the spiritual eyes of these people.

You must know that the power of these titles of the earth is the basis for the rise of the Tianyong Dynasty again!

And they, who have never seen Jiang Chen before, are naturally wary of him, how can they give the power of these titles to Jiang Chen.

However, before these creatures objected, the woman was nodded indifferently and said: “Then I will give it to you.”

As soon as Princess said this, these creatures suddenly disappeared.

They knew that Princess had lost her memory, but they could only obey.

After all, their existence is to obey the will of the Tianyong Dynasty and the will of the Imperial Family of the Tianyong Dynasty.

Even if Princess is a mortal now, as long as she speaks, it is an imperial edict.

“Are there nothing else?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Only these.” The leader said: “These are enough to allow the Tianyong Dynasty to rise in a short time!”

“Inheritance?” Jiang Chen was puzzled.

In this palace, if only the power of these titles is available, you would not believe Jiang Chen to be killed!

“Inheritance is in Princess’s memory and is imprinted in the soul.” The creature headed said: “That’s an unspread secret. It won’t be inherited in any form. You can only use soul inheritance. “

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen’s heart was really cold!

Soul inheritance! ?

What are you kidding? !

This Princess of the Tianyong Dynasty, whose soul has long since died, and that inheritance is naturally gone!

I thought I could get the heaven-defying secret technique of the Tianyong Dynasty, but I never thought that I would only get these titles of the earth.

Although the title of the word-level is equally precious, it is nothing compared to the secret technique!

“That’s all that’s all, to be a man must know how to be satisfied.” Jiang Chen sighed lightly.

“Princess, the Tianyong gate opens, and the array here will also operate.” The leader said: “It won’t be long before this place will become a forbidden area on its own, and it will become a cultivation holy land.”

“Oh.” The woman said lightly, still looking indifferent.

Perhaps, she still can’t understand these words.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen is here. At this moment, he has a thief in his eyes. After observing all around, said resolutely: “This place is very good, but it is suitable for the re-emergence of the Tianyong Dynasty!”



tone barely fell down, suddenly there was a roar of one after another in the Earth Palace!

After that, runes appeared in every corner of the Earth Palace, and the Grand Dao Rule and order manifested!

Like a mist, with the chains of Shinto, plunged into the void!

Jiang Chen can clearly feel that these gods chains are blocking this a side World, this is to be a forbidden zone on its own, and no other creatures can step into it!

And, with the continuous transpiration of rune, a huge array takes shape!

At the moment Formation took shape, the vitality between Heaven and Earth was absorbed, and even the power of divine power was continuously integrated into the Earth Palace!

In just a few breaths, in the originally dilapidated and barren Earth Palace, there are spiritual grass sprouting, spiritual flowers blooming, and the rare treasure that was buried here was born!

“Tianyong Dynasty is a good method!” Jiang Chen couldn’t help but admire.

I want to come, those Peak powerhouses of the Tianyong Dynasty were foreseeing such a catastrophe, so they have already made preparations to ensure that the inheritance of the Tianyong Dynasty will not die!

However, they may not have counted it. As the Princess of the Tianyong Dynasty Hope, an accident happened and the soul died!

Now, to be precise, the foundation of the Tianyong Dynasty is still there, but…the most important inheritance secret technique has disappeared!

“It’s a pity, there is no such secret technique in the world.” Jiang Chen sighed in his heart.

“Princess, you are here to cultivate with peace of mind. When the memory is restored, I will be born in one fell swoop!” said the leading creature.

“I listen to him.” Princess lightly said, pointing to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen is of course okay, but now he has to go out.

Since I have received so many titles of land, it is naturally to be sent to Shengshi Academy to Jiang Liu and the others, which is also the first way for them.

Of course, I have to report peace with Mu Youde and the others.

Just when Jiang Chen was about to leave first, he heard the headed creature say something like this: “Princess, the gate of Tianyong is open, and the prince will wake up soon, when the time comes, your siblings are reunited, and I wait for assistance, and the Tianyong Dynasty will surely be able to restore its former glory!”

“Let me take it!? There is another prince!?” Jiang Chen was shocked.

Jiang Chen wouldn’t believe that the prince was also dead!

Then, when the prince wakes up and knows that Jiang Chen has fooled the Princess of the Tianyong Dynasty, and also took away all the power of the title-level title, wouldn’t he have to be killed? !

As soon as he thought of this, Jiang Chen didn’t dare to stay. He moved towards Earth Palace and walked outside.

However, after not taking a few steps, Jiang Chen saw Tianyong Princess also following.

“What…what are you doing with you?” Jiang Chen asked.

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