I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 989

Jiang Chen now has an idea, and quickly slip away with the title of local character!

As for Yong Princess this day, let her go!

The ones that should be fooled are all fooled, and the ones that shouldn’t be fooled are also fooled, Jiang Chen has nothing to continue with.

even more how, Tianyong Dynasty has a prince!

If the prince wakes up and discovers these things, Jiang Chen will peel off his skin if he is not dead!

“I don’t know them.” Tianyong Princess said: “I want to be with you.”

“This…” Jiang Chen’s face went dark and wanted to refuse!

However, Tian Yong Princess is Peak Divine King, what if he angers the opponent after refusing?

“You guys, take good care of Princess. She has amnesia now and is not suitable for going out.” Jiang Chen looked towards the creatures with snake heads.

However, what makes Jiang Chen desperate is that these creatures actually agree that Tianyong Princess follows Jiang Chen.

According to what they meant, they asked Tianyong Princess to go out and take a look at this World and get familiar with it.

As for these eighteen creatures, they need to stay here to guard the prince Tianyong who has not yet awakened.

“Then… OK…” Jiang Chen had no choice but to agree.

After that, the two walked out of the Earth Palace and returned to the dungeon along the entrance of the cave.

As soon as they came back, they saw that the entire dungeon was covered with Formation!

The prohibition, Formation, Formation, and even the big runes chains are all crowded together!

At the same time, the four great virtues expressed nervousness, staring at the water prison, seeming to be wary of something.

Ji Liuyun was pushed aside by Old Yi, and his eyes were full of worry.




At this moment, when everyone sees Jiang Chen coming out , Everyone exclaimed.

However, when they saw Tianyong Princess beside Jiang Chen, a group of people stood upside down.

Especially Mu Youde screamed strangely: “Formation! Suppress her!”



The voice fell, the all around array broke out, and the chain of the road fell, and the Tianyong Princess was gone!

Obviously, they had made arrangements long ago, and they were guarding against the birth of Tianyong Princess!

“Don’t!” Jiang Chen said hurriedly, but it was still too late!

I saw the sky full of rune flickering, and the chain of the avenue pierced the void like a keel, but it stopped in front of Tianyong Princess!

Then, out of instinct, Tianyong Princess gave a wave of her hand, and the array here shattered and the chains of the avenue dissipated!

“What are they doing?” Tianyong Princess asked with a look of confusion.

“This…they are welcoming you!” Jiang Chen explained in a hurry, and even made a color for Mu Youde and the others, and then the expression was corrected, pointing to Tianyong Princess, said resolutely: “This is my aunt! The Princess of Tianyong Dynasty!”



“The Princess of Tianyong Dynasty Princess?”


At this moment, a group of people were confused.

How come after a trip to Earth Palace, there is an extra aunt! ?

Where is this trouble! ?

However, Mu Youde and the others dare not say anything now!

They can all see that Tianyong Princess is extremely powerful and is the Peak Divine King!

“What’s the matter with you brat? Are you okay?” Mu Youde asked in secret sound transmission.

Jiang Chen hearing this, gave a rough account of what happened in the Earth Palace.

At this moment, Mu Youde is excited!

I saw him look familiar, walked in front of Tianyong Princess, with crystal tears in his eyes, and held Tianyong Princess’s hands with both hands, with sincere feelings The human voice said: “aunt! I am your nephew too!”




At this moment, I was dumbfounded even with Jiang Chen.

What are you doing? !

If you have seen shameless, you have never seen such shameless!

is it possible that, now it’s popular to recognize aunt! ?

“This is the Peak Divine King! Recognize being an aunt, don’t lose!” Mu Youde’s idea is very real, and he is even thinking about when to take this newly recognized aunt to the tomb!

After all, there is a Peak Divine King together, and safety is also guaranteed!

“aunt! I finally saw you! I am Long Dade!”



next moment, something more messy happened to everyone.

I saw the three great virtues also rushed over, snots and tears, not to mention how touching!

They yelled one by one, they were so kind and so smooth!

Jiang Chen’s old face is all red, and the people around him are secretly thoughtful! ?

Furthermore, they are Human Race. You have one dragon, one phoenix, and one Vermilion Bird. How can you still have aunt of Human Race! ?

“You people… don’t know how to write the face characters?” Ji Liuyun said grimly: “Besides, you really treat her as a fool? Who can believe this?”

However, as soon as Ji Liuyun finished speaking, he was dumbfounded!

I saw Tianyong Princess calmly nodded, said: “Oh, it’s all a family.”

“…” Ji Liuyun blinked his eyes, a little messy.

Is this… really stupid! ?

“Okay, let’s get out of here first.” Jiang Chen said. After all, this place is the place for the lives of Yin Sector, so you can’t stay longer.

But at this moment, Ji Liuyun complexion sank said: “What did you get in the Earth Palace? According to the previous conditions, you should be divided into 20%!”

” Are you 20%?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and jokingly said: “You ask me if I aunt agree or not.”

“You…” Ji Liuyun was persuaded in an instant!

Aunt you aunt! ?

Dare you! ?

Even if Ji Liuyun is strong, he dare not challenge Peak Divine King!

“You are too deceiving!” Ji Liuyun said solemnly.

“Where am I deceiving?” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “I will keep my life for you, and I will take away the things, we’ll meet again some day.”

After all, Jiang Chen asked Lao Yi to unlock the seal of Ke Ji Liuyun within the body, and then the entire group was carefree and walked out staggeringly.

Yin Sector, there is no supreme powerhouse coming, and there is no Divine King.

With Tian Yong Princess accompanying, Jiang Chen and the others are naturally emboldened. In this Yong Prefecture city, they are almost walking unhindered!

Especially those three great virtues, they are very happy.

“Master, where are we going now?” Old Yi asked.

“Go to Shengshi Academy first and send something over.” Jiang Chen said, with cold glow flickering in his eyes!

He looked towards Lao Yi, expression grave, and asked: “Do you want revenge?”

“Vengeance?” Lao Yi was taken aback for a while, and then the killing intent in his eyes skyrocketed!

At first, after Jiang Chen fell, Divine Sect of Tianchen was slaughtered up and down!

Now, he is the only one who survived!

“I can’t wait to destroy those 36 main gods’ traditions! I will smash them into thousands of pieces and thwart their bones and ashes!” the old one coldly said.

However, the old man knows his strength, he is not afraid of any Peak Master god, but the 36 opponents are teamed up!

If you move one person, you will move 36!

Why doesn’t he want to take revenge, but why…

“It’s time to take action, and the accounts that should be settled, all have to be settled!” The cold light in Jiang Chen’s eyes is ups and downs, like dust. The long-awaited sword will be out of its sheath!

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